Looking at the center of the piano keyboard you will see a pattern of white and black keys.
Using the Home Key as your reference point, place your thumbs on the Home Key and your other fingers on the keys as in the figure above. Using the Home Key as your reference point, look to the left of the keyboard and find the next pattern of keys. The first thing you need to do when you sit down at the keyboard to play is to look long at the keyboard to find the home keys. As you continue to move to the right of the keyboard you will start over at key A and move through key G. Take a look at the figure to see how the keys repeat A through G with middle C as the Home Keys position. You will learn that both the white keys and black keys are equally important when playing music on the piano or any other instrument.
You can even download the course and material risk free as there is a 60 day “no questions asked” money back period.
I believe all people trying to learn the piano should learn to memorize and sight-read music.
Sign up for our monthly e-zine "The Piano Player"- filled with tips and tricks for beginner pianists. The C major scale is considered to be the easiest piano scale to learn since you only use white keys. A major (or minor scale) has 7 different pitches (notes) organized in a specific pattern of steps, or intervals, between each note.
There are two places where the white keys have no black key between them; between E-F and B-C. If you are just starting out with piano scales, a great beginner resource for adults is: Scale Skills - Technic - Preparatory Level by Keith Snell.

How to Read Piano Notes Faster Jul 22, 16 03:53 AMThere are easier ways to read piano notes!
How to Practice Piano Arpeggios Jun 26, 16 05:22 PMPracticing piano arpeggios is part of an important exercise routine for all pianists! The right hand will play the complete chords while the left hand, as usual, will play the root note of each chord. Looking at the center of the keyboard there are a group of keys that we will be referred to as the Home Keys. Find the two white keys that are not separated by a black key and notice the keyboard pattern. After locating the Home Keys your can start playing any song from the Home Keys as your reference point.
So the middle finger of the left hand will rest on the A key when you are in the Home Keys position.
The information is great, but the only thing that will help you learn to play piano is taking action! You’ll be able to find out exactly how much the piano course will cost (it is not expensive so don’t worry), what is included in the course, and much more. A good way to start is to play the melody with the right hand, and then work on playing the other part with the left hand. In my mid 20s I learned piano for 3 years and I am now trying my best to start up again after 15 years. When learning a new piano piece it is important to learn the piano music notes as soon as possible.
Prepare Yourself For Your First Lesson Jun 30, 16 05:47 AMAs you are beginning piano lessons, you probably want to learn more about our fantastic instrument! In classical piano technique, arpeggios and broken chords are studied as separate technical challenges.

This time we will not be using the root position of each chord but rather different inversions. The keys marked with two are where you place the index fingers of your left and right hand. For example, try playing Mary Had a Little Lamb with the right thumb in the Home Key position. After learning more about the keys and songs you will be able to find the Home Keys and know where to place your other fingers as you move up and down the keyboard.
Now starting with two white keys to the left of middle C you be at A with the next key to the right being B.
Here you will explore the history of the piano, layout of the keyboard, names of the keys and more. These kind of piano and keyboard exercises will help you improve your transition from chord to chord.
As you learn to play piano and study the piano you will be referred to it over and over again.
Each white key to the right of Middle C goes up the alphabet one letter until you reach the G key. Most of times, each hands will get used to playing their part, so when you put them together, they will almost automatically play the piece.

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