For a visually two-toned instrument, the piano can be a very colourful and complex instrument. I present to you, the Ultimate Guide to Playing Piano, overflowing with valuable resources for playing piano. Music for Memory, a non-profit organization giving free iPods to seniors with Alzheimers, demonstrates the power of music in this video. Accidentals explained; what are sharps, flats, and naturals– and why should you care anyways? Everyone learns to read the piano keys differently; I share an easy trick for reading keys that not a lot of people use.
The complete guide to intervals: what they are, what you need to know about them, and a list of the intervals from tonic to leading note. An extensive database of examples illustrating music theory concepts visually and aurally, through existing pieces. These videos teach you the fundamentals of piano with a small section dedicated to playing jazz. Learn specific pieces by watching the colours (which represent each note played) on the keyboard graphic in the videos.
In this series of piano lesson videos, Joe Raciti teaches by individual chords and narrates throughout the process. Same concept as the above piano tutorials, except you see the actual note names (and in some videos, the notes on the staff) above the keyboard animation on the bottom of the screen.
You can set your own speed, see the note names run as you play them, set letter names on the keys, and even transpose the piece so you can learn it in a different key if you want. No-nonsense, straight forward piano keys flashing colours while the music is playing to show you which notes to play. A thorough article on solving common pianist problems and a few suggestions for warming up cold hands.
A list of great ideas from Jenny Boster to help you make the most out of your practicing time. Albert Frantz discusses piano exercises for finger dexterity and technique, emphasizing that technique and musicality is insperable.
This article, by Alan Belkin, touches on technicality, musicality, and performing (briefly). Practice makes perfect– Erika Snipes shares two mantras that got her addicted to practicing. Create rhythm practice segments based on the time signature and level you pick, great because you get a new rhythm practice every time.
Fergus Black shares tips from The Science and Psychology of Music Performance (Lehmann and Victoria McArthur, Oxford UP 2002) and gives solutions to some common sight reading problems.
Paul Richardson gets to the root of the sight reading problem and offers solutions for each of the five common problems for sight reading.
You have a visual, aural and tactile memory for piano music; Albert Franz breaks up the memorization process and briefly explains each of them.
A quick and friendly post by Bonnie Jack on the four main types of memorization you should be using for anything to be completely solid in your memory. Brandy Kraemer explains the Dos and Don’ts for conditioning your hands to maintain your ability as a pianist.
You are what you eat (and drink)– prepare for your performance in more ways than one, away from the piano.
Five of University of Chicago psychologist Sian Beilock’s best tips on performing under pressure or stress. While Edward Weiss wrote these tips for New Age pianists and musicians, they apply to any type of improvisation.
Create your own ear training exercise (or use the default) for identifying scales, intervals, or chords; you can save and share it with an automatically generated URL.
A great set of instructions on how to maintain and repair your piano, complete with step-by-step photos. Alright, tuning your own piano isn’t a must-know for most pianists, but you can definitely read up on tuning pianos.
From business tools to legal resources, composing help and more, we’ve got you covered here. Classic piano lesson myths busted by Howard Richman, a pianist and music teacher– the truth might surprise you in a few cases.
Great tips to ensure that piano lessons go as smoothly as possible with a given teacher and possible questions you should ask prospective teachers. Grace authors a lifestyle blog about music, travel, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. Of all the creatures dwelling on coral reefs, none are more active or obvious than the fishes. This piece of information simplifies my experience in promoting my electronic music effects. Music is a vital part of culture and society; being a way for people to express themselves and entertain others. I always find it relieving and comforting to listen to Hare Krishna Music, especially whenever I feel stressed and full of negative vibes.
The voice of the woman singing felt so natural, as if she’s trying to communicate by heart. Some believe that men and women who seek cosmetic surgery are inherently unhappy with themselves, while others understand that many people just want to look the absolute best they can.
Beyond the reality that can be experienced by the physical senses is a spiritual world that can be known only through the human soul and psyche. Throughout history, wise women and men have recognized that sometimes the patterns, traits and symbols of the natural world have a correlation with aspects of the spiritual world.
