Today I am posting some handy key signature cards that can be used both as flash cards and playing card games. If you print on both sides, I suggest you test out one page first using plain paper and an economy setting. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers. For my beginning students I select 2 notes, usually middle C and G, and 10 questions, at the slowest speed. I just wanted to mention that there is a way to stop a race in the middle if you find that you used the wrong settings, or have made the drill to difficult or too easy for a student. Flash Note Derby was designed by a music teacher and I think that is why I find it so successful in my studio. These rhythm cards are a wonderful aid in teaching children note values, A set of rhythm flashcards are a must-have in any music teacher's toolbox and Beat printable arabic to english flash cards.

Grab attention of audiences with this article on Children music notes flash cards, 30 printable blank flash cards.
Get the Musical Notes Flash Cards 3.5 Windows app (???,95386 Studies have suggested that children who learn musical instruments tend to excel in.
Hearts and Clubs – Keyboard Flash Cards (use these instead of note flash cards with the Hearts and Clubs Notes board game. If you want to keep up with other Valentine’s Day material I may post, you can subscribe to this Word Press blog at the top. Obviously, the answers could not be on the back of the cards, so I drew a colorful piano graphic.
After using it for quite a while now, I have decided this is the perfect iPhone or iPad game for piano teachers because it is easy to set up and play and my students love it. Beginners always win a game this easy and this give them the confidence to want to play more.
Once the race has started, tap the screen on either side of the actual flashcard, but not on the flashcard itself. The developer emailed me recently with news of an update that features a dozen instructional video lessons about the grand staff, as well as a way for teachers to create custom drills for their students and send them to students by email.

These rhythm cards are a wonderful aid in teaching children note values, A set of rhythm flashcards are a must-have in any music teacher's toolbox and Beat blank alphabet for flash cards.
If you use an ink jet printer  and want students to handle these cards, you should put some sort of clear coating on the cards, either by laminating,  spraying, or a clear self-adhesive book cover material. If you print on both sides, use the colorful side to cut out the cards, cutting on the thin yellow line in the middle. I add more notes gradually over a period of weeks, often corresponding to the notes they are learning in their method book. I also would like a way to start over if I make a mistake when I first select the settings. That way the back of your cards will have an even border.  This was a big project for me, requiring a lot of drawing and placing by hand.

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