Have you always wanted to read piano music, but don’t want to go through dozens of DVDs, or  learn from a boring book ? Maybe you’ve had lessons from piano teachers or attempted to learn piano online but still don’t know how to read piano songs.
That the majority of individuals who play piano simply memorize music and never actually read music? If you’re still piano illiterate, we can change all of that in a very short amount of time.
This effective and easy method of teaching piano at home was developed more than 8 decades ago by C.W. There have been thousands of teachers across the world who have utilized this method for a quick and an effective way at providing piano classes for kids and adults. Your home piano lessons are taught to you by college professor Merrilee Webb, and you’ll get the benefit of learning in a group setting from the comfort of your own home.
Successful students love Merrilee’s energetic and funny teaching methods; you’re guaranteed to never be bored while you’re learning piano. Don’t wait another day to get your amazing and easy piano lessons from Reading Keyboard Music and Merrilee Webb.
Search over 300,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly to print or play in our free apps. At first, I made some flashcards, one for each note, displayed on sheet music, with the name of the note on the back.
Instead, I want to be able to look at a note and be able to immediately picture exactly where the key is.

Download it, open it up, and select Use Piano Keys, All Notes, and Full Keyboard Range, then click the play button. If you are a total beginner, you should read this whole page to get a hold on the other concepts like sharps and flats and lengths of notes. UPDATE: I use a different program called Note Attack where I can plug in my keyboard via USB and practice that way.
I've been really into the piano lately, and I've been more interested in Beethoven's works, mostly Moonlight Sonata movement one.
I will be studying sheet music more in depth once I'm done with these beginner lessons(today most likely).
You will learn to correctly read any piano music that is put in front of you, even if you’ve never seen it before.
The program will teach students to read piano music and play the piano…and it’s easy being that its in your own home with group lessons our entertaining and fun teacher provides.
I've always known the placement of the notes on the lines and spaces is EGBDF and FACE on the treble clef and GBDFA and ACEG on the base clef, but knowing that has never helped me read sheet music quickly.
I went through these a few times and in a couple of hours I could pull the note name from my head within a second or two. About thirty seconds in you're supposed to play the right triplet along with the middle key (don't ask me I am TERRIBLE at the names of notes etc.). When playing pieces, how do I know what it the most proper, best, or just correct way to finger notes?
It was created specifically to make it easier to learn to play the piano and read piano music.

But then I realized that even if I got super fast at knowing the note name in my head, I would still have to do another translation from note name to which key on the piano.
When you reach level 12, just keep doing it over and over until you are so fast at recognizing which note is which key that you can't even believe it. Since I'm not really good at fingering, could you give me some advice or at least a picture of what your right hand should look like? You only show the major scale fingeringQ2: Is the ledger line above bass clef midddle C same as D, E, F,G on the treble staff. So I'd be looking at a note, translating it into a note name, and then looking down at my piano, translating the note name into which key I needed. So to practice doing this, I wanted to find some (free) software that would basically show me a note on some sheet music and tell me to press the right key on a virtual keyboard. It takes me far too long to learn just one song, when I could spend the time up front and learn to read sheet music, and afterwards be able to play many more songs much faster. That is like translating English into Japanese and then Spanish instead of straight to Spanish.

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