In Yamaha’s line of digital pianos there are two similar categories – Portable Keyboards and Portable Grands. Portable keyboards cater to a wider range of features and sounds, while the portable grands steer the user more towards a realistic piano experience. The YPG-235 is directly related to the YPG-535, and can even be considered a smaller version of it. The piano has a good size to it, having a compact length of just over forty six inches, and a width of sixteen inches. The retail version of this portable grand falters compared to the YPG-535 in that it doesn’t come with a stand, sustain pedal, and a power adapter.
The keys of the YPG-235 have a nice touch to them, with a range of 76 black and white keys being supported by Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard system. The tones contained on all Yamaha products are always the highlight, and it’s not different with the 235. The YPG 235 also has great connectivity with a handy USB port that allows for an easy connection to any kind of computer, allowing the piano player to bring external content into the machine. For additional reviews, please check back with Digital Piano Review Guide, as we roll out news and reviews on a regular basis. NAMM Digital Pianos for 2014: Roland keeps rollingKawai MP7 reviewDigital Piano vs Keyboard: Which Is Better? The most portable of Yamaha's portable grands boasts rich stereo piano sound (and tons more voices) -- plus a 6-track sequencer for recording your own music. Yamaha Piano Sound in a Portable Package -- Perfect for Beginners!If you're shopping for a portable keyboard for a beginning piano student, you're probably looking for an instrument without a ton of bells and whistles.
A Serious InstrumentBefore you even begin to play, the first thing you'll notice about the YPG-235 is its size. Authentic Piano SoundYamaha builds some of the world's top-quality acoustic pianos, so it stands to reason that their digital instruments are also built to a high standard.
Record Your Own TunesThe YPG-235 has an has an easy-to-use 6-track sequencer that lets you record five of your own compositions and save them as User Songs.
Don't Forget The Power AdapterPick up one of zZounds' bundles, and make sure you get the optional power adapter along with your YPG-235 keyboard! Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand KeyboardYou probably know that Yamaha makes some of the world's finest acoustic grand and baby grand pianos. Access An Infinite Library Of MusicOnce you're comfortable with sight-reading, you're going to want to play as many different pieces of music as you can find. About YamahaFounded in 1887 as a company making reed organs, Yamaha makes some of the best musical instruments on the market. A perfect balance: the classic sound and feel of a concert grand that the musician in you craves, fused with dynamic digital technology to carry your creativity even further. When it is quality in keyboards you are looking for, Yamaha is still the brand to beat.  Here is another great product that will surely take the hearts of all keyboard enthusiasts wheezing yet again.
Yet, what if an authentic grand piano was out of the picture?  A grand piano surely will cost more than the regular ones, but with the Yamaha YPG-235 76-key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack you won’t have to settle for less. It also has a lot of built-in songs amounting to 30, which can be further increased with the CD-ROM that comes with the whole package.  These songs you can learn with the Yamaha Education Suite for faster learning.
The sound quality coming from it is courtesy of its 2-way speaker system which has separate tweeters and woofers to deliver you that crystal clear sound.  Impact is also added to the sound by the Bass Boost System, making it sound more powerful this time. One great feature that surely parents will love is its 6-track sequence which lets you record the performances on this product.  Imagine getting the chance to record your child’s first performance on this keyboard. This is also USB compatible which means you can connect to the Internet using this keyboard and download the songs that you want into its built-in flash ROM.  With this feature, you can download and upload the songs you want after editing them to your preference. Its GTS Graded Soft Touch keys also make it easy to play a tune without really stressing out your poor fingers.  With this keyboard, crossing over to an authentic grand piano or digital keyboard is easier for most.
For many, buying a grand piano is truly out of the question and this was the perfect substitute for one.  The shippers also give you the option of shipping it already gift wrapped so you won’t have to worry about wrapping it up when it arrives. Being at 38 pounds, it is pretty heavy for a portable keyboard, but then again a true blue grand piano is so much heavier.  This is hard to carry around comfortably during travels especially if you have a whole lot of luggage with you too. The user-interface was something that some did not anticipate taking some time before they actually understood anything written on the manual.  Many deemed it to be not user-friendly at all, but some claim that with careful study, you will get the hang of it sooner or later.
