Just remember, it’s never too late to start learning, the rewards are immense irrespective of age or  ability.
Well the summer has truly arrived in spectacular British style bringing with it a mixed bag of weather like only it can!!! Since Easter the studio has been extremely busy with all students making steady progress in their learning and playing. As a tutor and composer I have written a number of musical pieces that are in print and available for purchase.

A record number of students have started learning this month after the 4 new starts I reported in April, with inductions are well under way. As the summer term slowly draws to a close, we look back and can now see how much has been achieved. Hours of practice has really paid off with students achieving great results. Last month (March) 4 new students joined the studio and started learning too play and are already showing signs of great progress having only completed 2 lessons each. These pieces are for contemporary piano and are written for the easy to intermediate pianist.

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