Through 4 fun and engaging modes of play your child will love learning instruments, objects, animals and much more. Can your 4- to 6-year-old keep her focus through the entirety of a traditional piano practice?
Books for young children that have great pictures are a nice way to guide an improvisation that progresses through a beginning, middle, and end. This is another great game if you don’t know much about the piano, because you can play it away from the piano, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Look at your kid around beat four and more than likely they will get the right idea and repeat after you.
While using large movements and big muscles is the best way to get started in this game, it need not stay there.
Sitting next to your child at the keyboard, ask him or her to play any three pitches, one after the other. Turn the book pages and press the corresponding light-up music note buttons to hear cute stories, fun phrases, music and sound effects.
That’s normal–it just means it might be time to add something new to the routine!
Music demands a tremendous amount of attention, in several different areas at once: reading music, being careful about pitch, rhythm, and fingering, and much more!

Not only that, but the intuitive connection of musical features with an animal’s characteristics comes quickly and effortlessly to most kids.
Many children will respond immediately when you ask them to look at the picture and think about what it would sound like.
It turns out that four is a perfect number, because all combinations of four pitches can sound musical. If they play a note that’s not one of the four you selected, tell and show them exactly what note they played by mistake, and remind them of the notes that were chosen.
Gradually increase the complexity of your rhythms so that they are fun and interesting, but not too hard. Taking your cue from your child’s natural creativity, you can develop a whole world of musical games. When your child experiences the power and joy of direct musical expression, he or she will gain confidence in their musical creativity that will last a lifetime. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. The VTech Disney Sofia the First Royal Learning Piano also features 8 piano keys, 5 light-up keys and the real voice of Sofia!
It may not fit your idea of snake music in any way, but if they’re engaging with their imaginations, let them be. Can you make a twinkling sound like those stars might make?” or “Those are some big, hairy monsters!

I chant, “One and Two and Three and Four and,” while alternating hands pounding the floor, L-R-L-R on the main beats. Then, they can start playing specific piano keys; for example, you can play B-flat while the child plays E-flat. However, if your young child is like the vast majority, you may need to break up their practice with other activities. How can you make a big, hairy sound on the piano?” You can always play them a little example to get them started. In between their private lessons, playing music games for kids can certainly help–and most of these you can play with your child even if you don’t have much of a music background! Chances are, they will be impatient for you to stop so that they can get their hands on the piano keys.

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