Whatever your piano needs, the team at The Pianoforte can help with friendly service and expert knowledge. The Pianoforte is a family-run company where pianos are more than just a business – they’re a passion.
Our piano showroom is stocked with the best traditional and electric instruments from around the world. We get all kinds of people in our stores, from kids learning their first instrument to music teachers to concert pianists. Choosing the right instrument is difficult and requires sorting through a lot of information and options. If you want to buy, rent, or sell a piano in Sydney, drop into one of our three piano showrooms, or call us today or visit one of our showrooms.
The Insignia 577 is a value-priced, two manual drawknob console with many of the features found in the Professional Grade Rodgers Trillium TM organs. Imagine being able to completely define, manipulate and save acoustic environments – with the built-in RSS Ambience System you can.

And because Roland’s finest orchestral voices are also at your fingertips, the 557 has the versatility to accompany both traditional and contemporary Christian music with equal ease.
The Insignia 537 is an entry-level organ designed for smaller churches and home practice use that can satisfy the most discriminating musical needs.
It is a best buy for those on a budget, but seeking a full-size church organ capable of playing a wide range of organ literature.
With three superstore locations in Chatswood, Rydalmere (Parramatta), and Seven Hills and 30 years industry experience, we can help you find your perfect piano in Sydney. Husband and wife owners Sam and Bella are both music professionals – Bella is a pianist and Sam a qualified tuner and technician. Our brand new range includes Alex.Steinbach, Samick, Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Atelier, and Rodgers.
The friendly staff at our Sydney piano stores is specially trained to understand your requirements and help you choose the piano or organ that best suits you. That’s why we offer a range of finance deals and rent-to-buy options, so you can get your piano now without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the physical environment of your instrument, you can recreate the authentic ambience and acoustic of any room, hall, chapel or even Cathedral quickly and simply. This entry-level Rodgers organ is produced at the Roland-Europe manufacturing facility in Acuaviva Picena, Italy. They have passed this on to their two children, Jason and Laura; Jason is a piano tuner and technician and Laura a piano tuner and pianist. We also buy and sell pre-loved pianos including Yamaha, Kawai, Beale, Atlas, Apollo, Toyo, and Wurlitzer. Since 1987, Sam and Bella’s passion, knowledge, and skills have earned The Pianoforte a reputation for excellence in the industry.

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