5011 - The Discacciati 5011 piano stool features underseat music storage with tapered legs. 5012ab - This Discacciati adjustable piano stool features underseat music storage with tapered legs. 5012con - This Discacciati adjustable concert piano stool features a deep buttoned top and empire style legs. 5011d - The Discacciati 5011d duet piano stool features underseat music storage with tapered legs. The Discacciati company has been a family business for three generations and was originally established in 1890.
Our adjustable solo pianos stools offer greater flexability and have a wide selection of options. See our range of fixed height duet piano stools, all hand finished in the colour and finish of your choice.
View the adjustable duet piano stools available with a choice of leg, fabric and wood colour. These concert piano stools will bring style to any piano with their deep buttoned leather seat and Empire legs.
Deep box piano stools provide extra music storage for all of those important music scores and tuition books.
Discussion about guitar playing from a diverse group of people with different tastes and levels of experience.
Spackle?My study has a bookshelf along one wall with all my music on it together with guitar magazine CDs and some CDs full of sound samples.

My practice area is my bedroom, which I share with the computer, the bird's playstand, the ferret's play area, and occasionally the puppies (two 10 week old Shihtzus) who come in and visit.
Stagg piano stools are available in the following colours in either matt or polished finish. Stagg piano stools are stained in a selection of colours and can be purchased in either matt or a polished finish.
Woodhouse wooden piano stools are available in the following colours in either satin or gloss finish. All of the piano stools for sale on the Just Piano Stools website are brand new and made to order. Woodhouse and Tozer piano stools are made predominantly from beech wood which is stained in a choice of colours and can be purchased in either satin or gloss finish.
Next to that is the PC, which routes out through a small hi-fi for music playback and there's also a set of powered speakers which I use to listen to my 4-track recorder. This stool matches well with any black or dark rosewood finish digital, upright or grand piano. The names refer the finished colour and do not imply that the stool will be made of that type of wood. The high standard of quality and craftsmenship bring you a range of piano stools that will grace any antique, traditional or modern piano. There's a printer too.Along the right hand wall is a mirror, so I can see my hands when I play (you lot have got dirty minds).
I use the computer and monitors to play a drum track to jam to and I also run the mics through the computer.

We stopped micing the bass drum because we don't need it but we have 4 vocal mics that we use when we practice.I have all the lyrics in plastic sheets in a 3 ring binder(if someone puts them back) or the end up all over the room. I also usually have my computer if we are working on a new song to listen to the song I connect it to the PA.we have a couch some chairs a TV and a bathroom.
For Discacciati, Tozer and Woodhouse piano stools the relative page should be used for wood and fabric options. I would love to wall mount my guitars, but with it being rented and the landlord a complete genitals, I'm worried I'll make a mess of the wall. Higher up is the registration certificate for the Rollmop Music domain.The left hand wall accomodates my keyboard, with a Marshall MG30DFX, a Marshall MG10 practice amp and a small 15W Yamaha bass amp underneath it.
Above that lot is my collection of Grade Certificates from where I've passed my guitar grade exams and a Gold Disc. It's not my Gold Disc, it belongs to my girlfriend's son - we got it for his birthday off e-Bay the other year and we're looking after it while he travels the world, he doesn't write his own material (yet).There's a big office chair at the PC desk, and a dining chair in the middle of the room for when I sit in there playing my classical guitar. If I want to stand up and play my electric, then the dining chair gets thrown back in the dining room.

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