Software keyboards on mobile phones are a HUGE issue when you talk about the usability of the product. Be reminded that by the end of next year there will probably be 50+ Android Phones on the market, all trying their darndest to provide the best software keyboard on the market.
Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, it is refreshing to see such an in-depth look at an element of touchscreen phones that is often debated but rarely dissected. Leaked renders are nice and all, but we’re always happy to see upcoming devices flaunted on video.
A dozen new photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have hit the web, giving us the opportunity to view the phone from nearly every angle imaginable. After launching on iOS a few weeks back, Prisma has made it’s official debut on Android through the Google Play Store. Everyone likes a good deal, but the days of budget-friendly flagship smartphones may be numbered.
In Baltimore this week, an officer’s body cam caught footage of a Toyota Rav 4 veering out of their lane and slamming into a parked police car. Niantic Labs filled nearly 6,000 seats at a San Diego Comic-Con auditorium to talk about Pokemon GO, and some juicy information was on tap from the company’s CEO John Hanke. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread was recently launched, and that was for any Android based device, including the mobile phones and the tablet devices. After the normal screen unlock with a slide to the right, you are welcomed by a beautiful and a well spaced homescreen that provides almost everything you would need to look for, as soon as you start the tablet device. The left bottom corner has the back, home and the button to switch between the multiple apps.
The center section of the home screen has the widgets of Gmail, calendar and the web browser. Youtube – The search in youtube has now got the results displayed in grids, and the playback controls have also been changed a lot to make the navigation and video playing quite easier.
Gmail – The app finally gets the needed makeover, where the mail previews and sections are seen in the left column, and the large right column is for the mail content.
Gtalk – This again is a two-tabbed section, with contacts on the left and chat on the right. Google made a few good changes with the Web browser in the Android Honeycomb, where you would find things similar to the Google chrome. There is a total revamping done with the virtual keyboard, when you compare the same between the Gingerbread and Honeycomb platforms. More interestingly, this is all checked from just a prototype, and Google has not officially released any specification and a change-log as always.

The post is nicely crafted, and i liked the preview was really nice, worthy of watching it.
The user interface looks pretty good, and the streamlined view, the way the corners are filled with options, makes the user experience quite effective. A small Ukranian company has launched a new android keyboard technology that resize keyboard buttons which a user is more likely to press. The most often complain from android users is that the native keyboard buttons are too narrow for comfort, and they find it difficult to type fast and error free.
ThickButtons intelligent algorithm basically predicts and enlarges the letter buttons that are most likely to be used and at the same time shrinking the letters that are not.
One of the largest complaints that I have noticed is the lack of an on-screen keyboard on the T-Mobile G1. One-handed text messaging, email and instant messages will finally become a reality thanks to Android roadmap. This feature will enable support for input methods other than physical keyboards, for example soft keyboards.
Props to the author and here is hoping that in the not too distant future the same objective comparison might have a different outcome. Someone was able to catch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the wild as it was being tested by an accessory manufacturer.
On top of that, pre-orders for the phone have kicked off in Dubai with a free 128GB microSD card for those who pre-order before August 2.
With the app installed, users can turn their photos into works of art thanks to Prisma’s machine learning algorithms. The mails, calendar, battery life check, time, dock with the most important apps, options to search etc. The screen can be scrolled to the right or left, where new screens with various favorite columns, app shortcuts etc. There are options to switch on the video chat, and you can use either the front, or the rear camera for that. Tabbed browsing (not sure of the limitation on number of apps, the mobile Android has 8 apps max), incognito mode and the web page bookmarking option, all similar to the chrome browser. He has been blogging since 4 years, and has been always fascinated with the gadgets, the beauty of Android OS and the Apple gadget designs. The ThickButtons keyboard has immediately got appreciation from the android community after the company has released its demo app.
ThickButtons is less dependent on dictionary input than other predictive technologies that guess the full word.

The keyboard lacks some of the most commonly found features in third-party keyboard apps like importing words to dictionary from social networking websites and text expansion etc.However, the Google keyboard packs in a lot of hidden usability gems, which once discovered, will make using the keyboard an absolute pleasure. The answer to everyone’s prayers, an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, will be released in Q1 2009. One question that arises in our heads is, just how fast will you be able to text with an on-screen keyboard?
But if you ask me, it means that it will inevitably narrow the gap and it has a good chance at being equal if not surpassing Apple’s own. One of the first devices that showed it functioning is the G-Slate, the official tablet device through Google. The G1 does not support multitouch and we find that there is a little delay when using the dialer. The e-mail client, messaging section and the web browser have got quite few noticeable changes, that are made to adjust with the larger screens. Quick punctuations – Most people enter a special character or punctuation on the Google keyboard by first tapping on the Symbols key, and then selecting the desired symbol from the Symbols keyboard. Still, people who find the need to flip the G1 open each time they type rather annoying will love this shortcut.
Everything runs like a carousel, and things can be customized to give a more aesthetic look to the interface of the Honeycomb.
This way, the symbol will be entered and the keyboard will automatically switch back to the character keyboard.6. Replacing the Voice input key – While Google’s voice recognition key is excellent, it works properly for a few languages.
Hold the Shift key – If you want to capitalize the first alphabet of every word in a sentence, simply highlight the whole text and press the Shift button on the keyboard. This layout is known as the PC layout, and also brings with it Shift keys on both side of the keyboard, and quick access to some of the commonly used punctuation marks from the main keyboard.To enable PC layout on the stock Google keyboard, go to its settings, and then navigate to Advanced Settings. Text Expansion – One of the killer and least known feature of the Google Keyboard is that it supports text expansion. Text expansion will allow you to quickly enter a frequently used phrase by assigning it a shortcut.Head over to the Google Keyboard settings, and and tap the Personal dictionary option.

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