A resume example for a teaching professional with over 10 years of experience as elementary school teacher. This example of a teacher resume uses a small book icon on the left to help bring attention to the resume and make it unique. An areas of proficiency section enables the writer to highlight experience with technology, Bloom’s Taxonomy, thematic units, creative lesson planning, guided reading and several other areas. This sample utilizes a reverse chronological style with the experience listed in order of most recent to least recent job position. Prepare classes for teaching sessions including development of written class and homework plans. Instruct students, evaluate performance and facilitate efforts to advance student achievement. Create classroom environment that enables students to learn while keeping students interested and attentive. Modify lessons to meet requirements of special needs students and individuals of cultural diversity. Develop lesson plans that meet requirements of curriculum guidelines for each grade and learning level. High School Teacher Resume ExampleResume for Physical Education High School Teacher with experience teaching elementary school children.
Our ServicesWe have a wide range of Piano Teachers with different levels of Qualifications.

You can find your Children a suitable Piano Teacher to bring the best out of them based on their needs. Our PromiseWe will make it easy for you to find the most suitable teacher to match your children piano lessons needs. If you are a piano teacher and passionate about teaching kids to play piano and can conduct fun and enjoyable kids piano lessons in Singapore, contact us. Listing Information CorrineCorrine holds a Degree in Music from Birmingham University and LTCL Diploma in piano performance. Corrine is a friendly, patient and committed piano teacher with 8 years of experience teaching various ages and levels.
Mike Rodgers is an accomplished and experienced musician in Leeds who has three strands to his services - piano teacher, organist and accompanist. Mike Rodgers gives private piano lessons at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama, opposite Leeds University. He teaches all ages from children to retirement age, and all levels from beginner to Diploma. Mike Rodgers is a professional accompanist on both piano and organ, in Leeds and around Yorkshire. This document is good reference for grade school to middle school level teaching professionals. The document uses an executive summary to introduce the teaching professional with an emphasis on providing an engaging learning environment that meets community needs.

The paragraphs outline major duties while bullet points were used to accentuate key initiatives such as instituting positive classroom management strategies. These past jobs are not related to teaching but show that this individual had pre-existing work experience. For students taking the ABRSM exams, she provides comprehensive lessons covering practical, theory, sight-reading and aural skills. Corrine is also a former secondary school teacher with an NIE Post-graduate Diploma in Education.
Teaching organizations and volunteer work are highlighted at the bottom along with knowledge of important software programs. A friendly, patient and committed piano teacher with 8 years of experience teaching various ages and levels, Corrine adapts her teaching to her students' needs and interests. To encourage lifelong enjoyment of music, she includes popular music, movie music and duets in her lessons.

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