If you are interested, kindly contact Darren from My Aone Learning at 014-9690026 for the job availability soonest as possible. For long term tuition (three months and above), My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will only receive 50% of the first month tuition fees as a commission upon job acceptance by the tutor.
For short term tuition (below three months), My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will only receive 15-30% of the first month tuition fees as a commission upon job acceptance by the tutor. In the event of the tuition cancellation prior to its commencement, the commission received by My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will be refunded to the tutors in full amount.
Upon confirmation of an assignment, any tutors who fail to turn up for the first tuition session without giving any notice will be required to pay a penalty to My Aone Learning MALAYSIA  for our coordination effort. Upon register as tutor, the tutor’s profile may be listed on the website or even disclosed to the client upon request.
Tutors who are having low responsibility, create many disciplinary problems, and do not co-operate with My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will be terminated.
Tutors are strictly prohibited to propose a higher tuition rate to the clients without our knowledge. My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will not be held responsible and not act as an arbitrator or mediator for any conflict or disagreement that arise between the tutors and the clients. The tuition fees should be collected after each session or after each month (four weeks consider as one full month).

My Aone Learning is the #1 skill sharing marketplace in Southeast Asia, connecting those who wish to teach and those who love to learn. Why Are Many Malaysian Parents Opting for International Schools Instead of National Schools? Play by Ear Music School sponsored 11 keyboards to #sharp (a non-profit voluntary project by Agape Community Services) for youths who do not have the means to learn music. Play by Ear collaborated with Sylvester Sim (first runner-up of Singapore Idol) and Nic Lee (Lead guitarist of Mi Lu Bing a€“ champion of Superband competition) to launch the 2013 awareness campaign a€? The Importance of improvisationa€™ Music isna€™t all about reading scores and following them. The directors of PBE and PPM, along with 10 instructors from Singapore and Malaysia, embarked on a exciting journey of music and friendship. For subsequent months, all tuition fees belong to the tutors. First four-week is considered as the first month. However, My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will not reveal any sensitive information of our tutors without prior permission. However, My Aone Learning MALAYSIA will not be held responsible for any default of salary payment. Tutors are not allowed to collect tuition fees prior to the commencement of tuition classes.

Objective: using music as a common language for mentoring opportunities and to encourage music improvisation. Slim can often be found diligently practicing, and is a keen supporter of the school's yearly student recitals. Bevlyn Khoo was the winner of Best Independent Album at the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 and Dawn Wong was contestant of Channel Ua€™s Project Superstar II (on Mediacorp) and also appeared on Taipei television programme Super Idol 5. This instructor exchange day involved interactive training, jam sessions, as well as a tour around the colourful Bugis Street vicinity. Situated in the commercial heart of Damansara Utama, it focuses on teaching contemporary piano techniques in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

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