You can also subscribe to my piano lessons blog (no email address required) by right-clicking the orange RSS button at the bottom of the left navigation bar. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the piano lessons on this site, Ia€™d really appreciate your feedback! This website will be a continuously growing work in progress, designed as a a€?friendliera€? way to learn piano without the immediate need to read or memorize notes on a staff, time signatures, key signatures, or any of the multiple complexities involved with reading sheet music. Dona€™t worry, for all you intermediate to moderately advanced piano students, Ia€™ve got you covered too.
What does it mean?a€? and a€?Where do I start?a€? To a new piano student, ita€™s only natural to be a little confused by this puzzling black and white layout.
Ia€™m not going to skip a thing here. But first Ia€?m going to start at the beginning, very plain and simple.

These free beginner piano lessons will guide you through a fun and easy way to learn and enjoy the piano without ever reading a single note of sheet music!Continue reading "10 Free Beginner Piano Lessons"The Secret to Understanding the Layout of Piano KeysFor a beginner, the layout of piano keys can be hard to recognize on a piano keyboard.
Can you find the pattern?Continue reading "The Secret to Understanding the Layout of Piano Keys"Piano History: The Complete StoryFor 300 years, the origins of piano history have been traced back to 18th century Italy. However, the complete history of the piano began almost two millennia before that.Continue reading "Piano History: The Complete Story"Support The Gift of Giving Piano LessonsThe only way free internet piano lessons will work is if they are taught slowly, patiently and with an emphasis on having fun! The layout of piano keys is comprised of only twelve notes that are repeated over and over again within a specific pattern.

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