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February 26, 2012 by Bob Leave a Comment Continuing on our recent technical theme, here’s a great site for training your ears to detect and describe sonic anomalies.
Finally, it’s fair to ask about how these map to the musical concepts that we know or learned in school. Congratulations to all Wyvern students for their very fine efforts at our recent 3-6 Athletics Carnival. Good luck to the Newington Preparatory Schools’ athletics team who host an inter-school athletics meet at Homebush this weekend.
I have become increasingly concerned about the number of parents who are using the bus zone outside the front of the school as a drop off zone or pick up area. Finally, may I also remind you that the final day of Term 3 for Wyvern students is Friday 20 September. Saturday 7th September 2013 marks Back to Newington Day at Newington College Secondary Campus! In our 150th Anniversary year, we are delighted by how many Newingtonians have been encouraged to reconnect with the College, particularly those who may not have engaged with friends or past teachers for some time. Back to Newington Day is the very special day that we set aside every year to extend Newington’s hospitality, celebrate the sportsmanship of our rugby and football teams and to support the Newington parents who voluntarily work to raise funds to assist with the co-curricular activities of the boys.
Community celebrations and anniversaries have been a long-standing tradition of the College.
After a successful time at the 2013 Balmoral Burn, Wyvern entered a team in the 2013 Bayrun on Sunday 4th of August. Children’s Book Week activities at Wyvern will be held from August 21st until August 23rd in Week 6.
Mark Greenwood is an author, musician and storyteller with a passion for Australian history and folklore.
Mic Conway is an innovative performer who has worked extensively in music, theatre, film, television and theatre-in-education. A particular highlight was the ‘Pilgrimage to Old Newington’, in which four hundred people visited Newington House, the College’s first home and, in 1963, part of the Newington State Hospital. An Open Day included displays of students’ work and of gymnastics, presentations by a range of student clubs, and a display of archives and historical objects. The culmination of Centenary Week was the opening of the Centenary Hall by Sir Owen Dixon, Chief Justice of the High Court, attended by some 2,300 people.
The first event held in the Centenary Hall after its opening was a Thanksgiving Service marking the end of the main celebrations. The College’s connection with Tonga was marked by the visit of Moulton Finau, one of the original Tongan students from 1896, and his son, Lupeti Finau (ON ’36). Throughout Centenary Week, the Founders Building, Centenary Hall and Nesbitt Wing were floodlit at night.
Congratulation to Simon Jeon of 6M who received three 1st place awards in the 29th Inner West Eisteddfod for piano. In February 2009 there was a book published with the title “It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Mind.” It recognises the real threat of dementia but, based on medical research, says we can take action to work against it. Whilst, knowledge is helpful in life, the Bible suggests that what we need is something more. Capts Lewandowski and Brixen wish to thank Mr Holden and Ms Gray for their support on this great day and all the parents for so willingly getting into the spirit and dressing their mini pirates with such style. Our Strings Factory delighted teachers, students and parents with their performance in the K – 2 Assembly last Friday. The annual Wyvern Father’s Day Breakfast will be held on Friday 30th August at 7.30am in Wyvern Hall. This weekend the K-2 Father & Son camp kicks off and there will be lots of fun activities. We are also looking for a position of Secretary for the P&F Executive Committee as due to study commitments, Sharne will be stepping down from her role. Class heats will be held in week 5 of this term with four boys from each class being selected to go through to the year level finals to be held in week 6.  There will be a Poetry Performance Competition Award Ceremony on Friday 30 August at 2pm.
No costumes may be used, however, the boys are permitted to use a maximum of 1 prop.  Expression, gestures and body language are to be encouraged.
However, there are still a few boys in each grade who are very close to finishing their challenge. Once again, I would like to thank all the parents and teachers who encouraged and modelled good reading habits for the boys and assisted with filling in the boys reading logs over the course of the challenge. To see the list of boys who have completed their Reading Challenges thus far, please click here.

