Each volume in the Easy Piano CD Play-Along series comes with a CD of orchestrated arrangements, and includes matching custom arrangements in easy piano format. 9 to 5 MacWith five years under my belt, I feel pretty comfortable navigating around the interface, utilizing custom keyboard shortcuts, and all of the other benefits that come with being intimately familiar with a piece of software. Digital TrendsInstead, you can download free software, which will hold your hand through the various steps of programming, or sit back and let you do your thing. CNETThe developers using XcodeGhost were likely unaware that they were using spurious software. Virtual Piano Keyboard is a high-quality Delphi component that allows developers of music and multimedia software for implementing functions of keyboard instruments like pianos and synthesizers. Virtual Piano Keyboard will become the core part of your programs, contributing to their success and popularity. You wonder how to play a particular chord on the piano or how a particular scale looks like? Free Virtual Keyboard is software that simulates the hardware keyboard on the computer screen and adds some elegant features. KaraKEYoke is piano tutor software that can help you learn to play the Musical Keyboard or MIDI keyboard and it can also be used for karaoke.
Keyboard Tools is a multi-platform application for Piano, Keyboard and Mallet percussion Instrument ( vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone,.. Automated data acquisition with TWedge - Keyboard Wedge, Software Wedge, Barcode Wedge TWedge extends arbitrary software systems or databases with real-time data acquisition services. Key Extender Software - software for redirection keyboard and mouse input devices to other PC. Sight Read-Identify notes that appear on a staff Sight Read Drill-Read notes in the time provided. Virtuoso is a simple no-frills keyboard application that allows you to play tones and melodies on a virtual piano. Virtuoso is a bit limited, but it is also a bit more accessible than some of the more elaborate offerings in this genre. Virtuoso is a good application that has realistic piano sounds.  While mostly a novelty application, it could be useful in some situations, but probably not too many. With the variety of Android apps which you can find on the Google Play Store, there will most certainly be apps to help you with your daily chores, for work, and for having fun, while other apps are created for crazy purposes you couldn’t even imagine.
If you want to be a great singer and you want to record your own music, there are lots of apps which can be very useful to you.
Even if you are gifted with an amazing voice, it will still take lots of practice to hit all the tricky notes.
It has a Quick Play Mode so that you can sing along with your favorite songs even during your short break times. The best part about this app is that you can share your recordings through social networks or you can upload it to the cloud. The app can also be used to convert your recordings to a different audio format so that your friends can easily listen to the format that works for them. Those are what you get if you download the free version of the app, and if you upgrade to the pro version, you get even more features. If you are the type who always wants to sing to the latest tunes, then I suggest that you try TuneWiki. The app also allows you to discover new songs through SongBox, containing music that is being played or recommended by your friends. If you are trying out for American Idol, a local singing audition, or a stage event, you need to warm your vocal cords up so that your performance will turn out great. This app is designed by well-known vocal trainer and professional vocalist Arnold McCuller, who has performed with artists like Phil Collins, Carole King, and others. You can tweak the settings of the app to fit your guitar playing style and even create your own custom chords.
The app also includes an enhanced Music Player with playlist management, allowing you to manage your favorite music easily.
Recording your song without the tune of any musical instrument could make it sound boring, but if you record a song with musical instruments and a typical voice recorder, the musical instrument could overpower your voice.
It also has a Drum Machine, allowing you to choose from 35 drum kits, an Arpeggiator for making interesting music patterns, and more.
If you are a singer at heart but your voice is not really that nice, don’t lose hope because you can still record a perfect song.

