Roland is world-famous for creating instruments with stunning sounds, and the E-09 is no exception. The E-09’s impressive sounds and interactive styles make it a great tool for creating songs. Bring your performance anywhere with the under-12-pound Roland JUNO-Di synth, built for live gigs with over 1,000 patches and dozens of BOSS-quality effects. Serious Roland Sounds in a Portable, Gig-Worthy Digital SynthLet's say you play keyboard in a band, and you're looking for a new "main axe" for live gigs. Sounds for Live PerformanceThe JUNO-Di packs in more than 1,000 instruments with an emphasis on the piano, organ, strings, brass, and synth sounds that are crucial to live performance. USB ConnectivitySuppose your bandmate emails you a quick MP3 demo of a song they've written at home, or perhaps you're looking for a way to use WAV or AIFF files as backing tracks when you play shows. Take It To The StreetsAt under 12 pounds, the JUNO-Di is light enough to carry under your arm. Layers of Live EffectsWhen it comes to live effects processing, the JUNO-Di is no lightweight.
Roland JUNO-Di 61-Key SynthesizerOnstage or in the streets, the JUNO-Di is a traveling musician's dream. Over 1,000 Great SoundsAt the heart of this exciting synth is a top-of-the-line voice engine that delivers world-class sounds -- including grand and electric pianos, lush strings, beautiful guitars, powerful brass, percussion, plus banks of exotic instruments, modern synth sounds, and much more. Simple NavigationWith so many sounds onboard, it could be a daunting task to find what you need.
Sing AlongMore than meets the eye, the JUNO-Di lets you plug a microphone into its external input and process your voice through the built-in vocoder. Built-In Song PlayerWith its USB memory port and Song Player function, the JUNO-Di enables direct playback and control of backing tracks from a USB key.
Where the Action IsThe Juno-Di's 61-key playing surface is unweighted, but has enough bounce to feel convincing on electric piano, Hammond organ, and even acoustic piano patches. For more in-depth patch tweaking without wading through a maze of menus, the Juno-Di's sound modification controls put the most common parameters right at your fingertips. Friends In High PlacesThe Juno-Di is very well-connected, with plenty of options for getting it into your existing rig.
All About The SoundAll of the above is nice, but doesn't mean a whole lot if the sound isn't on point. Analog Old-School-nessThe Juno-Di is a digital synth, but it's got enough analog character to feel like a throwback to the earliest Juno models.
Beyond the percussion patches mentioned earlier, the Juno-Di also comes loaded with 24 preset drum grooves. Effects In EffectThe Juno-Di is outfitted with a full complement of effects patches on board. Depending on the effect you load, the Juno-Di offers up to four tweakable parameters for additional sound sculpting. I purchased this keyboard for accessory purposes and it has more than enough sounds for the demand of gospel music.
I give the quality a 9 out of 10 because it is mad with remarkable resilient and tough and very light synthetic plastic.
There just is no better valued keyboard out there at the moment that offers the stunningly impressive professional array of features and conveniences that this board has for the price.
I haven't owned it long enough to need customer support, but other roland keyboards that I have owned for 6 years now I have never needed to call customer support for what so ever. I expect that with what this keyboard has in its features package, 1300 sound patches and 127 favorites, with a midi controller, with the additional way to extensively edit any of the 1300 patches and save them into the 127 user favorite re writable patches; and the way it is built out of very heavy duty highly durable long lasting plastic,( which I know doesn't sound great but this keyboard if properly taken care of will take care of you for a very long time, easily many years ) I may well keep this keyboard for a very long time to come.
Product DescriptionIf you're looking for an instrument that ignites music making rather than slowing it down, look no further than the new Roland Fantom.
The idea behind the Fantom workstation is simple: Create an environment that fuses the previously disparate worlds of composition and performance, allowing you to capture and develop ideas quickly.
The creative process begins with the Fantom's 64-voice, 16-part multitimbral sound source — the same engine used in the acclaimed XV-5080. With 3 independent effects processors (Reverb, Chorus, and M-FX), chances are you can forget about your outboard gear.
While the Fantom's massive wave memory is stock with just about every sound imaginable, it's nice to know you've got options.