The lovely range of items created to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary are now available at Wyvern Reception.  Many of the items have already sold out so please be quick to pick up your items – we have s range of special ties, Cufflinks. In semester 1, the Wyvern SRC raised money for the poverty stricken African township of Kusape in Malawi.
We are pleased to announce that at the end of the semester we were able to present Margie Bowen Jones a cheque for $4910.80, a whopping 140 goats! Melba Studios, our school photographer, has completed the Winter Sport Team Photos for 2013.
These photos can be ordered from the photographer with an order form included in this edition of the Wyvern newsletter.  Extra forms will be available in the bookstand near Wyvern Reception. Please note if you would like to order a copy of any of these photos, please return the order form with payment to Wyvern office promptly by 23rd August, 2013. Opening evening on Tuesday July 30th was a wonderful night with Year 6 Art Monitors serving food and drink. Murat Urlali, a student at the National Art School, was kind enough to open the evening and show two of his watercolour portraits.
Well done to all the boys who exhibited work, it was a great to experience the boy’s work in a gallery setting and to see the progression of learning from Kindergarten to Year 6.
For all Saturday morning sport at Newington Senior School, parents are requested to park off site along the street. It may mean Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Shorin Ryu, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, MMA, Kenpo, etc. The weather was exceptionally kind to us and it was tremendous to see students, parents and staff enjoying a full day of athletic participation. Road rules around the Campus operate to ensure the safety of our students and, as such, I respectively request that all parents adhere to these. He then managed to make this into an interactive work by folding a paper boat on a stick and then sliding the boat over the waves. The day revolves around the school celebrating our 150th Year and congratulating the boys for a fantastic season of sport. Be a part of the day by supporting your School and watching the matches unfold; enjoy the atmosphere of food, fun and free spirit. The day is a fun market day with a Dunking machine, Big Slide, Jumping castle, Face Painting, Second-hand Books, beautiful Market Stalls and, of course, plenty of food. Wyvern House is running the Children’s Activity area so you can bring along the whole family. This year we look back, and using the Black and White Cookbook, our stallholders will recreate the recipes and traditions of Newington families passed from generation to generation.
Wyvern will be involved, so check out the attached flyer below to see the fun activities they have in store for the day!
The boys were very excited for the chance to represent Wyvern by running in a growing community event such as the Bayrun. His children’s books are prompted by an interest in multicultural literature and the unique way illustrated books can assist children to develop an understanding of other cultures and perspectives. Like this year’s Sesquicentenary, our Centenary celebrations were the result of years of planning and culminated in a series of events around the anniversary of the College’s establishment in July. The next day was Old Boys’ Day (today’s Back to Newington Day), which was moved from its usual September date to be part of Centenary Week. The excursion was organised by the late Dr John Moulton (ON’ 47), great-grandson of the College’s first Head Master, while a memorial plaque was unveiled by Rev Dr David Manton (ON ’53), great-grandson of our founding President.
The day finished with afternoon tea, in which an immense, multi-tiered cake, donated by the Bowes family, was submitted to ‘the ravages of hungry appetites’, as The Newingtonian reported. This included a Dedication Service, in which the assembled Newington community rose and formally presented the Hall to the President of the College Council, who accepted it on behalf of the College.
Other events included the ONU Centenary Dinner, a commemorative luncheon hosted by the Council, and a Centenary Banquet in a marquee on the Johnson Oval. Hopefully, you too are continuing to discover what is possible as you challenge yourself in new areas. They played incredibly well and are to be congratulated for being awarded silver in the Ed Wilson Primary School Open Big Band Event. For many boys this was their first performance as part of the ensemble and they should be very proud of their achievements.
As the boats are unique hand crafted imported boats, they came at a large cost so the Rowing Support Group developed a market day where all the boys would come to the school when a sporting event was on and they had markets and BBQ’s to raise funds for the boats. Please come along and volunteer for 1-2 hours throughout the day to help Nicole from CAST in all the sections. The camp has attracted bookings from just under 150 families, a huge increase from last year, and the volunteer organisers are currently working to allocate sites for everyone.

At the meeting we will be presenting the K-2 Father & Son Information and will have packages for you to collect.
Refreshments will be available and child minding for all parents will be on the rooftop with the Gap Students. The role of Secretary is to keep documentation of all meetings and coordinate any communications to committee members and parents. It is a great position to be able to assist the school and students and its fun, not hard work. Congratulations to all the boys who have successfully completed their Reading Challenge(s) this year. I am happy for them to have a little more time in order for them to receive their certificates. Supporting the humanitarian efforts by Margie Bowen Jones, the students decided to raise money to help create a sustainable goat farm, hence the ‘Adopt a Goat’ drive.
Each class took responsibility for their own fundraising, with cake & food stalls, mini-Olympics, raffles, guessing competitions and hat parties all being popular fundraising options. Margie and the SRC would like to congratulate and thank the Wyvern community for their generosity. The schools onsite car park is  maintained for officials, emergency vehicles and staff only. With the winter sport season upon us, the car park area can become very busy early in the morning. If you like what you hear, please support the author by buying one of the products on Quiztones.
I am equivalent to the Empty Set when you are not with me.When I am lonely I am like a X-graph. However Sifu Rick likes to say it is just a white belt, who NEVER GIVES UP, which means they still possess the humility to want to learn, endeavor yourself! Marrickville Council have indicated that there will be an increased Ranger presence around Wyvern over the coming weeks.
The team did extremely well and finished in the quickest time winning a trophy and a prize of $300. You are also able to request seating preference, listing the names of other attendees with whom you would like to be seated. In the following months, there were a ‘Centenary Musicale’ in the new Hall, a reception for the staff, a Ceremonial Parade and presentation of flags to the Cadet and Air Training Corps, and a Centenary Festival of Music, Drama and Art. Special congratulation s to both Simon and Mark who received highly commended awards for their performances.
Since that time the day has been put into the school calendar as Back To Newington Day to celebrate all things Black & White. The Year 2 class group have worked very hard to ensure that everyone will be catered for, so mark it down in your diary.
Costa Mina will be organising parts of the event so if you would like to assist please contact Costa direct. We thank the P&F for their kind donation of prizes which will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
You should be extremely pleased that through your planning, organisation, perseverance and sense of independence, you have accomplished your goal. This farm will help the villagers improve nutrition by having an affordable and accessible source of food with the farm creating meat, milk and cheese.
Please consider this simple request to ensure the smooth management of Saturday morning sport at Newington.
The team included Nicholas Agiotis, Joshua Macdessi, Bililign Robertson, Francois Canter, Kieran Corcoran,  Marc Mardini, Luke Canter, Conor Corcoran, Luca Vasiliou, Gilbert Hogg, Oscar Hogg and Alexander Mouhtouris. We will attempt to accommodate all requests, but tables are restricted to 10 persons for comfort.
This is quite an achievement considering they were competing against boys in the senior school.
Wyvern takes part in the event, as many of our boys will head across to the senior campus in later years. We do not require any skills as we have engaged in a professional face painter (everyone sigh with relief) but we do need you to add to the experience of the day with your family.
Furthermore, it creates an income and generates employment for the villagers by selling the skins and food products to other communities. Come along and enjoy the day, watch the games and see the clash of the 1st XV rugby and 1st XI football in their final games against Shore.

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