You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. WARNING!Club Court portables are designed for customerinstallation of solid concrete cap blocks prior touse. Basketball > Basketball Hoops > Residential Portable Basketball Hoops > First Team RAMPAGE NITRO Portable Adjustable Basketball HoopFirst Team RAMPAGE NITRO Portable Adjustable Basketball HoopPROMO! Questions & AnswersBy David Paul from Leesburg, VA on July 4, 2013 Can you send some dimensions on this product?

Failure to install the specified ballast couldresult in serious player injury and invalidation ofall warranties.
FREE $50 Rebate Gift Certificate with purchase!Item #: 5-RAMPAGENITRO$2,574.00This Item Ships FREE!
While specified blocks are availableat most lumber or home centers for a nominalcost, we can ship ballast package BA833BLSTfor an additional cost - call for quote.
It comes with black wooden shelves, silver metal frame stands and 4 casters for easy mobility!

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