The hostess room opens up to the familiar Court des Anges (Court of Angels), which has had several additions made to the staircase. If you continue straight through the lobby, you will enter the Grand Salon, the original dining area of Club 33. My friend and I decided to sit in one of the four themed booths outside of Le Salon Nouveau.
We couldn’t visit the lounge without trying one of the specialty drinks on the newly created menu for the Club.
We had the opportunity to choose between a three-course or four-course lunch, overseen by Executive Chef Andrew Sutton (who is known for The Napa Rose in the Grand Californian and The Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure).
After lunch, we decided to return back to the Salon and enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the “self-playing” piano in the jazz lounge! Piano Playing Pinterest Pictures, Piano Playing Facebook Images, Piano Playing Photos for Tumblr.
Even with the best speakers it is difficult to replicate the magic of a live performance, but there is now a piano that will play an accompaniment to almost any tune you want to listen to.
The Edelweiss Self Play will spring to life to duet alongside a wide range of tracks from classical piano to rock and pop music.
The robotic piano is controlled using a dedicated iPod, playing the music from a speaker while the keys take on a life of their own as if an invisible virtuoso was playing along.

The Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano (pictured) will produce a piano accompaniment to a wide range of music, from rock and pop to classical compositions. The piano comes loaded with more than 400 songs on the iPod and can play with a simple swipe of the finger, while more tracks can be downloaded from a dedicated store. The piano uses specialised software that has been produced to provide a piano accompaniment to the music on the iPod. Developed by Cambridge based Edelweiss Pianos, the system comes in both a grand and upright piano format, but can also be retrofitted to an existing piano. If you struggle with chopsticks, let alone a sonata by Chopin, a mind-reading computer could help.
The new Brain Automated Chorales (Bach) machine measures how hard a person’s brain is working to teach them new tunes on musical instruments at an optimum pace. Tested on inexperienced pianists, the system proved effective in helping them learn to play music more quickly and accurately. Prices for the self-playing system range from around ?9,000 for an upright to almost ?20,000 for a grand piano with the system. Self-playing pianos, where the keys appear to move on their own to produce music, have been unnerving audiences for more than 150 years. The first developed in the mid-nineteenth century used rolls of perforated paper, springs and pneumatic strikers to produce a sound.

However, the technology has now moved on considerably and Edelweiss fits each piano with a high fidelity speaker so that it can produce vocals and backing tracks along with the piano music.
Each piano comes with its own iPod, built into a hidden draw, and is loaded with 400 songs from Elton John and Eva Cassidy to Mozart and Rachmaninov. The company recently placed one of its pianos in Cambridge city centre and filmed what happened as passers-by saw it playing by itself. In many cases some sat down to try playing along while others danced on the city’s cobbled streets.
The piano (shown in Cambridge) plays a backing track and vocals through a speaker, while its keys are controlled electronically to produce a live performance of the tune.
To retain a bit of the mystery of the Club, I will only share the photo of the booth we sat in, which was the Mark Twain booth featuring a wonderful portrait of the Mark Twain Riverboat. We passed by the wine cabinets and four beautiful booths, themed to four different scenes: Mark Twain, the Haunted Mansion, Mardi Gras (New Orleans), and the sailing ships.

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