For your greater enjoyment, this sheet music includes the lyrics in English (one verse and chorus). As for its critical reception, well, only recently Cameron Adams called the music piece a “triumphant radio hit-in-waiting.” Another known critic said it had been the catchiest music on her succeeding album.
A tune loved by loads of as well as sang by almost all that listen to it due to its memorable melody and rhythm. Smith plus a United kingdom X Factor Winner including a BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology graduate Adele.

Nick Freed said that the song finds Adele “at her strongest and most open.” And there were so many new critiques, nearly all of them complementing the song as well as its writer. It was released on iTunes on October 18, 2011 as part of the promotion of the film The Twilight Saga.
The lyrics of the single are hence straightforward and genuine, teens can not help to prevent to listen to it. And concidering the fact that she had already won the hearts of the kids, there is no doubt the Adele’s songs are going to be sung for years to come.

Album 21 is singer’s succeeding album (following album 19) and completed an awesome success alongside promotion additional followed by 210,000 copies in the England within the 1st 1 week after the release.

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