January 6, 2014 : By TrevorIf your New Years resolution was to bring more fun and games to your piano teaching table then we have a great printable to share with you today!
Preparing for this game is super-simple, but be sure to leave enough time to get the playing cards laminated (this document contains the front and the back of each of the 4 playing cards). Once the cards are laminated and you have your piano student sitting in front of you, draw a different interval on the back of each of the 4 cards using an erasable marker.
Once you have marked the intervals on the back of each card place the cards on the floor in random order.
Wipe the cards clean and play the game again and again and again… And, when 2015 rolls around you can stop! June 6, 2013 : By AndreaQuestion:  What types of finger exercises or warm ups do you recommend for very small piano students?
Did you know that many children enter kindergarten having never held a pencil correctly or used pair of scissors?
Building strength and dexterity in young piano students can be a really enjoyable part of their lesson!
Check out our Top 5 Piano Finger Warm Ups below and have some fun developing your piano students’ fine motor control. Have your student place their hand on a table top with their wrist resting on the surface and their fingers nicely curved.

Once your student has mastered this, this you can give the spider specific exercises for his legs. Use silly poems like the one below to give your students cues as to what to do with their fingers. By helping your piano students to focus in on individual finger movements you are not only strengthening their finger muscles and coordination, but also the brain-to-finger connection. As I worked through each exercise following the directions, my hand started to complain and I had to stop and massage my hand.
I think we should always know what the student is feeling physically whenever we teach technique or give exercise assignments.
I think these strength and dexterity building ideas are going to help me with the preschool children in my classroom. I would also strongly encourage building strength in the non-dominant hand, such as doodling, signature, eating, etc.
Into the New Year With Intervals is a simple piano teaching card game designed to help students visually recognize intervals. Make sure the smallest interval goes on the back of the “2”, the next smallest goes on back of the “0”, and do on (this is crucial to the game). Instruct your student to arrange the intervals from smallest to largest in order from left to right.

The 88 theory-based activities in this resource will make sure your 2014 is absolutely, positively, most definitely, NOT BORING! I loved it so much I made a second set with a keyboard on the back for my little students who aren’t reading on the staff yet!
These also strengthen memory skills if you have your student recite the poem along with you and they help to connect your young piano students with a sense of pulse as they listen to rhythm of the words. So my comment is to suggest that teachers also do these exercises so they can determine which exercises to do, the order of the exercises and how many to do at any particular time.
It is often difficult to come up with a variety of ways to put the fun in finger exercises. The progression of these exercises and the recommended amount seems important to establish.
We don’t want our students to overdo these kinds of stretching and shaping exercises.
Although Andrea worked in 3 repetitions, a child, with eagerness, could easily over do it at one sitting, or too often during a day.

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