Thousand Oaks, CA- March 2015… Williams, a leader in versatile, cost-conscious digital pianos, has announced the immediate availability of its new Allegro 2 88-key digital piano. The Allegro 2 offers 10 high-definition sounds from Williams’ all-new custom sound library.
For realistic, interactive performance, you need quality effects with control over key parameters, and the Allegro 2 delivers.
Between its hammer-action keyboard, custom sound library, split and layer features, and effects, the Allegro 2 provides more expressive control over its internal sounds than any other keyboard in its class.
With its quality construction, realistic piano touch, fresh sounds, and comprehensive features, Williams Allegro 2 is a terrific value at a street price of only $299.99. Williams creates digital pianos for musicians and music enthusiasts who want the look, feel and sound of a fine acoustic instrument, combined with an amazing array of effects and other convenient features that only a digital instrument can offer.

With full-size keys and a weighted hammer action, the Allegro 2 provides an extremely realistic piano feel, yet it is compact, battery-powered, and portable-perfect for students, small bands, rehearsals, home entertainment, schools, and churches.
In addition to reverb and chorus, the Allegro 2 offers the new ModFX feature that provides real-time control of the rotary speaker effect and a vibrato effect for electric pianos.
It can be used as a MIDI controller and connects to a computer via USB for recording to any standard MIDI software.
To that end, Williams offers the ESS1 Essentials Pack, which includes a power supply, sustain pedal, and headphones. Ideal for any home, school or studio, Williams digital pianos are packed with features that are attractive to players of any musical ability, from beginners to professionals. Between its realistic action and impressive sounds, the new instrument is an excellent choice for classical, jazz, pop, and rock.

Other outstanding sounds include vintage tone-wheel organs and electric pianos, along with strings, synths, and basses.
Split and layer functions enable you to combine sounds as desired, making the Allegro 2 versatile enough to handle a wide variety of musical needs.
The controls are simple and straightforward, and a bright, backlit, graphic LCD makes it easy to read and adjust the parameters.

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