Modesty in outfit is much more than just a spiritual concern; it is a healthy and balanced choice in a lot of other ways too. Most condos have some kind of pet rules, limiting both the size, number and species of your pets. Gift money is usually money that you are not expecting so when you receive it, it can really come in handy. For the competition we decided to repeat the dance in “Dirty Dancing” at the end of the movie. The Vision SplendidThe stars of the silver screen will descend on Winton in Outback Queensland this week as it prepares for its opening night of The Vision Splendid on 26 June and Queensland premier of the film “Last Cab to Darwin”.
Spend 48 hours exploring UluruAustralian actor Nicole Kidman recently visited the World Heritage listed site of Uluru to photograph the cover of Vogue Australia’s September issue.
Cirque du SoleilCirque du Soleil is returning to Australia with Quidam, one of the company’s most loved, classic shows.
I want to work with who I have available and most of the people I have available don’t necessarily have a lot of creative experience but have a heart to learn anything new to make things sound as good as they can. Enjoy your blog and enjoy even more getting connected with other worship leaders to exchange these kind of ideas.
A little late to the party here, but as a keyboard driven worship leader (for most of my career) I have some thoughts as well. And regardless of what some of the previous posts have said, you can’t teach anything at all without some form of emulation in the early stages. Teach them simple worship progressions… I IV I IV (etc) and have them just play those over and over learning how to use the best inversions as you teach them chords.
Children on the other hand I typically take through 6 weeks of reading exercises to determine their potential and to decided whether to carry on or not. I did some experimenting in teaching group piano classes for adult beginner church musicians.
Ryan is a follower of Christ, husband, father of three, and Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
All people notice that some things cause other things to be (to begin to be, to continue to be, or both). Question 2: Why not have an endless series of caused causes stretching backward into the past? Reply: First, if the Kalam argument is right, there could not exist an endless series of causes stretching backward into the past. Even as you read this, you are dependent on other things; you could not, right now, exist without them.
If there is no one who has the gift, the gift cannot be passed down the chain of receivers, however long or short the chain may be.
The argument does not depend on a temporal or infinite universe, so why discuss the topic here? An actually infinite past is impossible because we cannot traverse an infinite series of events. Beyond the philosophical arguments against an actually infinite past (linked to above), you're right to suggest that mainstream Big Bang cosmology also contradicts an actually infinite past.
But Brandon, there was no time at which matter and energy were not even even if the temporal series of events extending into the past is finite. Also, to suppose like Craig does, that one can disprove the existence of an actual infinite by deriving a contradiction, is absurd because a reductio of the assumption of infinity would make infinity, not just actually impossible, but also logically impossible as well.
Further, if a past beginningless series of events is impossible, then so is a future endless series of events.
The second paragraph of Logike's reply has covered what I would have said had I woken up earlier. Accidentally-ordered chains are perfectly able to regress without limit, as Aquinas pointed out. And what evidence is there that the persistence of matter is an essentially-ordered, rather than an accidentally-ordered, chain?
Aside from being unsatisfying (although satisfaction is often external to logic), that's not sufficiently reasonable in and of itself. Can you cite one argument or response to a post which has been proposed by quantum fields and not by a discrete thing? The reason I do not make any such concessions is that all of my knowledge is necessarily based on my immediate experience of the properties of individual entities, including force fields such as light and gravity. I am also curious to hear Michael's response as to why he continually visits this site and posts on nearly every article even though he proposes that to much of the same old material is being used. I think we are all aware that if we do not enjoy participating in forums like this, we are under no obligation to do so.
The potential payoff in asking "Why post here?" is probably greater if each commenter asks it of himself or herself rather than asking it of other commenters. Also, I want to clearly state there is no "veiled" suggestion in my comment that Michael should leave.
I do not pretend to speak for Michael, but if he is saying Strange Notions is overdoing the arguments that there must be an "uncaused cause" (who is God), then I agree with him.

Let me add that I think it would be very difficult to come up with consistently greats posts, since often what is needed is a sustained argument, and nobody is going to read book-length posts on a site like this.