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Roland GW7 Interactive Music WorkstationThe GW-7 carves a unique path in the arranger-workstation market with its pop-focused sound set, clean and easy user interface, and ultra-affordable price. Whether you love or loathe technology, you'll find the GW-7 to be simple, straightforward, and inviting to use. The GW-7 comes equipped with a wide variety of pre-programmed Styles, which can be customized. Connect the GW-7 to a computer or USB-equipped external device with one simple USB cable, and transfer data back and forth quickly and easily. Switching patches live is almost impossible unless you've saved your 10 favs tot he recall buttons. I have fallen in love with this board and would replace it instantly if it was lost or stolen.
Roland-Piano-Keyboards-Australia-Best-Price-buy-online-Derringers-Music PRODUCT NEWSRETAIL STOREHIRECONTACT USSearch MUSIC INSTRUMENTS . Perfect for solo entertainers and home hobbyists alike!Phone 01524 410202 for the best price. Perfect for solo entertainers and home hobbyists alike, the BK-3 Backing Keyboard brings a new level of performance to entry-level auto-accompaniment instruments. The BK-3 is filled with sounds and rhythms covering an extensive range of music genres from around the world, including Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
The BK-3 can play a variety of external backing formats from optional USB memory, including WAV and MP3 audio, SMF, and Roland rhythms (BK, E, G, and VA series). A dedicated front-panel button makes it simple to record audio directly to USB memory, allowing you to capture full-ensemble BK-3 performances any time you wish for self-evaluation and sharing with friends and family. Compatibility with Roland Wireless Connect allows BK-3 players to communicate with an Apple iPhone or iPad over a wireless network via the optional WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter.
All product features, images, prices and other information published on our website have either been made accessible by suppliers or been gathered from public-domain sources.
Building on the success of Roland’s popular E-series arranger keyboards, the E-09W raises the quality standard for entry-level arrangers. Right out of the box, it’s loaded with dozens of one-touch patterns that you can control and embellish for an impressive performance.

An entire world of tone is available at the touch of a button, from orchestral to modern and beyond. That’s why Roland equipped this keyboard with a built-in 16-track recorder for capturing and developing your musical ideas. You've ruled out the heavy, expensive workstation boards, but you want more sonic flexibility than a simple digital piano. It couldn't be easier to find the sounds you need fast, on the JUNO's adjustable-brightness large-character display. Either way, you can save the files on a USB memory stick and plug it into the USB port on the JUNO-Di's front panel.
And if you forget to bring the included power adapter, you can run this keyboard for three hours on eight AA batteries! You can enhance any of the onboard sounds just by grabbing the dedicated Reverb knobs on the front panel. It's lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it's easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synth.
But fear not -- the JUNO-Di simplifies the process of finding sounds with its dedicated category buttons.
A dedicated reverb is assigned to the input, so you can add lush ambience to your voice without taking away from the main onboard effects. You can play MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF files, and control them from the dedicated buttons on the front panel. With a legendary lineage including the Juno-6, Juno-60, and Juno-106, you can be sure the Juno-Di is ready to build that same kind of reputation among today's players. The keys are fully velocity-sensitive, offering ringing clarity when played with a feather touch, or a growly bark when you dig in deep.
Part joystick, part mod-wheel, you have good command over pitch bends and modulation for on-the-fly tweaking. When you load a patch, the five modification controls are auto-mapped to that patch's envelope attack and release, filter cutoff and resonance, and reverb mix. You can build your patches from the ground up, or start with a preloaded sound and twist it into unrecognizability.
Reverb and vocoder effects can be applied to the mic signal, which is routed to the main outs automatically.
