Yamaha DGX650 Digital Piano Singapore $1229 + Special Bundles Only at The Pianist Studio! USB ports (TO HOST and TO DEVICE) offer convenient transfer of digital data to and from the DGX-650.
AUX-in port: Connect an external device like an iPod or MP3 player to the AUX-in port to listen to your music through the speakers of the DGX-650 in crystal-clear sound. Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively. Featuring a solid high-end design, the YUS3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound.We'll try to match your best price on this.
Featuring a solid high-end design, the YUS3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound that discerning pianists swear by. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright.

Special SALE Update: Other Popular Yamaha 61 Keys Keyboard Starts from $219 Only at The Pianist Studio Now!
Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano Singapore Sale $1250 (Yamaha Retail Price)How to get Best Deals? NOTE: NEWLY LAUNCHED Top Seller Yamaha P115 (further improved) which replaced P105 is now on Launch SALE at The Pianist Studio!
Update: Due to overwhelming response, we now allow customer to call 62887973 to reserve 1st at below package. Hence, we still advise you to visit our showroom to order on the spot to secure the package.
GET Limited Sets P115 Only from $1100 Special Exclusive Package (worth $1516) at The Pianist Studio (TPS) Singapore! Having 88 weighted keyboard, the Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano uses Yamaha's “Pure CF sound engine,” a first for the P-series.

This piano sound was recorded from Yamaha's renown CFIIIS concert grand piano, which can be heard on stages all over the world. The production know-how of the SU7 has created a piano with superior voicing: a superbly crafted instrument with inspiringly rich sound and delicate balance. Casio NP-12 was the newly improved model of Highly Recommended Yamaha NP12 which uses Yamaha AWM Stereo Sampling (AWM) technology. The simplicity of the cabinet gives superb acoustics to the subtlest note, and specially designed hammers provide rich tone.
And the simple, meticulous design rounds out a piano that enhances the performance of professional and home pianists alike.

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