With some notable exceptions, it's the comments, not the articles, that make the site worthwhile.
This site started out widely advertised as a place for dialogue between atheists and theists. There is a great difference between an apologist article written to lift the spirits of fellow theists and an article written to provoke thought amongst atheists. I wonder if Sean Carroll has ever been approached to write an atheist article for Strange Notions ?
In any case the answer to your question is that even though I criticise the selection of articles (a) I enjoy the comments -- there are some very clever people here, (b) I naively think there might be a few lurkers I can reach with my comments (c) I think someone should try to represent the atheist, materialist, whatever it is I am on "side".
There where some very smart an articulate people amongst them and this site is greatly diminished by their banning.
Andre B, Andrew G, Argon, Articulett, Ben Posin, BenS, Danny Getchell, Epeeist, felixcox, Geena Safire, Gwen, Ignorant Amos, Jonathan West, josh, MichaelNewsham, Mike A, Noah Luck, M. I find it interesting you call some comments directed to you as "childish" especially when you mention how this site is greatly diminished by those who were banned. You might usefully compare the approach to moderation and banning on that blog to this one. Feser argues that quantum physicists leave out causality in their mathematicization of the quantum world and so do not capture its full reality in a similar way that a black and white illustrator leaves color out of his product (Scholastic Metaphysics pp.
Just adding the word "forever" to an imagined hypothetical doesn't make it metaphysically possible. OK, the title of this blog is purposely a bit provocative, but do I really mean New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time? Mike Jones is an executive coach specialising in developing Emotional Intelligence through transitional and performance coaching. Citing various studies, Tara Gaertner explains how music students are less stressed out, have boosted immune systems, and more.
Each video focuses on an individual skill, so that you can pick which skills you want to learn. Each book targets specific techniques, and uses different keys and meters so you can learn progressively. The range of categories is so wide that you can learn anything from r&b to folk and Classical. For 15 years, David Hahn endured the consequences (and a great deal of pain) from not warming up. Michael Furstner explains the action and how you can use your hand correctly, complete with photos and diagrams. They’re not intended for performing piano specifically, but they definitely apply to performing piano.
Age 14 at the time, she talks about her creative process using flow (what is flow?) and improvises an entire piece based on five cards chosen by an audience member.
The exercises are highly customizable to suit your level– you can even choose the instrument that plays your exercise.
The exercises range in type and difficulty; you can choose different levels within each exercise. In this article, Thomas Mark writes about movement retraining, and how it can help you prevent permanent injury.
Perhaps more than any other single component of the reef communities, fishes provide the best opportunity to observe essential features of reef ecology. The Modern kinds of the electronic music are mainly an expression of varying subjectivities linking to our daily dealings with digital technology. I think this would be a perfect song if you are in the middle of a busy life, filled with a lot of things going on.
Just as the physical world cycles its energy, from the decay of a fallen leaf to the renewal of a new sprig of green, so the energy of the spiritual world grows and retracts around us. Whether from a careful study of the night sky, by a thoughtful contemplation of dreams or by a seemingly random order of a play of cards, those attuned to the spiritual realm of human existence have learned how to interpret natural phenomenon in order to gain wisdom and insight. The way in which one selects to dress could be a distraction within the working location as well as in the institution. Some condos have size and breed restrictions that can interfere with someone’s ownership of their dog. For instance, a condo may only allow dogs under 25 or 35 pounds and limit the number to 1 per person. But the best part is the joyful bonding with your baby that occurs during the act of breastfeeding.
However, sticks in general are larger, longer canes, and they are used for hiking, and walking or speed walking.
Its leading man Michael Caton will be joined by Festival Patron, Roy Billing, Mark Coles Smith and Underbelly and Househusbands star, Gyton Grantley. The Quidam arena tour will commence in Canberra on 11 December 2015 and will then travel on to Wollongong, Hobart and Newcastle with limited seasons in each city.
