This is the perfect Piano for home or school that never needs tuning, sounds wonderful, is a nice piece of furniture in glossy mahogany, and small enough to fit well and look nice in your home. The FP-80 is a piano designed to be used every day, with a sleek contemporary design that’s easy on the eye and looks great in the living room. Available in black or white, the versatile FP-80 is perfect for a wide range of applications, including stage performing, the classroom, daily practice, and, of course, playing every day at home. The piano sounds of the FP-80 are among Roland’s finest, using a technology called SuperNATURAL Piano to power the onboard grand piano sounds.
If you play live, you’ll appreciate that the FP-80 ticks all the right boxes when it comes to sound and keyboard action.
When you play solo, the rhythm function makes your piano performances shine with beautiful and sophisticated backing. If you want to play the FP-80 along with your favourite music (which is a great way to make practise fun) then you have two options: via USB or via your iPhone.
Since the FP-80 is a digital piano, you can turn off the built-in speakers and play using headphones, allowing you to practice day or night without disturbing family members or neighbours.
The on-board Rhythm accompaniments help you develop your sense of timing and groove as you play along with various music styles, and the Chord Pattern function lets you play along with automatic chord sequences, which is useful for improvising in different keys.
The optional USB memory also lets you play along with WAV audio files, but here’s the clever bit: you can change the key and adjust the speed of the audio, and even reduce the sound of pre-recorded vocals so you can sing over the top. If there’s a vocalist in the family (or the band) the onboard harmonist effect instantly creates vocal harmonies based on the singer’s voice; a great way to add depth and emotion to a performance. The FP-80 works with Roland Wireless Connect, a cable-free way to communicate with Apple’s iOS devices. 101 dB * This figure was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard. Panel Lock V-LINK MIDI Visual Control Tone Demo Edit Tone Wheel Roland Wireless Connect (wireless LAN function *1) *1: Wireless USB Adapter sold by Roland is required.
We would rather sacrifice these pianos at a fraction of their value than have to move them! If you have been thinking about a new piano for your home, you should NOT miss this opportunity.
This is a nice little used Roland digital piano that not only has a piano sound but also some other sounds like a flute, trumpet, harpsichord, strings, etc.

Kurzweil pioneered the innovation that provides you the ability to develop authentic instrument noises.
This digital piano is in MINT LIKE NEW condition, we consist of a 5 year warranty, brand-new ones offer for $4999.
This is a brand new digital piano, includes factory warranty, retail is $699, makes a fantastic piano for a newbie, and you don't have to tune it or pay to move it. Roland FP-4 88 essential digital piano with 2 pedals, X stand, rolling hard case, and dust cover. A high quality digital piano consisting of a full keyboard with weighted keys, pedals and volume control.
General MIDI Interface, 45W+45W, 4 Speakers (2- 10" woofers, 2-6.5" Mid, 2-3" tweeters), great sound. Buying a digital piano usually involves compromises: home pianos are seldom useful for live work, and stage pianos are too unwieldy for home use and often lack on-board speakers, which you then have to buy, leading to more expense.
The difference is that the FP-80 has the heart of a performer, with pro-quality keyboard, a microphone input for working with vocalists and Roland’s finest SuperNATURAL piano sound – offering a rich, rewarding musical experience to all who play it – and all who hear it. The FP-80’s is called the ‘Ivory Feel-S keyboard with Escapement’, which replicates the appearance, texture, and moisture absorbing properties of real ivory.
A digital piano is only as good as its speakers, and you’ll be surprised at the variation in quality depending on the piano you choose, which is ironic as the piano’s sound should be the very last area of compromise.
Although great piano sounds are at the heart of the FP-80, it also does the ‘other’ essentials extremely well too; SuperNATURAL-based classic EPs, smoky organ tones, emotive strings and modern synth sounds – a range of gig-ready, pro-quality sounds, all from one keyboard. Intelligent full-keyboard chord recognition gives you complete control of your personal band, with automatic accompaniment that dutifully follows whatever you play. The FP-80 can assess what you’re playing and will intelligently add bass, drums and other sounds to create a fully-fledged performance – guided by the notes you play. You can plug in a USB drive containing your favourite songs, select them from the piano and you’ll hear the music play through the FP-80’s onboard speakers. Plug in a USB memory stick to record the piano and vocal as audio data, and then transfer it to a computer or share it with the world. The optional WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter sets up a wireless connection between the piano and your Apple device. NEW pianos from such famous brands as Yamaha, Essex, Knabe, Kingsburg, Samick and Roland will be sacrificed at STORE CLOSING prices - with some pianos discounted more than 50%!

During the FINAL two days of our STORE CLOSING sale, you'll find everything you'd want in a piano store (including delivery, tunings and after-the-sale service) at THE lowest prices in town.
Priority delivery arrangements and after-the-sale tuning and service will be made available through Gist Piano Center and MidWest Piano Outlet's Cincinnati business partners. If you’re an experienced player, you’ll appreciate the authentic feel of the keyboard; if you’re a beginner, you’ll be starting in the right place.
The FP-80 reacts quickly to your touch over the entire length of the keyboard and the transition of notes from soft to hard is smooth, responsive and realistic – no matter how quickly you play.
A digital piano needs to sound warm and authentic, capable of accurately reproducing the wide dynamic range of the instrument. The Acoustic Projection sound system can be used for personal monitoring on large stages, and is powerful enough to be the primary amplification in smaller, more intimate venues. The convenient rear-panel jack lets you connect an external mic and sing along with your performance, and you can even add real-time harmony effects to your voice based on the chords you play.
These backing styles are a great way to stay motivated, and also help your musical understanding as you can hear how the different notes and instruments interact and relate with each other.
You can also stream the music wirelessly (using the optional Roland Wireless Connnect system) and even record yourself back to the phone, ready for sharing with family, friends or band members. Delivery and after-the-sale service will be provided by Gist Piano Center and its Cincinnati partners.
The ‘decay’ of each note (how long it takes to fade to silence after being played) is also consistent with that of a real grand piano, so the character of the tone changes authentically, as it decays. The FP-80 houses Roland’s Acoustic Projection technology, a multi-channel, four speaker system that envelops you in beautiful, immersive sound that convincingly emulates the sound of a grand piano. You’ll also love the intuitive Piano Designer feature, which makes it easy to personalise the FP-80’s tone and response to suit your taste.

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