Chuck Cooper (left to right), Jason Dirden, Brandon Dirden and Roslyn Ruff in The Piano Lesson.
August Wilson’s play The Piano Lesson is one of the few in his 10-play “Century Cycle” that has not seen a major New York revival since its original Broadway production in 1985. Jeff Spurgeon finds out what's new on Broadway and beyond from Charles Isherwood, theater critic for The New York Times. The conflict is over an upright piano, which held the history and secrets of the family’s hardships in the South. The Signature Theatre, which devoted a whole season to Wilson’s work a few years ago, has now revived this Pulitzer Prize winner, in a production directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson at the Pershing Square Signature Center.

Show highlights, links to music news, on-demand concerts, events from The Greene Space and more. 23, 1987, that the August Wilson play, The Piano Lesson, made its world premiere, starring Samuel L. Boy Willie wants to sell the piano to buy the land where their ancestors had toiled as slaves and sharecroppers. The sister wants to keep the piano because of the sacrifice at which it had come and the memory it contains.
The play was inspired by a collage called “Piano Lesson” by another child of the Migration, the artist Romare Bearden….

Boy Willie arrives in Pittsburgh from Mississippi in 1936 and clashes with his sister, Berniece, who had migrated north.

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