Huss tells me that a new compilation CD (actually a 2-disc set) called Piano Love Songs was released in Australia in early April 2004 and it includes Crucify. The complete music score and its demo (In MP3 Format) will be emailed to you within 24 hours upon purchase. Although Teresa Teng (???) has left us for 13 years, she is still one of my favourite singers. While doing this piano sheet, I listened to this song over and over again, and it reminds me of my childhood back then. If you have been following my blog, you will notice that one of my readers is yearning for a piano sheet from the latest Korean Drama shown at Channel U. Too bad, it took me longer to finish this piano sheet because I’m not supplied with any MP3s for reference.
Upon google-ing, I realized this adorable and beautiful actress is called Goo Hye sun (???) and she has appeared in another Korean Drama called Seo Dong Yo (???). Obviously, she’s achieved a remarkable milestone in her career within these 2 years, both in filming and singing!

I knew Yoga Lin through the Taiwan Star Search Show, but his fame is still slightly behind Xiao Jing Teng (???) and Jerry Yang (???), until I listen to his songs through Yes933 lately. Wow…his voice is the best instrument of all musical instruments I can find in the arrangement. The chorus, also the beginning verse is always in G Major, other than that, the song is in E Major. Last week, I received an email from my reader about her request for songs from a Korean Drama called Coffee Prince 1st Shop.
Sarawak, or I should say that the whole Borneo Island is densely covered with dark green tropical forest, crawled with several muddy rivers and filled with thick clouds in its sky.
Even that time I did not pay much attention to his song because there are other nice songs in that album. There is no one else who can sing like her, fascinate audiences with sweet smile and a lovely character. What an interesting numbering…my third Corrinne May song transcription and it’s called Love Song for #1!

If I simply fill in the notes by my own creativity, smart people like you guys will be able to tell easily. I have not been working OT till late night for ages, therefore the best word that fits perfectly in my situation now is: Fatique! I’ve left out the guitar chords intentionally because this song is meant to be an instrumental piano piece.
Nothing to do, nothing to eat because I was taking the cheap budget airline. While wondering when I can see the horn-bill land again, I secretly took this photo. Humid and wet, this island naturally became a good place to farm tropical forests and animals.

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