Note on sessions 1 and 2: Participants are encouraged to prepare the pieces in advance and try out the piece (or small sections for longer pieces) with Tim and Graham for demonstration purposes. I believe that being prepared for the examination involves performing in public, whether this is infront of another student, in assembly at school or at a public event such as a music festival.
I am very proud to have students achieving distinctions from the lowest grades to the highest grades. We have developed our teaching methods over many years with thousands of students and by reviewing hundreds of music books finding the best way to deliver the finest music education using highest quality musical materials. All of our teachers are exceptional at what they do - making music fun while providing the best atmosphere for musical growth. Jay graduated from the University of Missouri, Kansas City where he received a full scholarship in performance. Daniel studied at the Berklee College of Music and is a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he taught for nearly ten years.
Rose Lemay has been a licensed Kindermusik educator and actively teaching Kindermusik for 14 years. Valentina graduated from the Music Concentration School, located in Baku, Azerbaijan for the musically gifted youths, as a pianist.
Zach performs regularly in the seacoast area, playing with groups such as The Watkinsonics, the Publick House Nonet, Gnarlemagne, Melomano, and the Soggy Po' Boys.
Mark is a graduate of Bob Jones University where he was awarded the Woodwind Commencement Solo.
Originally from Florida, Drew is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he had the privilege of studying with masterminds such as Kim Plainfield, Jackie Santos, John Ramsey, Dave Weigert, Tony "Thunder" Smith, Larry Finn, Joe Galeota, Steve Wilkes, Kenwood Dennard, John Ramsey, and Rod Morgenstein. Kindermusik offers music and movement classes for babies, toddlers, big kids, and families.
Our experience shows that when students make music with others, their enthusiasm soars, they practice harder, and they are much more likely to be successful with their music goals. In 2004 Austin voters approved bonds that included nearly $2.8M in improvements and repairs to Barton Hills Elementary, including addition of a new music room. One afternoon while walking on the BHE playground with my daughter I asked her what the notes represented, not really expecting her to know. My own familiarity with Beethoven’s music for Ode to Joy stems from it’s inclusion in the Beatles movie Help! As you view the musical notes you might think they are the same on the east and north sides of the school. The final movement of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, more commonly known as Ode to Joy, is the music for the Anthem of the European Union. Beethoven never got to hear his Ninth Symphony performed, although he helped direct it’s premiere, because he was totally deaf by the time he composed it.

Please note it is not a Masterclass format where you will receive individual tuition on the piece. All teachers are invited to submit their Terms and Conditions at the time of registration so we can share these with the other participants if you agree to this.
I only enter pupils for exams when they are ready and I make sure that they are fully prepared for all sections of the exam, not just their pieces and scales. I find that students become less nervous with performing under pressure in the examination if it is something that they have done on a regular basis beforehand.
This stunning instrument boasts a powerful bass and a rich warm treble, as well as a responsive and fluid action. He is an accomplished arranger and composer, and the author of over a dozen books and method series published by Santorella Publications. Her musical background includes singing in various choirs and formal accordion lessons for several years. She continued her musical education at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory receiving a bachelora€™s and mastera€™s degree in operatic singing. He has had the opportunity to perform with such artists as Billy Hart, Stephan Harris, Darmon Meader, Fred Hersch, Ingrid Jensen and the New York Voices to name a few.
Alongside having over 10 years experience as a music educator, Drew has been a member of multiple ensembles throughout New England, performing at some of the finest, most sought-after establishments. These opportunities include a folk group, piano duet classes, guitar band and drum ensemble. Construction financed by the bonds began in 2007, and the new music room was completed in time for the 2008-2009 school year.
I figured that through the years and all of the changes that will take place at BHE and the world it will always remain a superior and much loved melody.
Please ensure you have emailed us once you have booked your ticket so that we can contact you to finalise arrangements and send you sheet music samples. Fully made in Japan with top end materials, this outstanding piano brings the tone of a concert grand into your home in a more compact casework much more suitable for smaller spaces. He grew up in a family of many generations of musicians and music educators, and has taught countless numbers of students on a wide variety of instruments, as well as voice, theory, and composition. In addition to teaching in his studios, he is in demand as a clinician and teaches at the college level. He also has had instructional videos published by Hal Leonard, which were featured on Guitar World Magazine’s website. She has worked as a soloist in both the Baku State Academic Opera Theater and the Moscow State Academic Russian Chorus. In addition to teaching at Let's Play Music, Mark is currently serving as the band director for the Derry elementary schools.

Throughout his professional career, Drew has had the honor to share stages with artists such as Conrad Herwig (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter), Tom "Bones" Malone (Blues Brothers), Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), and Sean Jones (Nanci Wilson, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra). After graduation she spent time as a recording studio owner and manager and teaching private lessons. While our classes certainly help your child develop a lifelong love for music, they also do more than that: they help children develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills as well - all in the context of joyful, musically rich play! We have over a dozen rock groups that meet weekly to accommodate different ages and playing levels.
As a supplement to private lessons, these groups provide students with more opportunities to play together while refining group performing skills. One of her lasting contributions that’s easily visible from outside the school is the creative window covering that features musical notes across a perforated silver screen. Dykhuis told us,” she replied with a look on her face that implied I should have known that. There will be the chance during the day to practice in the break time.Tea, coffee and biscuits included in event price but please bring your own lunch. This always provides invaluable feedback and insight into the best way to prepare for the actual exam.
Jay also performs routinely as a soloist with a focus on jazz, classical, and popular genres. She has been recognized by Kindermusik International since 2002 for reaching notable levels in the classroom. He has performed with the New England Big Band and is actively performing with the New England Wind Symphony. Because these bands meet frequently, students learn quickly how to play with others while developing performance skills and social opportunities.
The cafe may be available on-site but we will not know this until nearer the time of the event. She has acquired a Maestro Producer status, Mezzanine Level, representing the top 5 percent of Kindermusik educators in the world. In addition to community venues, we feature our bands at our annual showcase and at the New England Music Festival. We will inform all participants accordingly.The event is sponsored by Casio and a range of their digital pianos will be available on the day.

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