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When I switched from playing Call of Duty on a PC to my PS3, there was a significant learning curve involved. That being said, it certainly has potential, along with a license from Sony that's hopefully been put to good use.
POPULAR ARTICLES8 Fun Games Using the Unreal4 EngineThe Purge - Election Year - Politics KillMighty No. Joshua Vanderwall I don't remember seeing anybody mention gamergate except to complain for months. Many PC gamers trying to transition over to the Xbox One or the PS4 know how difficult it is to get used to the new style of aiming using the joysticks. The XIM4 adapter is a $150 device that currently works with the Xbox One to configure a wireless device to your Xbox. Everybody who actually found this site must have discovered this short article seriously handy. To get additional understanding from content you post, I actually have bookmarked this web site.
It goes without saying that at least having the option of keyboard and mouse across certain titles would be a very exciting feature to have.
At the moment though, it is very early days and Microsoft doesn’t have anything concrete to announce on which games could support this. Having keyboard and mouse support for BF4 on Xbox One could make an amazing difference to sales, especially when some gamers will be making the transition from PC to console for next-gen. Aside from the obvious shooters that would benefit from K&M support, what other games would you like to see with this feature in 2014? Would you like to see the likes of Battlefield 4 and Titanfall on Xbox One with keyboard and mouse support? I would like to see K&M support on current generation consoles to add more complexity to RPGs. The ability to use them in mmos would make sense due to the sheer amount of abilities usually used, however, everything else I feel should be left to the controller. Though the Xbox controller was always pretty good, PS3’s controller with the deadzone bigger then a house making a slight movement is nearly impossible.
I’ve known people with $8 mice to dominate public servers and win clan matches in fast paced games like the UT and Quake series. A new XIM adapter has been developed that allows a gamer to use PC peripheral such as a keyboard and a mouse on next-gen consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s like hacking your way to the console by bypassing their usual controllers in favour of the mouse or other PC-based controllers to which PC users are already accustomed to. XIM4 will be made available in the market sometime in the first quarter of 2014 while the version for PS4 is expected in the following months. For those of you who are unaware, the Windows operating system has a unique feature called MouseKeys.
Now, before moving on, make sure that your Numlock key is switched off while you attempt to use your keyboard as a makeshift mouse. After you have reached the access center, head on down to the option ‘make the keyboard easier to use’ and check the ‘Turn on mouse keys’ box.

We hope that this guide was helpful for all those who were unfortunate enough to have their mouse fail on them. Or because the PS4 OS itself lets you rebind the controller buttons already, so including the same feature in their peripheral hardware is completely redundant. OT, I don't really have high hopes for this, I've tried a "console mouse" before and it didn't really work since it's wasn't a proper mouse, it just bound the right analogue stick to the mouse. Mouse and keyboard are primarily designed to be used on the height of your elbow - or your wrist gets it. And, there was a very similar peripheral for PS3 (to the one mentioned in the article), I forgot what it was called.
Adam Jensen:There's something incredibly funny about consoles trying to become more like a PC. I don't really see how it's an unfair advantage to use a keyboard and mouse if that same option is available to everyone. For those confused, if you were playing an FPS on PC and measure out an exact movement of three inches on your mousepad, your character would move a specific amount. If you tried that on the Eagele Eye, that movement would only trigger a basic "the joystick is moved right" input, and would continue that input until the mouse is moved back to it's original orientation. You can dick with the settings, calibrations, and in-game sensitivity all you want, but it doesn't do true mouse movement.
Controllers and consoles are certainly convenient, but FPS aiming is simply more precise when using a mouse and keyboard. It's a gaming-specific controller which maps DualShock 4 buttons to its 18 keys while letting you swap between multiple profiles. The truth is that the accuracy and precision that a mouse brings to the table cannot really be matched by a controller, so many gamers are wondering if it’s possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to next-gen consoles. There have been prototypes seen in regards to the Call of Duty Ghosts series which utilized an Android device to make the connection. Microsoft has confirmed that it is possible to do at a later date, if the developers are interested enough to make it happen. We can certainly help them with some ideas though – how about post-release patches to get keyboard and mouse support for games such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall?
It would be in Microsoft’s best interests to at least add the option in there if demand is high enough, so perhaps it is up to you the gamers to make your voices heard. We initially heard that Diablo 3 wouldn’t have keyboard and mouse support on console, but this would be another game that would benefit immensely from having this as an alternative control scheme. Some consumers may just like keyboard and mouse support for non-gaming purposes like browsing the web for example – Give us your reaction to this.
In games like CoD, MK should only be able to play other MK players as we all know it’s waaaay easier weith MK in an FPS. The developer, known by the name of OBsIV, had been using the system for Xbox 360 calling it as Xbox Input Machine. The XIM relies on the Smart Translators for its gaming functionalities facilitating the plug-and-play setup for the device.
There’s no word as to price for now as what has been tested so far is the prototype for the Xbox One.
Furthermore, there are other alterations that you are going to have to make in order for this to work properly.

If you have any further questions, post in the comments below and I will try my best to get back to you. Anti-slip design of hexagonal mountain star palm rest, more convenient, long-term use without fatigue. Perfect design of key route and key, the most subtle ergonomic design, better hand feeling. Gives people an unfair advantage, because we all know K+M is more accurate, if you're good at it. I found adapters, but doesn't it have a stripped down Windows (in a few days even a full one)?
When only one generation ago consolites were like "but consoles are more convenient to use".
Put the disc in and you're playing in 2 minutes at worst with the updates downloading and the rest of the game installing all in the background. If you replicated that movement but faster, your character would move the same distance, but faster in relative to your mouses movement speed. That's why there's a market to adapt the control scheme to consoles - the latest of which is Hori's Tactical Assault Commander 4, an upgraded version of the TAC3 intended for PS4. Outside of dedicated keys like the PlayStation and options button, the D-Pad is reconfigured to WASD positions, with Triangle and Circle located at the Q and E. Each user would download a separate profile for each game they wanted to play, since each ones controls are somewhat different and have their own unique features. You can see a confirmation from Major Nelson that this is possible in the video clip below.
I for one use a m&k combination while either being on the couch sitting or on a bed laying.
Like you, I also prefer relaxing on the couch with controller and I am bad enough at CoD while playing other players with controllers. The XIM4 is now available for Xbox One on a test basis due on an issue on wired connectivity with Dualshock 4 controllers, and PS4 will soon get its own.
If anytime, you are unable to find yourself a replacement for your mouse, then you need not worry because we have compiled the perfect solution in the form of a guide (it will require your keyboard though). Not surprising that console hardware manufacturers don't know what it is PC gamers like about their hardware. We should see the XIM4 being released in this year for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, since the previous generation of XIM worked with both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Whether people like it or not players who are comfortable with m&k combinations will find ways to use them.
I like that it comes with the key remover and the clear replacement keys for accenting whichever keys you may want for gaming.

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