Razer USA is unleashing its mechanical keyboard BlackWidow Stealth Edition in ninja fashion. Key switches are noiseless for a quieter gaming and multi key presses for the ultimate destruction are also possible. The programmable keys and macro features put the keyboard ahead in the industry and beyond the needs of gamers worldwide. There’s simply no getting around it – the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is an expensive keyboard. It’s a good looking (and good sounding), fully-featured, well-performing keyboard, but at almost R1,900 at some retailers, it takes a lot of persuading to buy this beast, even for an enthusiast. The BlackWidow Ultimate is fully programmable, has a USB port and 2 mini-jack audio sockets, and individually backlit keys with four different lighting settings (five, if you count “off” ). For the keyboard geek, more importantly, the BlackWidow uses mechanical switches – Cherry MX Blue switches to be exact.
These keys don’t need much force to actuate and make a satisfying “click” sound when depressed.
To program the keys you’ll need to download Razer Synapse 2.0, the “cloud-based configurator and manager for Razer devices” for Mac or Windows.
Making users download the software also helps ensure that they have an Internet connection before installing it. An offline mode is available, but you have to sign in at least once for Synapse to work while offline.

Even though it takes up no more space than other keyboards with numeric keypads, it weighs in at around 1.5kg. Razer opted for slightly slimmer rectangular keys on the BlackWidow instead of wider, more square keys.
Each key is individually lit with a blue LED, which will likely appeal to some, but glowing blue lettering isn’t my favourite look on a keyboard.
Another peeve is that the USB port conveniently provided on the side of the keyboard is upside down.
It’s worth pointing out that the USB port on the keyboard has its own USB plug, so the BlackWidow Ultimate takes up two USB ports to be fully operational.
The built-in headphone and microphone jacks also work well, though if your set-up is as messy as mine, you’ll need to watch out for noise caused by power cables and the like running next to your keyboard’s cables. One of the best features of the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is the ability to switch off the Windows key while in a game. Although not unique to Razer keyboards, it’ is’s such a cool feature that it bears mentioning that the BlackWidow has it too.
Even with the gamut of features on the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, it is difficult to look past the price tag.
If absolutely everything mentioned here appeals to you (blue backlighting, Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, fully programmable keys through cloud-based configuration software), then look into Razer’s line of mechanical keyboards. Otherwise, there are much cheaper mechanical keyboards for gamers from other manufacturers that are worth checking out instead.

The software isn’t in the box, but the download is only around 9MB (Mac) and 12MB (Windows). It’s completely functional (tested with a 1TB external USB 3.0 hard drive), but flash drives with indicators on them usually face the wrong way. The benefit is that the port on the keyboard appears to function as a fully-fledged USB 2.0 port. I am the proud owner of one of these keyboards – bought mine exactly a year ago (tomorrow will be a year ago haha) and paid exactly R1,161 for it.
Looking on-line the Blue lit up keys version is more expensive, than the BF3 (orange) and Green version. I was absolutely dumbstruck though to read now in your review that nowadays it retails for R1900! Selective anti-ghosting around the WASD gaming cluster on the Razer Arctosa allows more commands to be entered at any one time without the "ghosting" signal failure.?Fully-programmable Keys with Macro CapabilitiesToo many keystrokes to enter and too little keys?
Sometimes we wish we had more fingers (or maybe an additional arm for that can of soda or beer while we're in the middle of a raid.) The next best thing would be fully programmable keys with macro capabilities that enable instantaneous, multiple commands with a single keystroke. Buy armor and weapons or execute complex manoeuvres with a single key with the Razer Arctosa.

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