Stores are filled with gifts waiting to be purchased, and everyone feels a sense of giving.  But the first gift that most of us give is the Christmas tree we give to ourselves. I’m sitting next to our worship director teaching one of our youth guitar players music theory. My band we do a lot of original songs and when we do other people’s songs we usually remix them into our style. But there are some exercises we do in our band practice to foster this and also I do as a test in auditions. As one formulates worship teams he could place chord playing piano players with strong lead guitarists, or conversely, select piano driven music with a piano player who reads and leads well. Anything taught correctly utilizes imitation and emulation, while developing independent thought and creativity. Often times, I’ll have adult students who want to write simple worship songs and be able to worship at the house or in small groups.
Not every song is guitar driven, and as you say, if the piano is alone and chording, you have Wade Mobley leading worship from the keys- not so good.
Why could there not simply be an endless series of things mutually keeping each other in being?
Things have got to exist in order to be mutually dependent; they cannot depend upon each other for their entire being, for then they would have to be, simultaneously, cause and effect of each other. Then everything would be made actual and would actually be—even though their causes might no longer exist. In our world there are surely more than seven things that need, right now, to be given being. Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and a noted Catholic apologist and philosopher. The assignment of causation for many things we deal with on a daily basis does seem pretty arbitrary at one level or another and of course, Feynmann diagrams do seem to provide pretty good models while ignoring causality entirely. They consider all possibilities, measuring their likelihood and coherence without dismissing any evidence, and then they settle on the most likely explanation. And since, there was no "coming to be" of matter and energy," there was no need for a cause.
But if infinity is logically impossible, then infinity is also mathematically impossible since mathematical and physical possibility are subsets of logical possibility (not the other way around).
Captain Hook doesn't have to move at the speed of light "to exist" or even "to know that the speed of light exists," but in order for Captain Hook to exist now, if an infinite past exists, an infinite past must have "traversed" him, but if it is truly an infinite past, than it is also logically impossible for this past to have traversed him because that infinite set does not have a limit, and thus can never become "now". The reason a finite creature cannot traverse all temporal points is that it would die before doing so. It is the essentially-ordered chain that must have a first cause and hence cannot regress without limit. What is its length, mass, duration, candlepower, current, temperature, or moles of substance? It's no more helpful than saying, for example, that [1] matter just is (eternal) because God made it that way.
Additionally, even in this model, God still could have made those laws to be the way that they are: eternal. If these posts and responses are essentially due to quantum fields, in what sense can they be considered to express incompatible views? In my judgment every argument would be equally justified as phenomena arising from quantum fields. Through instrumentation I know of the existence of non-visible electromagnetic force fields. It seems to me that raising questions about why others post is a veiled suggestion that they should go away. However, Michael stated he is growing tired of the articles that he claims are beating a dead horse which shows to me he no longer enjoys the content. While I don't agree with many of his points he is clearly intelligent and makes good points for discussion.
This particular post is "deja vu all over again." Anyone who comes to this site for the posts would probably be better off devoting that time to reading a few good books. I think an occasional "book club" selection might be worthwhile, with ample time given in advance for those who want to fully participate to read the book.
Solange O'Brien, Paul Boillot, picklefactory, Ray Vorkin, Renard Wolfe, Rob Tisinai, stanz2reason, Stjepan Marusic, Susan, Zen Druid. Bannings are few and far between and reasons for them can all be seen in the special Moderation Actions thread. I think articles with more depth and content would go a long way (especially pieces that are 5-20 pages in length, especially when it comes to the finer and more minute points. If we ever observed such a hypothetical world--as we do ours--then the world could not have been eternally in existence for the same reasons given above.
We have scoured YouTube to find the 10 best canines tickling the ivories — we think you'll just love our selection.
Link us in the comments below to any other musical animals you've seen online that make you smile. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. At the very least it’s better to phrase things in a positive way, such as become healthier in all that I do, choose to eat better food or do more exercise each day.
Kraemer explains what to look for in an electric keyboard, like touch sensitivity (which is often omitted even nowadays).
Just in case you are wondering, yes, fishes is the plural of fish (I get this question a lot!), used when you are referring to a group of different species. It is definitely worth watching, as well, especially if you are a true devotee of Hare Krishna.

