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Categories Guitars and Basses Drums + Percussion Keys Studio Equipment PA Equipment Lighting + Stage DJ Equipment Microphones Effects + Signal Proc. NASHVILLE — Yamaha today introduced its new DGX-650, a Portable Grand digital piano that is ideal for piano students and hobbyists of all ages. The DGX-650 has category-leading touch and tone with PureCF sampling, which integrates the authentic sounds from the critically acclaimed nine-foot Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano into this powerful portable keyboard. The DGX-650 has many key features that intuitively assist beginners and novices in expressing themselves musically.
A stereo 3.5mm AUX line input enables external audio devices to take advantage of the DGX-650 speaker system and offers another way aspiring artists can play along with their favorite songs stored on iPods, CD players or computers. The DGX-650 delivers full 128-note polyphony, twice as much as the previous DGX-640 model, as well as more Voices (543) and Styles (195). The new Style Recommender feature makes it easy to find a style of music based on playing keystrokes in any given rhythm.

Deze mooie witte uitvoering van de DGX-650 combineert de mooie pianoklank en gewogen klavier met de uitgebreide functies van een keyboard zoals de begeleidingsstijlen en een enorme hoeveelheid extra klanken om mee te spelen. Standard Delivery Times Available immediately Available immediately This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. This entertaining alternative to an acoustic upright piano offers several features that make learning and playing piano more fun than ever, including upgraded piano sound and CD-quality audio recording and playback, as well as the ability to play chords with a single keystroke and interactive software that helps players quickly learn songs of their favorite artists from many genres. Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard action provides the natural touch response of a full-size grand piano -- the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys become gradually lighter through the different registers.
With this special collection of piano songbooks and play-along recordings, piano music can be experienced in several ways. CD-quality audio recordings of performances can be loaded onto computer and emailed to a friend, posted as a video on YouTube or simply transferred to an iPod. Smart Chord mode enables major and minor chords to be played with just one key and is suitable for a variety of genres. For example, if a PA is connected to the headphone jack, the player can choose to leave the built-in speakers powered for use as a local audio monitor.

Je kan je eigen spel opnemen op de 6-sporen recorder en daarna kan je het op USB-stick opslaan om het te bewaren. It includes a stand and a sustain footswitch, and is available in two attractive finishes: black with rosewood side panels or spotlight white.
The piano part of a song can be played on the DGX-650's keyboard while XG song files play all of the backing band parts.
For example, when playing a jazz song, players can automatically create complex 7th and 9th chords. Songs can be slowed down to allow players to practice at a comfortable tempo before speeding up when they're ready. With Smart Chord, these instant four and five-note harmonies are now possible with a single finger.

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