If you are looking for the best substitute for a piano, then this is for you.  At only a fraction of the price, this gives you the same sound and almost the same features. Buying this will definitely be a purchase worth making.  The next time you think about buying a grand piano, think of the Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack and its long list features and you might see that this is indeed the more affordable way of getting your grand piano without breaking the bank. The headphones are straight up garbage (it works well and fits nice, but it gets uncomfortable after prolonged usage. I did online research on this product and also read a lot of the reviews left by other buyers and I looked around at a lot of keyboards. So I got this like almost 2 weeks after I bought it even thought I was supposed to get free 2 day delivery but the important thing is that I actually received it.
Many of these digital pianos share a lot of the same characteristics, but there are a few key elements that set them apart. No matter which category one chooses, the consumer will be pleased with the product considering it is a Yamaha product. It is at the lower end of the spectrum concerning manufacturing and cost, but in no way is it not a capable machine. Truthfully, when you set both pianos side by side, it is hard to tell much of a difference. It’s not overcomplicated with buttons, and its control interface does enough to help you navigate the piano with ease. Its greatest feature is its weight, which comes in at 8.3 kilograms, or just over sixteen pounds.
While other cheap pianos and keyboards are getting over on customers with sub-par sound accommodations, the 235 has two sets of separate woofers and tweeters that bring out the quality of the sounds contained on this piano.
Yamaha has a number of different keyboard systems, from Graded Soft Touch (GST), to Graded Hammer Standard (GHS), Graded Hammer Effect (GHE), Graded Hammer 3rd Edition (GH3), and Natural Wood (NW). The Portable Grand piano sound is its trademark, and it is supported here by the tone generation of the AWM Stereo Sampling system, which effectively selects the correct grand piano sample dependent on how the player reacts to the keys.

This feature allows the piano player to piece together different layers of instruments and effects on six different tracks, which is great for young pianists trying to learn pieces or grade their own performance, and also for composers and music producers who want to learn how to put instruments together. There is also an innovative new PC button which helps to avoid nasty menu trees and function selections.
But here's a secret: when you start a piano student out on a keyboard that's irresistibly fun to play, they'll actually look forward to practicing! Smaller 61-key keyboards can leave frustrated pianists reaching for keys that aren't there.
Just press the Voice button and spin the jog wheel to scroll through pianos, organs, guitar, bass, strings, horns, drums, synths, and beyond. The YPG-235 has an auto-accompaniment feature that generates rhythm, bass, and chords in any style you choose, to go along with chords you play with your left hand.
Press the Song button and scroll the jog wheel to choose one of 30 favorite on-board songs.
Play along with the metronome, with your recorded performance, or any of the on-board Styles.
Choose a bundle with stand, headphones, and power adapter, or choose the Survival Kit accessory pack that includes a power adapter, headphones, foot switch for use as a sustain pedal, a DVD with learn-to-play software, and a two-year extended warranty from Yamaha. It only makes sense, then, that their digital grand piano would sound a notch above the competition.
Although they make a wide variety of products, musical instruments have always been their main focus. The YPG-235, 76 Key Portable Grand Piano is everything and more than I ever could have wished for. They were pretty impressed with keyboard, its condition and the price, and i am super stoked to start playing. Although not as good as a traditional piano, digital pianos are a great cost effective solution for my musical needs! It has proven itself to be durable, functional, and able to accommodate piano players at every level of expertise. The only noticeable differences would be that the Yamaha YPG-535 has a full set of 88 keys, while the YPG-235 has only 76 keys. Best of all, I like its unique color, which I’ve never seen before on a keyboard: champagne gold! This weight is ideal for any musician who likes to travel and transport his instruments, and will make it easy for anyone wanting to place the keyboard in different places throughout the house. In addition to this is the Bass Boost System, which contains two ports on each speaker, adding a little bass if desired to everything you play. All of these keyboard systems feature a different level of manufacturing, with the highest end versions having realistic hammer effect systems that replicate a real piano.