I was definitely happy with the sounds in the Juno-Di, from the pianos, to the orchestra sounds, to the rock organs, some of which feature a rotary effect mapped to the mod-controller. You get sparkly pads, searing saw waves, triple-fat filtery basses to go way back in the day. These patterns represent a number of different musical styles, and are great for providing inspiration when composing or for quickly adding a beat underneath your performance. There are two dedicated effects channels for reverb and chorus, plus three more "multieffect" channels that can call up a variety of phasers, flangers, distortions, compression, delay, EQ, and much more. For example, you can choose the type of amp called up in the amp simulator effect, or the speed of the flanger. The sound and playability are well worth the price, but when you factor in the portability, sound shaping, connectivity, and performance-friendly controls, you're really getting a great value. Its sounds are just as professional as any other professional board out there and all 1300 of its sounds are brought to you for an amazing price. With 1300 sound patches, a midi controller, a menu option to edit and save 127 favorites, and options to record and save song data not only within the board but also on a backup usb card device, and 5 dials to immediately while in play the reverb, attack, cutoff, resonance, and release, and a laser beam light volume controller to use while in play or the "D" Beam controller, this board is absolutely amazing. I think only keyboards made of real wood or metal that are much much heavier could be said to be a 10 in construction quality, but this one's not far behind those at all.
I know that if this board were made by any other manufacturer just a few short years ago it would have sold for thousands of dollars for sure and not just for $699.00. It is a pleasure to look at, I really like its colors that highlight the control panel, and being a primarily black colored instrument does make it very handsome; the LED screen is easy to read, it feel great while playing it as well.
To this end, the Fantom includes powerful and expressive XV-Series synthesis with studio-quality effects, inspiring real-time features, and a sleek user interface for streamlined operation. This ultra-expressive architecture can use up to 4 stereo Tones per Patch, giving you unprecedented realism, spaciousness, and depth.
To start, the Fantom delivers professional reverb based on Roland's acclaimed SRV-3030 24-bit Digital Reverb Processor. To this end, the Fantom is equipped with 2 SRX-Series expansion slots and an SR-JV80-Series slot, giving you access to one of the largest sound libraries available — without the hassles and load time of CD-ROMs.
The workstation is well stocked with mainstream sounds and accompaniment styles for covering a wide range of contemporary pop genres. No extensive knowledge of synthesis or sequencing is required to use this intuitive instrument.
Keep your GW-7 well stocked with fresh songs and Styles by loading new Styles and Standard MIDI Files. Featuring a wide range of quality onboard sounds and rhythms, song playback via USB memory, built-in speakers, and more, this portable, self-contained keyboard puts the power of a full ensemble under your fingertips. There are over 850 tones and 50 drum kits built in, providing a universe of voices for melody playing and accompaniment.
Playback tempo and song key can easily be adjusted to suit your vocal range or performing needs, even with audio files. Your recordings are saved as CD-quality WAV data, making it easy to transfer them to your computer for burning audio CDs. Its sleek,low-profile body is accentuated by colourful, friendly buttons and an easy-to-read backlit LCD. You want hundreds of playable onboard sounds, and you want to be able to grab knobs to shape your sound live without paging through menus.
And if you want to customize the sounds, the dedicated "Sound Modify" knobs on the front panel let you instantly cater each sound to your specifications, even while you're playing. The battery compatibility lets you play for up to five hours without plugging in (uses Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries). Sing along with your performances and transform your voice in colorful and creative ways, from silky smooth to sci-fi robotic. You can use these to customize existing patches into your own unique creations, or for real-time tweaking during performance. If you sing and play outside, you're in luck, as the Juno-Di can be powered with eight AA batteries.
The Juno-Di is loaded with over 1,300 factory patches, all easily accessible via the category-based menu. I'm not suggesting these sounds are hyper-realistic clones that would be mistaken for the real deal, but they're definitely passable for gigging.

Some effects are application specific, with a vocoder for voice patches and a sympathetic resonance effect for added character on acoustic piano sounds. I appreciated the ability to adjust time-based effects such as flangers and delays by either milliseconds or note values relative to the tempo.
A beginner will easily be able to navigate through the most useable functions, and more advanced players will find plenty of opportunities for creative inspiration. And just a idea I just had here but I notice that all of the very old, aged, but still very highly damage free keyboards on all those old Hammond Organs many of which are nearing 45 years old and older have their keys manufactured in much lighter plastic than the keys and body of this board.
