Suzanne is available for solo and chamber music coaching to professionals and students on an as-needed basis. Complete courses of music instruction which suit general classroom teachers wanting to teach music in their elementary school music or primary school music classes. Ideas for using Boomwhacker® pitched percussion tubes in the Music Classroom – including Animated warmup tunes, performance pieces, composition activities and games. Lots of fun ideas for using percussion instruments in the classroom, including Rhythm Grooves, simple scores to read and arrangements. Want to do something different… and you don’t have a lot of money for instruments? A fun program that anyone can use if they have a class of varying ability levels in a keyboard laboratory.
A fun program designed to get kids to use their voices – an easy introduction to beatboxing for anyone!

Over 200 Worksheets designed to make music learning more effective and enjoyable for young children. If you have experienced abuse or harassment in connection with either an ad on STClassifieds or an email received from a STClassifieds user, please forward the details and sender's email account provider (eg: Hotmail, Yahoo!) to us.
Never provide financial account numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information through an unknown email. Never click on a link found in an unfamiliar email if you are unsure of its origins, especially if the email asks you for personal financial information. If you suspect anyone or any ad of attempted fraud, or spot activities by community members that go against our policies, report the issue to STClassifieds immediately. As a full-time piano teacher with 28 years of experience, Suzanne now teaches at her home studio in Upper Arlington as well as at Otterbein University in Westerville.  She was honored by being chosen the 2011-12 Independent Teacher of the Year by the Central East District of OhioMTA.
She teaches a well-rounded traditional curriculum, carefully individualized for the needs of each student.  While sharing her passion for music, students benefit from her inspiration and attention to detail.

Includes printable printslides – large enough for the whole class to see, plus workbooks where appropriate and powerpoint scores for displaying on a whiteboard. A spoof email will usually lead you to a website and attempt to collect your personal information for committing identity theft or other crimes. Her pedagogical lineage and continuing musical education through conferences and festivals give students the best possible course of study to follow their own musical path.

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