We’re so pleased to be able to announce that our year-long full curriculum is now available online for the 3-5 year-olds. You can test the water and save yourself valuable preparation time by buying just one whole lesson plan. As part of our full music curriculum, we also have another full-year program called Bounce and Sing for the 1-3 year-old.
There will be questions in your mind about how to help your 3 - 8 year old child get going with piano lessons when you probably have no idea yourself about how to start. This course of beginner piano lessons has been designed for the parent as much as the children considering that both are likely to be classed as a beginner in piano terms (yet the parent will obviously be charged with fuelling the process).
3 - 8 year old children's piano lessons are not for the faint hearted to initiate, the challenges are daunting for the non-musical parent charged with steering a young beginner to enough critical mass of knowledge to provide their own enthusiasm. This course of beginner piano lessons uses a character designed to appeal to all young children, whether they have an established interest in learning piano or not. Of course, Mimi is merely a personna played by Danella Mercati - an experienced music, dance and drama teacher whose career has demanded much from her teaching at prestigious educational establishments. Music is entirely logical in its construction and therefore yields easily to human intelligence when it is presented in the correct sequence.

Early beginner success lays solid steps for further achievement - and that is the chemistry for talent to blossom.
If that doesn't happen, you will know that piano probably isn't one of your child's natural talents - and the magic of discovering what is will begin again with no expensive loss of time or funds - just some memories acquired for future reflection! The initial lesson will be on introducing notes in the simple scale of C and how to recognise when to play them.
You aren't likely to run into any problems unless your piano isn't tuned properly (and if you are starting with a suitable electronic keyboard that simply won't happen). The subsequent piano lessons on DVD2 will focus gently on helping your child (and you) decide when to play the notes. DVD3 introduces the left hand and you'll notice depth and richness of melody beginning to develop. I have been surprised and delighted by the growing number of educators in Namibia and South Africa who have discovered and embraced the Musical Child curriculum in recent months. We’re so pleased to be able to announce that our full year-long music curriculum is now available online for the 1-3 year-olds. Mimi the (musical) clown lives in Piano Land which is visually familiarising and instantly evokes the feelings young children will have acquired whilst watching television, cartoons, videos and films.

Danella knows how to hold younger children's attention spans and imparts the knowledge necessary towards guiding creative performances of many age groups.
Like many other things, piano lessons may seem wholly too difficult to grasp when you are trying to add knowledge to what is not yet fully understood. As the adult you will not struggle to understand when the need for a professional teacher arises - you will struggle to keep pace with your child. There will be no struggle to wade through stagnant theory, just fun hearing familiar simple tunes materialise from sharing time together.
Here are three singing games and tickles to change grumpy toddlers’ moods and keep your own spirits high. The musical lessons on the DVDs makes sure that the learning capabilities of young children (and challenged adults!) can build knowledge that always enables further ground to be covered - motivation yields quickly to loss of interest without this principle in place. Of course, at some point you'll need extra help from a professional piano teacher - whether that's for your child or both of you!

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