Cosmetic surgery is a medical field that includes a variety of different procedures all meant to make a person look and feel better about themselves. Dress codes, which usually require more modest clothing, are getting to be more famous with like educators, employees and others just about everywhere, particularly in the private-sector which always is easily required, to facilitate much less focus on style and more concentrate on learning .
Making the decision to breastfeed is a matter of personal choice, but today more mothers are choosing to breastfeed their babies. If there was enough money left over that I did not have any plans for I would put it in the bank and let it draw interest over time. Last year I found out that there was a local dance competition on New Years Eve day and I couldn’t have been more excited. Opening night will include the official opening party at the Famous North Gregory Hotel and Breakfast with the Stars the following morning. Since premiering under the Big Top in Montreal in 1996, Quidam has captivated millions of people across five continents. Christmas trees have a special place not only in our homes, but at work, the gym and just about everywhere we visit.
This is usually a problem for players who have never played in an original band where they are in some creative environment. But if we can show them a few songs that they can go home and worship with or even wow their friends with they’ll come back for more. If everyone has to borrow a certain book, but no one actually has it, then no one will ever get it. The argument is not concerned about the past, and would work whether the past is finite or infinite.
Even bracketing the philosophical reasons against an infinite past, modern Big Bang cosmology provides remarkably strong, empirical proof against it. So, something is seriously wrong with Craig's argument here, because the impossibility of mathematical infinity is not a result mathematicians will readily accept. One can say that matter just is or that God made matter to be just is, but there is no sufficient reason to one over the accept either.
I think you or someone sharing your views should write a post on the concept and purpose of argumentation. No one can deny the existence of discrete entities based on instrumentally obtained knowledge of force fields. People post in forums like this primarily because they enjoy it, with the possible exception of those who feel called upon to proselytize (either for or against religious belief), and probably even their primary motive is enjoyment. I come to the site because I find the articles very enlightening and most of the time I find the discussion to be fruitful. I could pull quite a few examples in here as it seems they like to copy paste and scrutinize people's comments on their blog.
Maybe there'd be some publishing litigation to go through, but I think it would help to cultivate a more academic dialogue. If we cannot observe such a universe, then it's not analogous to our universe in the relevant way.
A very popular instrument around the world is the guitar, which can be either electric or acoustic. The images and artistic photos defined the mantra very delicately, and anyone will surely be able to appreciate the Krishna’s teachings even more. There are no secrets; indeed, most of these people already know the facts they just are not aware of them. The audience for the Take 40 Australia at the Splendour in the Grass Festival in 2011 also had quite an elaboratively positive reception of the Bon Iver-styled ballad – a concert in which cars were cranking, signifying that they wanted Kimbra to be on stage, too. Are you in possession of a flat stomach and slender, or rather of a fat belly, with clothing you can easily do something about it. Females that are looking forward to become highly regarded as well as valued tend to be put on moderate clothes.
However, it also is a good idea to see what the amenities of the condo are in regards to your dog. Canes are shorter sticks, used mostly for assistance in walking, or as a dressing accessory, and usually canes will have some type of decorative walking sticks. Other activities at this year’s festival include Prop Making Workshops, Masterclass Luncheon with Roy Billing on The Business of Acting, and Story Time with Rick Carlsson Chauvel.
The international cast features 46 acrobats, musicians, singers and actors who present a showcase of spectacular aerial feats, astonishing human agility, and heart-warming emotion. They are the spirit of the holiday and we all express that spirit using our own unique style and creativity. All they’ve done is read music or played by ear and tried to emulate what someone else has done.
I say it’s all about developing what little or great potential within and really buckling down with the individual to find which avenue is the best bet for them. If there is no God who has existence by his own eternal nature, then the gift of existence cannot be passed down the chain of creatures and we can never get it. Now suppose that all seven of them depend for their existence right now on still other things. As we imagine more and more of them—even an infinite number, if that were possible—we are simply expanding the set of beings that stand in need.