When you sing songs, it’s always better if you accompany it with a musical instrument and the guitar is often the most common and most portable. Through this app, you can quickly find tabs and chords for guitar, bass, and drums for over 300,000 songs on the Internet.
Rating and sharing the tabs that you find via Twitter and Facebook are also supported, letting your friends know about it.
The app helps you learn to pay attention to musical details such as intervals, scales, and chords.
Regardless of what you are doing or how talented you are, one thing is for sure–practice helps you become really good at what you are doing.
The app has more than 1,000 popular karaoke videos in it, so if you like the classics you can sing along using this app. Songs which are sung with piano accompaniment sound really mesmerizing, particularly ballads and mellow rock. Being a great singer or a musician doesn’t only require someone to have an amazing voice or quick hands but also an ear that can hear and pinpoint a note that is out of tune.
The app has exercises and tests such as Interval Comparison, Interval Identification, Interval Singing, Scale Identification, Chord Identification, Chord Inversions, Chord Sequence, and an Absolute Pitch Trainer. There are a lot more apps which can help you in your singing, whether you want to practice, record, or share your music. With the program Piano Chords you can see many different chords and scales on a virtual piano keyboard. It displays a piano keyboard and a staff with notes on it, challenging you to tap on the correct keys. The Software disposes of a Screenkeyboard with the Russian standard- and a phonetic keyboard layout.
Easily create song with multiple instruments (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals from your microphone), even if you don't know music theory. With three sizes to choose from, this virtual keyboard program allows you to type text without the need of a physical computer keyboard. Karaoke is the best way to practice all your favorite songs and Karaoke-A-GoGo is one of the best karaoke apps on the Google Play Store. You can share your files through mail, Bluetooth, SoundCloud, Dropbox, Box, Ubuntu One, and Google Drive. The app has a simple interface, which makes it easy to use and it also has widgets which you can tap to start your recording quickly.
You can create, manage and edit your play lists, as well as discover new songs by exploring the Song Maps and latest Top Charts. Vocal Ease does just that for you, giving you a warm up exercise to prepare yourself for any vocal performance. It could come in very handy if you want to get the right pitch or you just need a vocal warm up. You can instantly find lyrics by typing in a line or stanza from the song, and the app will immediately give you results. You can also make a favorite list of your song lyrics so you can easily find them whenever the urge to sing along strikes you.
You can build your song part by part, from the vocals down to the tiniest detail of the instrument sounds. This app is a cloud-based musical studio which you can use to easily edit your song and turn it into great music. You can even create your own lyrics, try using different presets, and decide which one sounds better.
If you are not gifted with a musical ear which allows you to know the chords of a song right away, then you should try GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords Trial. However, this is only a limited free version and you need to upgrade to the full version of the app to enjoy more features. In the case of singers for instance, it can help you learn to master your timing, particularly in adjusting your pitch when singing a song. When it comes to singing, performing karaoke is probably the most fun way to polish your vocal cords. On the other hand, if you like the latest songs, there are new videos added daily which you can check out. When you play it, you can choose between the Single Row Mode and Dual Row Mode, according to your preference.

It’s ideal to use if you want to improve your skill in identifying sounds like chords and notes.
FOVE and University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged have collaborated to create a device specifically for disabled persons to be able to play piano without using their hands. The autorepeat function means that all relevant keys would auto-repeat when pressed continuously. By default, the sound is generated by the inbuilt General Midi software synthesizer of the Windows operating system.
It's a learning tool which helps you finding scales, chords, voicing, harmony and practicing. Once finished, export them to midi and wave files and listen to them in most audio player software.
The utility is easy to install, gives complete control, is inexpensive and can be very effective in helping to protect the computer from naughty kids.
Using its simple interface, you'll be able to record songs, use multiple instruments, and share your songs.
There are quite a number of karaoke apps for Android, but this one is unique because it can play high-quality MP3+G files from your SD card.
For instance, you can use the camcorder’s microphone for recordings that are clear to the last decibel. You can listen to your favorite music with synced lyrics and it’s also great because you can share the lyrics of your favorite songs with your friends.
It’s always great to sing with a guitar, but if you are on the go, bringing your guitar with you is somewhat bulky. It may sound crazy, but you can actually strum your phone and sing to that beautiful acoustic sound. If you want, you can also share your favorite song lines to your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.
This app is more of an auto-tune software,A  but it’s a fun thing to use if you want to hit all the notes. The app doesn’t have a very fancy and eye-catching interface but it is definitely functional. Android Karaoke – Sing-Along is one of the most-downloaded karaoke apps for Android simply because this app is not just for those who are good at singing but also for users who want to kill some time by singing along with their favorite songs. But, if there is a virtual guitar for Android, then there is also an app called Perfect Piano which turns your phone into your very own piano that you can bring anywhere. Record and Playback of the pieces that you played is also supported, letting you evaluate your performance. Not all are gifted with such a talent, but it is also a skill which can be learned through practice, and Perfect Ear is the app that can help you out.
Free Virtual Keyboard is a totally portable application; bring your virtual on-screen keyboard with you from PC to PC. In general, you can use PC 73 on-screen piano as a virtual midi controller to control any General Midi compatible software or hardware synthesizer (midi output device). User can to switch between two PC by using shortcuts such as "Pause" key or "Ctrl+Alt+[custom key]". And, if your songs are really long, there is no problem since the app features no-limit recording. For instance, you can add life to your music by incorporating over 125 musical instrument sounds from the polyphonic synthesizer. And, if you are a beginner, there is also a Learn To Play Mode where you can practice 70 preloaded song samples. You can now understand some of your favorite foreign artist’s songs and even talk about it with your friends.
You can even create a favorite videos list so that you can easily access your favorite songs. This video illustrates a child using the device and performing musical works after only 4 months of training with it.The benefit for not only disabled children but adults with disabilities is incredible.
The user can incorporate chord structures along with individual notes in utilizing the technology.

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