9 Lisa's students attended and compete in 2015 "The Performing Art and Music in California Western" in May, 2015 in San Jose, CA.
Being a great instructor involves having the personality for teaching as well as the training and experience. We currently offer private music lessons for adults and children at Starland Music School as well as special group classes for children starting at age 4. We offer the world renown Yamaha Music Curriculum here at our music school for children ages 4 to 6. Our helpful staff Starland Music School consists of knowledgeable trained professionals that take the time to help you find what you need, or make suggestions for you if you’d like. A San Mateo County Superior Court judge threw out Boping Chen's 2006 child molestation conviction Monday and granted him a new trial, citing ineffective legal counsel in his original trial."Mr.
Today, the marching band is made up of 122 students, an additional 60 band students that don't march, plus 40 orchestra students.Staff members and students alike feel the impact Kelly has had on campus also reaches into the community and beyond. At our music school we’ve developed the ability to qualify an instructor’s musicality and teaching skills over a period of over 3 decades using a system of auditions, interviews and then checking instructors references.

Our current enrollment consists of over 550 motivated students and parents that, through learning and practicing, are creating beautiful music and improving their lives in the process. With over 30 years of educational research and highly qualified and trained instructors we can offer parents an unparalleled opportunity to your help children develop their full creative capabilities in a fun, game like environment.
And when you’re ready guidance our staff is always available to offer guidance to start you on your way to join in the fun with music lessons. For music lessons we carry a full selection of instruments, sheet music, educational materials for students, and instructional videos and CDs for self-learners.
The judge set a hearing for Thursday to set bail for Chen and decide on a possible new trial date. 25 when he was told that the student body unanimously voted to select him as this year's FHS Homecoming Grand Marshal. Then drawing on our years of expertise in teaching music, we hired an architect and contractor to build the studio optimally for teaching music, including air conditioning and central heating for the comfort of our staff and students. For Chen's adult daughter, Amanda, her family's struggle to vindicate her father continues."We don't really have any relief yet, because we don't know what the district attorney will decide next," she said.

We're sorry it took so long for this day, but we're happy about this decision."In 2006, a jury convicted Chen, a Fremont piano teacher, of fondling a 12-year-old girl during the two years she took lessons from him in her home. At a hearing last week, Weinberg argued that Chen's defense was inadequate because his original attorney, Alan Dressler, did not call witnesses to support Chen's credibility or ask a psychiatrist to testify about whether Chen showed signs of pedophilia. That has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I never anticipated."Johnny Erdman, FHS Class of 2006, for example, is the current music director at Santa Clara High School. The trombonist still plays in a jazz band weekly and attributes his teaching style to Kelly."When I'm teaching all the time, I'll step back and review, and I just hear Joe's voice coming out of my body," Erdman reflected.

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