Real Grand Expression: sound, touch and pedals, all perfectly integrated to give you the sensation of playing a grand piano. Whether a you are a professional, a student, or even a non-player, everyone can feel the difference in the touch, and hear the difference in tone between two different pianos. We are a full line music store and also carry guitars, drums, amplifiers, music books, band instruments, instruments, sound equipment, software and all general music accessories.
Musical Expressions has over 20 music instructors on staff, all with university musical degrees and performance experience.
If you are looking for an excellent teacher and a unique, friendly environment dedicated to music education, please call us at 630-355-1110 and find out for yourself why we have the largest and most successful private lesson program in the Naperville area.
Show us your Naperville Public Library card when registering for classes and we’ll waive the $25 registration fee and give you a Musical Expressions book bag to carry your lesson books.

The person with the closest guess wins the candy in the jar delivered in one of our Musical Expressions tote bags.
With Clavinova, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the sought-after tone that the CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial deliver.
Powerful polyphony ensures that more complex passages of music can be played without notes cutting off. Dedicated drivers for mid and high frequency ranges provide astonishingly powerful and detailed sound. An easy-to-read LCD and intuitive layout enable simple operation of your Clavinova, giving you more time to focus on playing.
We currently represent Yamaha Pianos,  Hardman Peck Pianos, and Yamaha Digital Pianos.

Our teachers are dedicated to learning about YOUR personal music goals and helping you to achieve them. Most of our teachers actively perform in the Chicagoland area and we welcome you to check out their schedules and see them performing prior to signing up for lessons.
Please give us a call at 630-355-1110 or send us a message through our website and a member of staff will reach out to you. Yamaha also has some pianos that are made in an affiliated factory near China as Kawai does as well.

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