Representing what may be one of the largest technological leaps in digital piano history, the new HP-600 Series Roland digital pianos offer industry-first technologies and unbelievable performance with an interface that is so easy to use - anyone can enjoy playing them! In short, the HP-600-Series Roland Digital Pianos are designed to help you lose yourself in your music - the way no other digital instrument can. Industry-first Piano Designer - Use the app or on-board keys to customize the piano sound to your specific taste. Headphones 3D Ambiance technology puts you in the middle of your music - giving you a warm, realistic sound when you feel like playing privately.
Industry-first BluetoothA® technology connects with any smart phone or tablet (iOS, Windows or Android). Enjoy an ALL-NEW library of non-piano sounds, including strings, brass, organ and many others. 25 on-board registrations allow you to store your favorite sounds setups (including layers and splits) and retrieve them with the touch of a button! Progressive Damper Action pedal with continuous response gives you the pedal control of an acoustic grand, accommodating half-pedaling, flutter-pedaling and more! Aktualizovana seria klavirov HP500 vybavena najnovsimi technologiami Roland ponuka vynimocny zvuk, pocit a vlastnosti v elegantnom klaviri pre domace hranie.
S HP500 si mozete lahko upravit zvuk pre hranie vasim stylom alebo pre urcity hudobny zaner. Vsetky modely serie HP500 su vybavene pedalom s funkciou Progressive Damper Action, ktora presne kopiruje spravanie Damper pedalu akustickeho klavira. Jedinecny priestorovy zvuk vznikajuci pri hrani na akusticky klavir sme vytvorili komplexnou a vyvazenou kombinaciou mnozstva prvkov, vratane rezonancie vsetkych strun nastroja, ozvucnice a ramu. Ak nechcete pri vasom hrani rusit blizke okolie, urcite ocenite moznost posluchu cez sluchadla. Skvely sposob, ako zvysit efektivitu cvicenia, je nahranie a pocuvanie vlastneho hrania, vratane vyhodnotenia a posudenia zlepsenia. Pre zariadenia Apple iOS sme pripravili bezplatne aplikacie, ktore jedinecnym sposobom motivuju zaujem o hranie a cvicenie na klavir serie HP500.
Building on the tremendous advancements of the HP-504 a€“ as well as previous generations of Roland SuperNATURAL™ pianos, the HP-506 represents an entirely new level of performance and expression for pianist of all capability levels. Like the 504, the HP-506 is fueled by Rolanda€™s Advanced SuperNATURAL™ sound technology. The true art to the HP-506a€™s piano tone is in its Acoustic Projection™ sound system. Four-channel Acoustic Projection audio system provides the organic, multi-dimensional sound field of an acoustic piano. The Roland Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more. The flagship Roland HP-207 features an ultra-realistic 88-key multi-sampled piano sound under the control of Roland’s new PHA II Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement.
The flagship HP207 features Roland’s finest 88-key piano sound, comprising individual multi-samples for every key and true-to-life piano resonance.
For those who wish to customize the HP-207’s piano sound to suit their personal taste, the Piano Designer feature allows friendly access to a variety of tone-shaping controls. More than just a great piano, the HP-207 can also play back audio CDs from an optional USB CD drive (commercially available) for play-along fun.
The HP-207 is built into an attractive, elegant cabinet with front legs and a Half Key-Cover that slides out to cover the front-panel controls. The DH-01 is an optional mounting bracket for attaching a commercial CD drive (sold separately). This is the RD-300GX, RD-300SX, FP-7, FP-4, and V-Piano driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista(TM) 64-bit Operating Systems. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. In addition, we have a library of Ownera€™s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference.
List of compatible external CD-ROM drives for use with Roland Digital Pianos HP-207, HP-203, RG-3, and FP-7.

This channel provides information of the Roland's best quality electronic musical instruments.
The new Roland HP-201 digital piano brings new piano sound and a refined realistic touch to a beautiful cabinet design.
