This is one of the most useful educational apps in the world with millions of users taking help from it worldwide.
This app is loved by kids as it lets them paint and draw using their Android phones and learn many new artistic skills as well. This is an educational and augmented reality app which helps you star gazing and has more than 10 million users worldwide.
This is a cute and fun app for kids through which they can learn stories with the help of videos and images etc. This app is a French learning app which can help you get your basics right and speak fluent French in weeks. This is another app which helps you learn languages in an easy way and is used by thousands of people in the world.
This is yet another useful language learning app which can help you learns German in a quick and correct way. This app comes with the detailed periodic table and helps chemistry students learn about the elements and their properties easily.
This is the best collection of information and provides you content and details about any topic in the world.
This is another app which makes it easy for you to learn languages and has an easy to use interface. This is a wonderful app for all those who wish to learn English grammar and improve their grammar.
This is an app for all those who wish to learn Spanish with fluency and is superbly easy to use and learn. This app makes language learning easy anywhere and anytime and is very easy to use as well. This is an app which makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your lessons and has been designed quite beautifully. This is a place for teachers and students to connect, share ideas, resolve doubts and discuss education etc. This app gives your root access to your phone and has been rated at 4.5 stars on the Android app store. This app comes with several mock tests which will help you get through the GK tests with easy. This is another dictionary which you can access offline but it is a dictionary of Hindi words. This is an app for all those who wish to edit their pictures and add affects from their mobile device itself. This app provides you a very good version of English language dictionary which you can even access offline. This is a superb learning app which teaches you the English language in a rather perfect way.
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This is a superb app which helps you manage your activities and make a timetable of all the important tasks that you have to perform.

This app helps all those interested in Origami learn about this art in a fun and interactive way.
This app is helpful for those kids who wish to learn the letters and is a fun way for them to do so.
This is the best coloring and drawing app for the kids and comes with many useful tools etc as well.
This is an interactive app which helps kids learn about the stories and lessons of the Bible. This is an app for all the kids who wish to learn how to play the piano and is very easy to use as well. This app contains all the simple formulas of Math, Chemistry, Physics etc and is an easy way to learn formulas.
This is an app for all those who wish to learn French in the correct manner and comes with 800 commonly used French phrases etc.
Here’s a list of 5 piano apps for Android which you can use to play the piano or at the very least learn how to play the piano on your Android powered smartphone or tablet. Perfect Piano has practically everything that you’re gonna need to start learning how to play a piano.
Learn to Play lets you learn how to play the piano using the falling ball method, drop rectangle method, the music sheet method and it comes loaded with 70 sample songs to which you can practice.
With My Piano, you get a minimized piano, so that it fits on the screen of tablets and smartphones more easily. Real Piano is standard piano app, it’s not a standard piano because as you can see from the screenshot down below the piano has been minimized to fit the small screen that Android devices have. Real Piano lets you select the number of keys (2 settings), and you can browse through the piano keys that can’t be seen using the navigational buttons in the top right corner.
We picked Piano by nullapp because it’s very simple and lightweight app that can be installed even on older devices. For learning how to play piano, we suggest you go with Perfect Piano, for having fun use Magic Piano and for casual piano playing there’s Real Piano.
You might think of your smartphone as something your music teacher asks you to turn off before your lesson.
Unlike the old-school wooden contraptions you may have seen, some metronomes piano apps have extra features. A good choice for Android users is Metronome Beats, which combines great features with a developer who actually responds to user concerns and bugs.
Have you noticed some more forward-thinking musicians ditching the three-ring binder or stack of loose-leaf sheet music for an iPad on their music stand at live gigs?
Depending on your instructor and your curriculum, you may already get a healthy dose of music theory within your lessons. Here, both iOS and Android have excellent  solutions with Tenuto and Perfect Ear, respectively.
Sometimes you’re away from your piano, but how many of those are times when you’re also away from your smartphone or tablet? Once you’ve resigned yourself to playing this way, the iOS piano app of choice is Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD. The Android equivalent Perfect Piano is even more flexible, supporting external Midi keyboards over USB OTG so you can make use of the practice games and recording features in a more tactile way. Perhaps more than any other pursuit, learning piano is best done one-on-one with a private instructor. Hey, I think you can add Jellynote to that list, or even make another article because it can replace everyapp listed above. You have free access to 150k scores and tabs, a tuner, a metronome, and for 9,99$, you can even use their practice and learning modes, as well as their synchronized videos, which are very useful to learn the song.

These are those apps which help to provide or impart education to the users and can be used for learning, educating, training etc.
It goes without saying that playing a piano on Android is no where near the same to playing an actual piano, but the apps can be a great starting point where you can pick up on the basics before moving on to the real thing.
What is available is a large selection of alternative instruments to which you can switch, see image above. Other piano apps that we mentioned are also useful, but this is the combo that we’re gonna be using ourselves and recommend it to you to. With the right apps, however, it can move from being a distraction to a tool that helps you practice, play, and learn about music wherever you are! If you’ve taken at least a few piano lessons, the myriad uses of the device have likely already been drilled into you.
Metronome stands out on iOS for using a custom timer built by clock software specialists, which is more accurate than the standard iOS code most metronome apps use. A great way to use technology to supplement your lessons, however, is to use piano apps that focus on music theory and ear training. Both apps solve the problem many have with learning theory from a book by including interactive keyboards that show you what you’re playing and why it adheres to a specific rule of music theory. Enter the many excellent piano apps on iOS and Android that replicate the actual instrument!
The app does everything it can to replicate the key-tickling experience on a touchscreen, and while it’s better suited to the larger keys on a full-sized iPad, you might be surprised at the creative solutions you can come up with if you have six iPhones to play on at once. None of these piano apps can take the place of that relationship, but they can definitely keep you motivated at home or when you’re on the road.
Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. The following are the top 50 educational apps for Android users that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Above the keys you can see the zoom tool, that lets you zoom in on different section of the piano. Well the notes are falling from the top as drops of water and your goal is to tap on them as they’re falling. Full piano keyboard is available, but you’ll have to browse through it, just like with Real Piano. When starting out, a metronome teaches you basic rhythm and helps you stay on tempo while you’re playing. Of course, a touchscreen with flat representations of keys and sound coming from a single tiny speaker is no substitute for a real keyboard. Downloading a metronome app on your smartphone saves you a trip to the store and consolidates your gear.
But when you want to practice, to paraphrase a great photography adage, the best piano is the one you have with you. But aside from organization and easy searchability, the key component of forScore is speed. You’ll never know how slowly the pages in e-readers or PDF apps turn until you are waiting on one to know what note you need to play next! Musicians call forScore’s turning “near-instantaneous” and “as fast as paper.” On Android, Midi Sheet Music is the clear leader. It doesn’t have the across-the-board professional acceptance that forScore does, but it is free (without ads!).

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