And with its expandable XV-Series sound engine and digital outputs, the Fantom has everything you could ever want in a workstation keyboard — except the work. In all, there are 1,024 Patches (640 Preset Patches, 128 User Patches, and 256 GM2 sounds), plus 29 Rhythm Sets at the ready. So whether adding a bit of 'verb to a grand piano or drum set, you'll get silky-smooth reverberation down to the last tail. If you want to add additional styles and Standard MIDI files, the GW-7's USB port allows for quick and easy file transfer. It's the perfect first-time workstation for standard pop, jazz, and world-music styles, but its sound quality and styles are rich and expressive enough to attract professionals as well.
Performers will appreciate the GW-7's large backlit LCD, especially on dark stages and dimly lit studio environments.
Call up these expressive sounds and arrangements -- programmed by top musicians -- and instantly spice up your music! From one-person shows to social gatherings to personal practice, the BK-3 brings endless hours enjoyment for playing all musical styles. Compatibility with GM2, GS, and XG Lite formats ensures high-quality playback with Standard MIDI Files.
And with Show Your Music, you can create video clips of your music performances and share them on your favorite social networks!
You want easy access to onboard multi-effects and a friendly, intuitive interface -- and you want it all in an uber-compact, portable, lightweight design. You can create your own splits (for example, play organ with your right hand and bass with your left) or layer sounds such as piano and strings. Use the Song Player's playback controls, adjust the volume independently, or even adjust tempo when you open a standard MIDI file. When reverb and chorus just aren't enough, you can layer up to three more of the 79 built-in effects: delays, flangers, distortion, and much more, including a host of multi-effects options - even a rotary speaker simulator. It has a friendly "direct access" control panel for easy editing and a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. When used in conjunction with a battery-powered amp such as Roland's famous Cube Street or Mobile Cube, the JUNO-Di can be played and heard anywhere. Additionally, the Center Cancel feature lets you sing along karaoke-style with audio files in the Song Player for a complete entertainment experience.
You can assign a multitude of parameters to the D-Beam, and make changes by running your hand through the beam's path. Add a headset mic and one of Roland's battery-powered amplifiers, and you've got a completely portable setup. Other effects settings are truly multieffects, with layered combinations of flanger and distortion, for example. I might be a roland fanatic because this keyboard along with my other roland equipment is a must have. I have never before owned a keyboard with over a thousand sound patches before and it is a momentous advantage to finally own a board that does, and for its price, with all that it is completely unmatched by any other board right now. Many a Hammond B3 Organ out there are still in use with very thin hollow keys after all these years and if they can last that long with proper care, so too this board should be able to do.
And the Fantom's sounds are full of life, thanks to the endless modulation routings afforded by Matrix Control — all of which beg to be tweaked with the Fantom's real-time controllers.
Speaking of smooth, Fantom's dedicated chorus processor is all it takes to thicken up anything from Rhodes to strings. You can also create your own compositions from scratch with the internal 16-track sequencer. Built for the live keyboardist, the Roland JUNO-Di delivers all this and more in an inexpensive package. If you crave the ability to dig deep into detailed sound editing, or you want to build your own patches for the JUNO, run the included JUNO-Di Editor software on your Mac or PC. Make the guitarist in your band jealous, with these BOSS-quality effects built right into your keyboard! A battery-life indicator on the front panel ensures that you won't lose power unexpectedly.
It even has a cd that comes with it that allows you to edit the non rewritable sounds in the board in you computer and you can save them there like with the professional synths that cost thousands of dollars. Save your 10 favorite tones, splits, or layers, then hit the Favorite button to quickly access them through the 10 sound bank buttons. You can load your new sounds on the JUNO via USB, and even back up your JUNO's internal settings to your USB thumb drive. There's even a vocoder for the JUNO-Di's microphone input, and the vocal mic has its own dedicated reverb and independent volume control, so you can get the exact sound you want. If you want to create layers or splits, dedicated buttons and the large LCD make the process fast and friendly. Plus, it's easy to tweak your tones live, with five analog-style dedicated knobs on the JUNO-Di's front panel.
And don't forget the onboard rhythm patterns, which can be easily adjusted on the fly with a dedicated tempo control. Performances feature splits and layers, so if you're looking for more than one simultaneous sound, start here. There's even a Roland D-Beam controller, so you can control effects with the wave of your hand -- a showstopping performance feature.
With all these onboard effects, the JUNO-Di may be the only live keyboard you'll ever need.

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