The HP-201 features Roland’s finest 88-key piano sound, featuring true-to-life piano resonance and individual multi-samples for every key. For the most authentic acoustic grand piano feel, the HP-201 is equipped with the new PHA II keyboard. The HP201 offers seamless continuous damper pedal control, allowing you to obtain the perfect amount of damping or attenuation at all times.
The HP-201 can play MIDI files by connecting a laptop the USB MIDI port, which accesses the internal MIDI tone library. The HP-201 is built into an attractive, elegant cabinet with front legs that enhance the HP-201’s authentic look.
In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference.
The new, high-resolution PHA-50 keyboard combines the appearance and feel of wood with the durability of modern materials to provide a maintenance-free keyboard with unmatched control and balance. Roland is so confident of their pianos' quality that they offer a warranty that is twice as long (or more) as the warranties you'll find elsewhere. Newly integrated into the SuperNATURALA® Piano sound engine is the Dynamic Harmonic feature, which allows you to explore even greater dynamic expression when playing fortissimo passages. Do zvukoveho modulu SuperNATURAL piano sme integrovali novu funkciu Dynamic Harmonic pre este lepsie vyrazove moznosti pri hrani fortissimo.
Kazda nota ma svoj vlastny charakter a nekonecne variacie, ktorymi mozete vdaka citlivemu snimaniu preniest do zvuku vase emocie. Vdaka funkcii Dynamic Harmonic mozete spoznat novu skalu charakteristickych harmonickych tonov, ktore vznikaju prace pri najsilnejsich fortissimo uderoch. Pedal ma plynulu odozvu na dotyk a skusenejsi hraci ocenia jeho autenticky odpor, ktory sa meni s intenzitou stlacenia.
HP508 a HP506 vytvaraju svoj autenticky zvukovy priestor prostrednictvom technologie Acoustic Projection, ktora spaja vyhody viacrozmerneho zvukoveho systemu klavira Roland V-Piano Grand a zvukoveho modulu SuperNATURAL Piano.
S novym efektom Headphones 3D Ambience sme pre vas pripravili jedinecny zazitok priestoroveho zvuku. Vstavany rekorder HP500 je vzdy pripraveny k praci a umoznuje zaznamenat vase hranie vo forme MIDI dat (do pamate klavira) alebo vo forme audio dat (do USB Flash pamate). Napriklad funkcia Volume Limit umoznuje urcit najvyssiu uroven hlasitosti klavira, co je skvely sposob, ako zabranit nezelane hlasnym zvukom.
A powerful speaker system, front legs and elegant cabinet combine for the look and sound of an acoustic piano. The HP-207 is touch responsive to the subtlest pressure and nuance — from the deepest, most powerful bass to the most delicate highs. This amazing new keyboard technology reproduces the feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps.
Simply import a Standard MIDI File via USB and enjoy as the HP-207 plays the music automatically. There’s even a Center Cancel feature for minimizing pre-recorded vocals so you can play and sing along to your favorite CDs. The lid not only serves a child lock, it allows you to concentrate on your performance while enhancing the HP-207’s authentic look.
It boasts a stunning 88-key multi-sampled piano sound, along with the new PHA II keyboard with a dramatically wider dynamic range. The HP-201 is touch responsive to the subtlest pressure and nuance — from the deepest, most powerful bass to the most delicate highs. This amazing new keyboard technology offers the same natural response as a grand piano, with a heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the upper, and with lighter resistance on pianissimo passages and stronger resistance on fortissimo just like a well-maintained acoustic grand.
Nova klaviatura PHA-4 ma citlivost s vyssim rozlisenim a lepsiu odozvu ako cokolvek predtym.
S rychlou odozvou klavesov pri repeticii a podrobnou citlivostou mozete vasim stylom vyjadrit aj tie najjemnejsie zvukove odtiene.