As as soon as the creature accelerated up to speeds close to that of light, the creature would turn to pure energy and its body dissolving--thus again, dying before it accomplished its task. Sure, the inclusion of God adds a variable to the brute fact, but this is no more satisfying to the atheist than the exclusion is to the theist because the reason to accept either of these is not "verifiable" (under this model of a brute state).
Now, contingent beings are beings which either at one time were not or might not have been. Absent these concessions, if what fundamentally exists is a collection of quantum fields: What is an argument?
That would be a self-contradiction, because the validity of instrumentally obtained knowledge depends upon the validity of immediate experience. That said, it does seem like there can be a lot of passive aggressive fighting at times that results from a lack of depth, and it can be really off-putting.
By putting on moderate clothes lady tend to be given pride as well as regard and they are more appealing towards the males within their living. It would also be nice to donate it to a charity if no other plans were needed for the money. Christmas trees are statements of giving and receiving and are gifts of individual flair and fashion. I understand that this doesn’t mean someone can just sit down and play a song percussively, so as to lead it in a worship service setting.
Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. For remember, on the no-God hypothesis, all things need a present cause outside of themselves in order to exist. So there must be something uncaused, something on which all things that need an efficient cause of being are dependent. The argument is trying to show why a world of caused causes can be given—or can be there—at all. In [1], if our finite-ness is dependent upon the infinite set already existing, it seems more to be a logical impossibility rather than a limitation. So, another way of saying the same thing would be that the essentially ordered series of things are necessary vis-a-vis their existence (because matter is necessary), and contingent vis-a-vis their form (length, duration, current, temperature, or moles of substance). Against, all the possible variations of brute facts, one cannot choose one to be greater than the other, and under essential chains, it does not to fit the rational and empirical model that matter and energy "are in" or even "came to be" in existence in and of themselves. It's not a necessary relationship, but epistemology, it seems to be a more accurate and reliable starting point in that we have induced and reaped the benefits of this acceptance in science, history, and language, to name a few fields.
This string instrument is used in almost every popular song, and is largely associated with rock music. So right now, all things, including all those things which are causing things to be, need a cause. Therefore there must exist a God: an Uncaused Being who does not have to receive existence like us—and like every other link in the chain of receivers. But notice: Given so many drunks, and given the steady ground beneath them, we can understand how their stumblings might cancel each other out, and how the group of them could remain (relatively) upright.
And it simply points out: If this thing can exist only because something else is giving it existence, then there must exist something whose being is not a gift.
If the second, how could the "present" logically exist, if the past is truly infinite (and not infinitesimally since there can be a limit of an infinite set, but an actual infinite set)? Sure, there may be forces and laws and fields that make for a conducive environment for matter and energy to exist, but even these only push the question back one step further. Also he still has a problem with what he perceives as unfair banning of former members and it also sounds like he grew tired of the content a while ago so the question seems fair.
The third is a fair point although only to my complaint about a lack of atheist articles not to my complaint about a lack of theist articles that will make an atheist think. I think it would be interesting to see Sean Carroll in dialogue with Father Barron (although I have no idea where Carroll relationship to Catholicism would have any heavy credence), but it might be best to stick with what's already out there academically, because dialogues like that, when good, take a long time to respond to back and forth (and not in snippets). Many people buy guitars because knowledge of the instrument forms a basis to learn to play the base guitar a lot faster than usual. Small lights, big lights, blinking lights colored and white lights all add a design element to the tree and it lives with that energy.
We could not understand their remaining upright if the ground did not support them—if, for example, they were all suspended several feet above it.
Otherwise everything would need at the same time to be given being, but nothing (in addition to "everything") could exist to give it.
If there is nothing besides that universe of changing, dependent things, then the universe—and you as part of it—could not be. Everything that exists, therefore, on this hypothesis, stands in need of being caused to exist.
For everything that is would right now need to be given being but there would be nothing capable of giving it.
That matter never suddenly materializes is an empirically well-supported inductive generalization from our experience, and there is no evidence to the contrary.
Each tree tells a tale of the changes and the growth experienced that year and the gifts under the tree dress it in the awareness of unity.
So there must in that case exist something besides the universe of dependent things—something not dependent as they are.

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