There’s also a convenient Portable Grand button which allows the player to immediately switch to that signature sound no matter what sound or rhythm is selected.
This feature is specifically designed to teach piano players at any level how to play the piano, with different capabilities such as keyboard lessons for each hand, lessons which grade your performance, and a full chord dictionary.
The Yamaha YPG-235 combines industry-leading grand piano sound with a host of features designed to make learning to play a blast. Although the YPG-235 is only 18 pounds, it's a substantial 76-key model that looks and feels like a serious instrument. Piano-style Graded Soft Touch keys are heavier to the touch as you move lower on the keyboard and lighter on the higher notes, just like a real acoustic piano.
Slow down the song's tempo to play along at your own pace, using the buttons like a tape deck to play, rewind, fast-forward, reverse and pause.
The true, stereo-sampled grand piano is lifelike and rich, and it's reproduced beautifully on the Yamaha YPG-235's built-in, stereo, two-way speaker system. When you bring an Arius into your home, you bring with it Yamaha's dedicated 100-year history of crafting grand pianos. I felt 76 was a good size (even though i really can’t speak to the differences between the sizes. At first I was upset by the fact that the package itself was damaged with holes and the tape was coming off. I’m not an expert on keyboards, but having read several reviews and priced comparable and upgraded models, this keyboard is a great value.
But those 76 keys are enough for most piano players and a great education step up for beginning players who are ready to graduate from beginner 61-key models.
It gives it a nice glossy finish and enhances the natural color of the speakers and the contrast of the black and white keys. In fact, in some bundles, you will find the World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench, the Yamaha PA150 adapter, and the Yamaha HPE-150 Stereo Headphones. The YPG-235 does not have a hammer effect, but does have a responsive touch system contained in GST.
There are over 500 additional sounds and voices to the portable grand, with 361 signature Yamaha XGlite voices. The piano comes with 30 built-in songs that helps the player accomplish this, with over 70 more songs that come with the included CD-ROM. It's ideal for the student or hobbyist performer looking to bridge the gap between acoustic piano and portable keyboard.
The YPG-235 comes with a sturdy music rest that attaches securely in slots at the top edge, and easily detaches when you'd like an unobstructed line of sight with your audience. When you just want to play piano, touch the black "Portable Grand" button to return to the industry-leading grand piano sound. Then press the start button to start the rhythm, adjust the tempo, and play a left-hand chord to start the style.
Browse the Music Database and choose a sound you like based on 300 classics -- rock ballads to show tunes. Simply load up one of the YPG-235's 30 internal songs (another 70 are included on CD-ROM) and the on-screen piano graphic shows you which notes to play.
Any song saved in the popular MIDI format can be downloaded to the Yamaha YPG-235, with real-time feedback displayed on the graphical keyboard.

While it has better sounds and more features than their personal keyboard line, it lacks the weighted hammer action found on their main line of stage pianos (but costs considerably less). Having been a musician my entire lifetime, and having played many acoustic pianos over the years, and having perfect sound pitch, it was important to me that the product I purchased would be as close to an acoustic piano as possible.
The keyboard actually looked really old like it was there for years but I just cleaned it up and it looks more decent now. It’s a wonderful package for anyone looking to save on accessories, and the bundle will help you save over four hundred dollars on the list price. The unobtrusive LED display glows cool blue with a handy display of the musical staff and preview of the keyboard.
