As we have come to expect of Razer BlackWidow keyboards, the Ultimate 2013 edition did not disappoint in terms of performance. In terms of typing performance, I experienced around a 12% improvement in my typing speed changing from my laptop keyboard to the Cherry MX Blues on the BlackWidow Ultimate 2013.
In terms of design and aesthetics, I definitely love the beautiful green backlit keys Razer has gone with this time around.
For those of you looking on getting into the mechanical keyboard game, you should definitely give the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 a good, hard look. During the day Michael Chang is a Process Integration Engineer, where he researches and develops MEMS technologies for logic and memory testing.
Thanks its good to know that people want to see the stabilizer on the space bar will take a mental note and do it for future reviews.
I can understand this view on their headsets (much better options out there, gaming and otherwise) but they’re keyboards seem to have many a good review!
Fight The Power, ReasonablyDon’t let them make you a sell-out.They say you gotta wear a tie? Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post.

GameSeek was founded in 2000 with the goal of becoming the premiere destination for video gamers. In all my testing, I didn’t find any ghosting during gameplay and every key registered accurately.
The funny thing is that when I first heard about mechanical keyboards, I thought that there was absolutely no way that a keyboard could possibly improve typing performance. He has been a tech enthusiast for well over a decade and applies his analytic mind to both his reviews and work. Since then, we've become much more than just an online game store.Our unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed us to expand our online offerings to include toys, electronics and so much more!If you're looking to buy games, toys, gadgets, electronics or computing goods online, compare us to other online stores.
The matte finish is something that a number of people (myself included) wanted to see over the glossy finish on the older BlackWidow keyboards, and I’m extremely pleased that Razer is actively listening to their customers and making changes to their products based on consumer feedback. It’s definitely nice that Razer designs the BlackWidow series keyboards naturally at an angle though. Cluster lighting, fully programmable keys, even earphone and microphone jacks makes this the kind of keyboard a gamer will like, and a cubicle-jockey will LOVE. You'll find the absolute best UK based service and the best selection in online shopping here at GameSeek.

It’s quite comfortable even without putting the stands up, which gives the keyboard much more stability while gaming. I was impressed by that - especially as the box the kit came in was about the size of a small bungalow. This was my first transaction with GS, but by crikey, it won't be my last if I have anything to do with it. Can't think what else to say, except - I love you, GameSeek, and want to father your children!
Company were clear about not being responsible for the courier, but have chosen a good one and provided details for how to contact them if necessary.

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