Apparently, Riffsy has anticipated moments when you would find yourself in want of words to add to GIFs in order to better express yourself. After tapping your selected GIF, there’s now a new Caption button (accompanied by a speech bubble icon) that you can tap to start adding your caption. You can also start adding a caption by holding down your selected GIF and tapping the Caption button in the menu that appears. That selfsame menu is where you can also find the Full Screen button, which when tapped lets you share your selected GIF in its full size — again. You can also access the Full Screen option by tapping the More button after selecting a GIF. In July, Riffsy partnered with Universal Pictures to feature GIFs promoting “Minions” in GIF Keyboard. Now, Riffsy has partnered with 20th Century Fox to populate GIF Keyboard with GIFs that tie in with “Kung Fu Panda 3,” which is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, Jan. GIF Keyboard works in practically any messaging and social network app, like Messages, Mail, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter. Fleksy Keyboard, the $0.99 third-party iOS keyboard that offers “next-generation autocorrect,” powerful extensions, and beautiful themes, has announced that it’s partnering with Riffsy in order to ingregrate a fully functional GIF keyboard inside of Fleksy.
Whereas before, Fleksy users would have had to download and install Riffsy’s separate iOS application in order to activate its GIF keyboard on their iOS device, the Riffsy GIF Keyboard can now indeed be enabled from inside of Fleksy’s usual user interface (UI). GIF Keyboard will now come pre-configured, making Fleksy the only major keyboard combining typing, GIFs, and emoji all in one place. Fleksy will have all of the popular features that millions of GIF Keyboard users have come to love, including searching, browsing by categories, and discovering trending GIFs, alongside Fleksy’s award winning keyboard that’s the fastest in the world. Of course, the change means it’s now easier than ever for Fleksy users to add GIFs into a range of iOS applications.
This is a great move for Fleksy users since, of course, it combines two preexisting keyboards into one. Given its free price tag and recent update, there’s never been a better time to download Fleksy on your iOS device. See also: Pandora Radio for iOS updated with support for Apple Watch, Here’s how you can get Rules!, the first game to support the Apple Watch, for free, and Apple partners with IBM on new medical research platform.
Now when you type in apps with Fleksy Keyboard, you can use GIFs from Riffsy and Fleksy’s emoji, all in one place. To celebrate this partnership, you can now download Fleksy Keyboard in the App Store for free over the next week.

After a long beta testing period (which apparently wasn’t long enough) that began at WWDC, Apple finally released iOS 8 to the public earlier this month. Millions of people have tried keyboards from well-known developers such as Swype and SwiftKey, but there are plenty of keyboard apps floating around that you might not know about. ALSO NOTE: The Riffsy GIF Keyboard requests full access so we can access the internet and fetch GIFs from the cloud.
REMEMBER: In order to have your own phrases show on the keyboard you must allow OPEN ACCESS. Exclusively for iPhone : Keymoji Keyboard translates what you type in any app into emojis in real time from a constantly expanding crowdsourced dictionary so you don’t have to think up emoji phrases!! Exclusively for iPhone and iPad, Keymoji Keyboard is an Emoji Autocomplete Keyboard and it’s the quickest way to add Emoji’s to all your messages!
Simple to setup, the keyboard itself shows up in any app and can thus be used in any application when typing. Simply start typing on the keyboard and see the emoji auto-completion suggestions in real time!
Find the emoji art button in the Keymoji emoji keyboard to find special designs made from emojis that you can send directly from your keyboard through any app! Literati Labs is committed to bringing you the best emoji keyboard for the iPhone and we can’t wait to see all the definitions that you come up with! Keymoji will remain functional even if you choose not to Grant Access, but you’ll be missing out on some of what makes the app so great. ScribbleBoard allows you to scribble and doodle directly from within your keyboard extension, and then copy paste your masterpieces into the chat, or save them to your camera roll and load them as you would with any image.
1,000+ japanese kaomoji emoticons organized into 28 categories including: happy, sad, love, bears, cats, sea animals, laughing, winking and table flipping. Tap a cute emoticon to copy it to the clipboard, then double tap in any other app to paste. Remember last week when Piper Jaffray said the price hike would have minimal impact on subs and NFLX could even push it to $15? But if that still isn’t enough for you, then you can now go ahead and add a few more words to your GIF with the newly updated GIF Keyboard by Riffsy. Type some text in the caption field that appears, tap the check button, and wait for GIF Keyboard to generate the caption over the GIF, complete with its own animated effects. Plus, to celebrate the partnership, Fleksy will be free to download on the App Store for the first time ever.

As before, Fleksy offers a range of comprehensive keyboard features, including custom extensions and a typing setup that earned Fleksy a Guiness World Record for being the fastest mobile keyboard out there. The integration brings GIF Keyboard’s millions of GIFs and exclusive content partnerships with major TV networks and movie studios. Being a third-party keyboard, Fleksy can be activated from almost any iOS text field; as such, Fleksy users will have plenty of opportunities to send or publish a well-considered GIF once they’ve updated the keyboard on their iOS device. The resulting app now gives you access to millions of GIFs on top of Fleksy’s existing emoji support and perks like advanced keyboard capabilities with gestures and much more.
With this change in place, Fleksy let you share “highly expressive content” across iMessage, SMS, Twitter, email and Facebook. From there, you can access other features of Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard such as GIF categories, search, trending GIFs and more.
Click whichever one you want to choose, rather than hunting through the entire emoji library.
We use the Grant Full Access option to allow internet connectivity to get new emoji autocompletions from our crowd-sourcing system.
If copy-paste of GIFs is not supported in an app, as in Snapchat, hold down on a GIF to access more sharing options. Switching between keyboards on an iOS device feels fairly laborious, and the process is only made worse by the number of keyboards you have installed. That means no saving to your camera roll and it’s instantly available from your keyboard. We do track the world-wide usage of emoji autocompletions in order to rank them and present the most popular options while you type, but we never record your conversations. We’re pleased to see Fleksy integrate with Riffsy; though, since this is an exclusive partnership, it does mean we won’t see Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard appear on some of our other favorite third-party keyboards, which is a shame. Compete against the entire planet of iPhones for being the first to come up with the most famous emoji phrases. Grant Full Access also unlocks some features available in the app like replaying the tutorial and changing some keyboard settings.
Maybe you will be the person who comes up with the most famous emoji phrase ever used on iPhone!

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