And speaking of expression, you can add even more realism to your performance with the sustain pedal input, built-in pitch wheel, and on-board Reverb, Chorus, Master EQ, and Harmony effects. Even if you don't know chords, the YPG-235 can follow the root notes you play with just one finger. Once you've got the notes down, you'll learn to play them with the correct timing, and finally you'll be playing along with the YPG-235 backing you up. Comprised of 76, semi-weighted keys, it approximates the "action" of real, mechanical ivories. The piano sound you hear with the Arius has been taken straight from a world-class Yamaha Full Concert Grand Piano, used in concert halls around the world, through a careful sampling process.
When I first played it the left speaker kept making a crackling sound that was really annoying, but I thought maybe since its new it would make that sound at first. I couldn’t afford to go with all 88 keys, but I can play this song within these 76 keys perfectly.
And while other portable keyboards have puny on-board speakers, the YPG-235 boasts a room-filling 12-watt 2-way stereo speaker system.
And if you miss a phrase, press the "Repeat & Learn" button to go back four measures and try again.
You can individually access, re-record or delete each track layer from dedicated front-panel buttons. Through AWM technology the Arius digital piano achieves a huge range of expression, from pianissimo to fortissimo, an area in which digital pianos have consistently fallen short. At the end of your performance, you'll get an evaluation and a chance to try again or move on to the next step. I would highly recommend this keyboard to any person who loves music, and loves the piano like I do. The packaging on the inside had also upset me because the headphones were placed under the keyboard and that makes no sense because they could easily be crushed and they aren’t exactly the best material. Transfer your songs to your computer via a printer-style USB cable, using the Yamaha's included Musicsoft Downloader software. GH mimics the feel of acoustic pianos in which the lower keys have a heavier touch while the higher keys are more sensitive to lighter playing. The headphones are actually broken, I realized that when I went to adjust them and one side slipped out.
And while you're at it, add any of the 70 songs on the included CD-ROM to your YPG-235's internal memory. These features are important for beginners and experienced players alike, since they provide a very realistic learning environment, and the capacity to interpret even the most minute emotions and expressions.Yamaha seemed to put a lot of thought into the pedals on this digital piano.
Some digital pianos come with a separate pedal (not very expressive or versatile at all) that is connected to a jack on the piano unit.
And should I ever have to move from my home, I won’t have to worry about finding movers to move a 500+ lb. They don’t play very loud either but its good enough for now until they eventually stop working. The Arius series goes all out, with damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals already installed as part of the cabinet of the instrument. The length that your notes are sustained depends on how far down you press the sustain pedal. One more thing about the pedal system is the included Damper Resonance, which is another sampling technology that uses comprehensive gradations to reproduce complex grand piano tones. Some of my favorite classical music pieces require expressive pedaling that just can't quite be captured away from a complete pedal system like the one featured by the Arius. With the Yamaha Arius' 128-note polyphony you never have to worry about lost notes in flowing arpeggio and legato passages.
There are few things more frustrating than nailing a dense portion of music, but hearing your digital piano drop your earlier, sustained notes, creating an unnatural sound cut-off.
Yamaha's digital technology allows 128 notes to be held at once.The Yamaha Arius line comes with several other very useful functions. There are 10 voices on this digital piano, so if you get bored of practicing with the Grand Piano sound, you can switch to the jazzy Electric Piano and Vibraphone, play around with the Harpsichord, or blast some Phantom of the Opera through your house with the huge sound of the Church Organ (a favorite activity of mine). The song recorder is also a nice feature, allowing you to record and play back your own music on two tracks. The keyboard is covered by a sliding key cover, and a music rest and headphone hanger are attached to the cabinet as well.
The technology that Yamaha has engineered and displayed in the Arius Digital Piano series takes digital pianos where they have never been before. If you've ever played or heard an acoustic grand piano before, you know that feeling of joy that the rich, incomparable sound brings. I don't think a digital piano will ever be able to mimic it's acoustic counterpart to perfection. But for many people, buying and storing an expensive, full-sized piano is just not an option. If that is you, but you still need a quality piano to practice and play on, I would recommend the Yamaha Arius YDP-161 for its affordability, functionality, and elegance.

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