Established in 1986, Richard Behrend’s music shop has been supplying Liverpool and the surrounding area with instruments, accessories and music for more than 25 years. Initially specialising in brass instruments and accessories, we soon expanded our range to include all orchestral instruments from the brass, woodwind and string families and the various accessories and latest gizmos to go with them all. Just one of the many exciting Sheet Music products from our immense range of Sheet Music, Songbooks and Music Gifts for all Musicians, Teachers, Bands, Choirs, and Schools. Kip McGrath Education Centre offers tuition for students studying a wide range of primary and secondary school subjects throughout the Gold Coast. From Kindergarten to Year 12, the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Palm Beach specialises in all levels and ages of education. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help your child to succeed in their studies on (07) 5598 3893.
Kip McGrath Education Centre provides tutoring by professional teachers for a range of subjects from Pre-prep to Year 12. Based on the Gold Coast, our team of specialist teachers strive to ensure that your child feels confident, interested and motivated in their studies, allowing them to improve and succeed.
From Maths and English tutoring to Piano and Music tuition, our specialised team of professionals are fully qualified to ensure that your childa€™s individual needs are met and supported.

Kip McGrath Education Centres have been providing quality tutoring services since 1980, so you can rest assured knowing your childa€™s education is in experienced and knowledgeable hands.
Whether your child requires help with essay writing, study skills, or a particular subject, Kip McGrath Education Centre is here to help.
Contact Kip McGrath Education Centre Palm Beach today to find out more about our tutoring services, and how we can support your child in their academic success. Company directors Margaret and Ross each hold several degrees in Education as well as their relevant areas of specialisation, ensuring that all tutoring services are delivered at the highest of standards. As experienced teachers and tutors, they promote an enjoyable learning environment with individually tailored learning programs. Providing tutoring services to students from Kindergarten to year 12 across a wide range of primary and secondary school subjects, Kip McGrath Education Centre Palm Beach is fully equipped to support your child throughout their studies.
Call and speak to one of our friendly staff today at Kip McGrath Education Centre Palm Beach to discuss how we can help and your child today.
Get in touch with us today on (07) 5598 3893 to discuss our specialised tutoring services further.
For children and adults who are just starting lessons on an instrument, we offer a rental scheme for six months to try the instrument out in case it is not the one for you.

From tutors for very young beginners to Beethoven Sonatas, if the music is not in stock it can be ordered for you and posted if you can’t come to the shop. Brass instruments are sent to our brass repairer whilst woodwind and string instrument repairs are carried out in our workshop on-site. We are happy to serve you outside the usual shop hours if you are unable to come during normal opening times. Bb Soprano Gold-Lacquered Body And Keys with a high F# key, titling G# key and Bb table keys. From stuck mouthpieces, to flutes which have been sat on, most things are fixable with the correct knowledge and expertise.

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