It is a great activity center on the market coming with several features that keep the baby comfortable and entertained at all times.The Fisher Price Step and Play Piano baby center comes with a spinning seat that moves 360 degrees giving the baby plenty activities.
When the seat slides, it allows the baby to walk forward and backward playing a crucial role in the walking of the baby.The Fisher baby center comes with plenty of activities. Each single step made by the baby is usually accompanied by good music and lights that keep the baby entertained.
This makes the center a joy to have with plenty of activities placed all-around the baby center.

Each movement the seat makes as it rotates brings the baby closer to different activities.There are plenty of toys to help entertain the baby and aid in developing their skills. The walk along feature is one of the best things in the baby center allowing your baby to move along with the baby center.The baby is capable of walking front and back across the piano at the center.
AttentionMost people have problems with the height of the seat, but it can easily be adjusted. The seat can be used for all your siblings with ease by adjusting the height of the baby to suit all the babies.

The assembly of the center is quite easy, but you will have to read all the instructions on the manual just to ensure nothing is missed. It is advisable to place the center at some place in the middle of the house with enough space for the baby to move around freely. Final VerdictWell, if in the market for the perfect baby center, the Fisher Price Step and Play Piano can be a good choice with the numerous features it comes with.

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