What I particularly like about this course Learn Piano and Keyboard (Piano For All) is its uniqueness. Recommendation #2 Rocket Piano is another high quality course on learning to play piano and keyboards. Rocket Piano includes several comprehensive ebooks, great videos and software, and hundreds of audio files. Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. The Reading Keyboard Music course provides you with the best possible kind of learning: you’ll not only learn to play piano online, but you’ll be able to read piano sheet music. Did you know that a huge percentage of individuals who can play have never learned to read the music? You’ll receive four simple to follow DVDs with our funny and entertaining professor of music, Merrilee Webb.
You’ll spend just sixteen short weeks (not years!) learning to read music and play the piano.
While our instructor, Merrilee Webb, understands the immense benefits of individual online lessons, as a college professor and music teacher, she has also witnessed the benefit of group lessons. Therefore, with the DVDs, she teaches you along with her group so that you get the benefit of group lessons and the combined convenience of learning piano online.

Unfortunately, some people assume that online lessons aren’t as effective as having a person-to-person session. In fact, with Reading Keyboard Music, after just the first lesson, you’ll be able to read and play most of the notes on the treble clef!
You’ll never have to worry about slogging through volumes and volumes of books or having boring lessons again! Your teacher, Merrilee, is fun, energetic, and has a great love of music that she wants to share with you! With Reading Keyboard Music, there is absolutely no risk, because if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money! You may not have heard of us yet but you will do… once we win the Rockweekly Bandbattle competition! If you want to be super cool rockstars like us, then why not grab your mates and start your very own band?
You play it by pressing the white and black keys either together or separately, to create a tune. Find out if Tom Gates wins the Rockweekly Bandbattle in the latest book A Tiny Bit Lucky, from the award winning series by Liz Pichon.
It is suitable for beginners, intermediate players and advanced pianists alike.I love the way the lessons are structured.

When the course is finished, you’ll be able to read and play any song you’d like on this fantastic instrument. If you can devote as little as half an hour each day to the program, before long you’ll be playing any music you’d like.
With a guide like some of the good courses available today where you learn proper techniques, I certainly would have been better off. Of the many courses I've seen online on how to play keyboard, I'm sure that this is one of the best ones. Get started today and in sixteen short weeks, you’ll be perfectly able to play the piano beautifully.
Nothing beats having someone teach you along the way and have you understand exactly what you're doing. I like the fact that this course is so much fun, unlike the traditional way piano is taught.

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