Plynule snimanie stlacenia umoznuje intuitivne ovladanie pri hrani a vyuzivanie pokrocilej techniky „half-pedalling“. Tato inovativna technologia uzasne rozsiri vas zazitok pri hrani so sluchadlami a vytvara dojem, ze zvuk je vyzarovany samotnym nastrojom. Ak sa chcete podelit s niekym o vasu nahravku, staci pripojit vasu USB Flash pamat do pocitaca, preniest nahrane subory a prehrat alebo poslat. Aplikacia Piano Partner pre iPad obsahuje funkciu Flash Card – interaktivny hudobny program, ktory deti miluju, a intuitivne graficke rozhranie pre vybrane zvuky, skladby a rytmiku serie HP500. Mozete tiez urcit hlasitost v sluchadlach nezavisle od hlasitosti reproduktorov, cim predidete necakanym zmenam hlasitosti vystupu v pripojenych sluchadlach. The natural keys have a 2-piece structure, which consists of base- and surface-material layers. Whether in a lounge or living room, hotel or concert hall, the HP-207 will bring any environment to life. Continuous damper pedal for richer expressiveness provides an acoustic feel in a digital piano. Now, with Roland's all-new SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling™ technology, everything has changed.
Acoustic Projection technology delivers stunningly rich, multi-dimensional sound from the onboard speaker system, and you can now enjoy the unique sound field of an acoustic piano during private practice sessions as well with the Headphones 3D Ambience effect.
Jedinecny efekt Headphones 3D vytvara autenticke zvukove pole akustickeho klavira pri hrani so sluchadlami.
Ak si trufate na pokrocilejsie a podrobnejsie upravy, s funkciou Individual Note Voicing mozete upravit vysku tonu, uroven a zvukovy charakter nezavisle pre kazdy klaves. Pre povrchovu upravu klaviatury sme vyvinuli specialny material pohlcujuci vlhkost, s uzasnym povrchom a prirodzenou texturou skutocnej slonoviny a ebenu. Okamzita nahravka je skvelou pomockou nie len pre studentov, ale aj pre skusenych hudobnikov. Piano Partner obsahuje aj funkciu DigiScore Lite, ktora zobrazuje skladby v pamati klavira ako notovu osnovu na iPade. The USB Host port also supports WAV file types, and you can actually transpose the audio in real time. HP-600 Series Roland digital pianos now generate their piano sound LIVE and in real-time using a mathematical algorithm Roland developed for their professional V-Piano and V-Piano Grand instruments.
Inovativna technologia Acoustic Projection v modeloch HP508 a HP506 prinasa autenticky zvuk reprodukovany cez najlepsi ozvucovaci system. Okrem vlastnych uprav zvuku je tato jedinecna funkcia uzitocna aj pre vyvazenie celkoveho zvuku klavira tak, aby perfektne hral v priestoroch s roznymi akustickymi charaktermi alebo v urcitych sluchadlach. Autenticky kladivkovy mechanizmus PHA-4 je podstatne tichsi ako predchadzajuce modely, takze ani pri cviceni so sluchadlami a stlmenymi reproduktormi nebudete rusit svoje okolie. Na serveri Apple App Store najdete aplikacie, ktore spristupnuju dnesne mobilne technologie a umoznuju detom pri hrani na klavir lepsie rozvijat svoje schopnosti.
Vstavany notovy stojan si mozete upravit do idealneho uhla sklonu tak, aby ste pri vasom hrani videli na noty co najlepsie. Spomedzi noviniek urcite ocenite aj jedinecny vstavany rekorder a kompatibilitu s aplikaciami Roland pre Apple iOS. Na modeloch HP508 a HP506 si mozete vase nastavenia ulozit v doplnkovej USB pamati a kedykolvek ich na prislusnom mieste vyuzit. The result is a rich, complex sound - complete with overtones - that actually changes in response to the way you play; something impossible to achieve when a piano uses sampling technology. Rada HP500 opat o cosi viac spaja tradicny a moderny svet ako nekonecnu inspiraciu pre vsetkych zanietencov, mladych studentov aj profesionalov.

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