Perhaps those who dislike the ads can deluge the advertisers with requests for a close tab on the ads?
According to Jezebel, one redditor's guide on stealing your first kiss from a girl starts out on a good note before it turns creeptastic. Considering it starts out suggesting you target the girl by getting her alone and making sure she has plenty of alcohol in her system before moving in for the kill—er, the kiss—we're not sure there's anywhere to go but downhill from there. Enter another redditor using an impermanent account, sillythrowaway0, whose 1800 words of detailed advice on the subject garnered him Reddit gold and a Best-of mention.
She may react negatively and push you back or say something like "What was that?" or "What are you doing"? Except that if the redditor is choosing to ignore what women are saying to him, there's a chance that what may be "fun" for him may be threatening to his date. If you're at all unsure of her intentions if she makes a comment like that, assume it's serious.

When the owner of the most popular science page on Facebook revealed her identity the other day, the reaction was sadly predictable.
Thanks to the Internet, teenagers have it soooo easy seeking answers to life's hardest questions—but it wasn't always like that! While I can completely understand including ads in the PSN, which is free, I was a little annoyed at being forced to look at ads while paying for Xbox Live. The thread in response garnered numerous examples of people talking about activities that may heighten sexual excitement for the participant but could be seen as menacing in other contexts. The bit up there about her saying "What was that?" was making a point about paying attention to her tone and body language. But given Reddit's abysmal track record when it comes to the subject of objectifying women, creepy behavior, rampant misogyny, and rape, it seems many Redditors may be as unused to listening as they are to kissing. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone and a few more technically savvy gamers found a way to disable the ads.

It was as if Elise Andrew had infiltrated a 19th century scientific conference and suddenly ripped off a fake mustache in front of the assembled muttering menfolk. One involves blocking the ad server by manipulating your router settings – assuming that it supports it. After a couple of seconds, very slowly and gently pull her chin a little bit closer, and very slightly open and close your lips. You just need to pay attention to her, and hopefully you're able to pickup on the cues she's trying to send you.

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