The Functional Piano Technique does not break any new ground - it teaches the student to find that seemingly elusive ground that many great performers have walked on.
For more than 14 years Tim Lukas performed at various conservatories and music schools in Germany. The goals of Functional Piano Training are to establish a reliable relationship with sound, aligning the player in an optimal way with his or her instrument. Tim works with beginning, intermediate and advanced piano players and is always glad to meet new students.
When learning how to play piano, it is common sense that the more we understand the composer, the style, and the intent of a piece the more we can do with it.
Functional Piano Training brings, like all great piano methods, an awareness of all performance-related issues to the forefront and leads the diligent practitioner to the mastery and control of the instrument.
Having experienced the difference between struggling and complete effortlessness at the piano, Tim started teaching in Berlin when he was a student to finance his frequent flights to see his girlfriend. Blink High End is located at 129 Franklin Street in Cambridge, MA, 02139 in the historic "Kennedy Biscuit Lofts" building. For visits over 30 minutes please follow the directions above to get to us; when you arrive we will give you access to free on street visitor parking. Company InfoCheshire Pianos - specialists in removals and storage, repair and restoration, tuning, and piano sales.
Rather than providing a prefabricated experience like a movie, the artist shapes and creates a unique moment each time he or she sits down to play.
At the age of 15, he was invited to play the works of Beethoven and Schubert at the Frankfurt University of the Arts.

The focus is on building the best possible interaction with the instrument, allowing the player to musically and emotionally excite the audience and communicate with the greatest possible ease.
What is not as widely known is that no matter what your intent is, not much can be accomplished without a thorough understanding of anatomy (including an acute awareness of your arm and finger weight), the approaches of various techniques and both an intellectual and intuitive understanding of how the mind works.
He misses it dearly and plans to get back to it as soon as he gets bored with music production or finds a way to skip sleep. Leaving Berlin, he realized that one of the hardest things to leave behind were his students. We are between MIT and Central Square, very close to the Middle East and TT the Bear’s nightclubs. The studio is quite easy to find but please call if you get lost (617-225-0044) or email in advance if it is still unclear where we are. To get to the courtyard, drive down Sidney Street and take the third right onto a little side street (it sneaks up on you after the park, between two large brick buildings). Or, if you prefer a garage, follow the direction above down Sidney Street, and when you take that right onto the side street you will see a large parking garage on the left (before Brookline Place). Nunc bibendum, lorem ut ornare scelerisque, augue risus eleifend dui, at fringilla libero eros sit amet ex. Being the director and actor simultaneously of a musical story requires the clarity of vision and the skills to translate the musical idea into reality. Despite his success with the audience, one question gripped him: Is it possible to experience the thrill of performance without the "necessary" side effects of tension, nervousness and physical discomfort and strain?
This zero-gravity, low-pressure approach to performance allows for those magical moments when the listener feels touched and moved by a performance.

It wasn’t until then that he realized that he felt passionate about sharing his experiences at the piano with people who were truly interested in music and the piano in particular. Take an immediate right onto Brookline Place and drive to the end a€“ straight ahead and you’ll see a large brick historic-looking building.
Nullam auctor, velit a rutrum feugiat, orci odio ultricies justo, vitae accumsan erat ex nec urna. A graduate of Germany’s prestigious Tonmeister program in audio engineering, he was invited to Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Fulbright Scholar, graduated with a triple major in Music Production, Piano Performance, and Composition and freelanced in world-class recording facilities before starting Blink Music.
Although he can be a great motivator, Tim prefers to work with students who already know why they want to play the piano.
The Functional Piano Training method lets you master this rewarding instrument with confidence and joy.
The answer became clear as he witnessed performers like Rubinstein, Richter, Horowitz and Pollini, all displaying a sense of ease, control of the instrument and very apparent complete lack of muscular strain.
This freedom from "pushing" the keys is one of the key principles of the Functional Piano Technique that enables the unhindered expression of the musical idea or impulse.
As with all things in life, a greater sense of freedom and pleasure leads to faster learning.

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