Eagle Rock Music Studio offers affordable private lessons, low-cost group lessons, and voluntary recitals to showcase your hard-earned skills. The diverse musical backgrounds of our staff combined with a genuine passion for music results in a wide range of music lessons for you when you call Eagle Rock Music Studio, 323-309-8467. Young and old, Eagle Rock helps those of all ages gain a deeper appreciation of music through instruction, performance, and constructive feedback. We offer music lessons for comprehensive music study, or recreational musical enjoyment for children, students, and adults alike. Contact Eagle Rock Music Studio for more information about your LA area music lessons today. Need help with musical preparation for performance, auditions, and performing arts schools? At Eagle Rock Music Studio, our staff of professional music instructors (who are also experienced performers) can help you prepare for music auditions, performing arts school entrance auditions, or special auditions for music-related movie roles. Piano performance provides an opportunity for students to showcase and share what they’ve learned. The benefits are very fundamental to becoming a better piano player in many aspects, especially for young students.
The idea of getting up to play the piano in front of an audience can be intimidating for many students, especially those who have never done so before. At recitals and festivals, a student will be able to experience and become inspired by other performers’ repertoire, whether the levels and musical genres or styles are at similar or varying levels.
A parent would be considered foolish if he or she said that they don’t want the best for their child. Taking piano lessons helps build confidence in children, especially as they progress in their skills. As with anything, there may be some concerns that parents have about sending their child for piano lessons.

You child learns several traits (patience, problem solving, self-discipline, setting goals) that help greatly in later life. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed a selection of magnificent repertoire from both the original Fantasia (1940) and Disney Fantasia 2000, while the scenes play on the big screen.
We are already looking forward to our 2016 excursion and the next stop on this musical journey! Go, Tell It on the Mountain is a popular gospel & Christmas song that is very suitable for children to sing and learn. I'd also like to introduce you to my favorite: 24K Gold Music - Dynamic Musical Showband performs many genres and styles of music, with special emphasis on the Classic Oldies Era!
The Los Angeles music lesson instructors at Eagle Rock Music Studio can help you or your child's musical aspirations. Beginning, intermediate, advanced, and performing musician students all come to Eagle Rock Music Studio to enhance their musical skills. It is not an easy feat — getting up to perform within a formal setting in front of an audience and a panel of judges. It can be a fun and truly rewarding experience, whether it’d be an informal performance in front of friends and family, a recital among fellow students or a formal presentation in front of an audience at a festival or competition. They learn what it means to complete the task of preparing a piece(s) from start to finish, and finessing it for a poised performance. To be a performer is to be an entertainer — to artistically express and communicate the mood of your piece to the audience, through carefully selected tempo, rhythm, touch, and dynamic expression.
Thorough preparation, diligent practice, and numerous performance rehearsals, even those in class or at home, can help calm nerves, and provide students with the self-assurance to be more comfortable with playing in a more formal setting. Music should also be a social activity – sharing it and engaging with others who are also doing the same is a great way to nurture a long-lasting love and passion for music. Not only that, they learn each individual key and, later on, learn how to put the keys together in order to create music.

Most students, like Curtis were extremely impressed by the work put in by the conductor and orchestra to synchronize the performance of the pieces in exact timing with the animation from the feature film, which was no easy feat! This Youtube video is a tutorial teaching you how to play a VERY EASY version of this song on the piano in the key of G major, left hand playing block chords and right hand playing the melody line. Located close to Pasadena, Altadena, Glendale, Montrose, La Canada, Highland Park, Silver Lake and Glassell Park, Eagle Rock Music Studio offers a central location for music lessons close to home. The dedication and diligence, that was displayed by each student during preparation for their piano competition, are undeniable, as well as their passion for music and desire to share what they’ve learned.
The excitement experienced during a piano performance and the sense of accomplishment acquired afterwards are immeasurable for students and parents alike. Ethan commented on how much he enjoyed the scenes with the flying whales as well Micky Mouse with the brooms and buckets. They take ownership of their pieces and therefore become more focused, attentive to teachers instructions, and results-oriented. If that extra money for lessons meant a better college down the road, it would be worth it. Some students have already started learning piano pieces that piqued their interest from the film in their first lesson after the trip!
Patience is something that is valuable in all aspects of life.  Lessons are especially important if the child grows up to be a musician.

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