Piano Tiles has been developed by chinese developer Hu Wen Zeng and like so many other apps recently features a very simple interface and easy learning curve.
It’s all about reflexes though once you get used to the gameplay and soon you will be getting into the 100s on Piano Tiles arcade mode and wondering what the Piano Tiles high score and world record is. It’s not an easy game though and definitely a lot more difficult than say Flappy Bird since the speed increases as you build up points. We can already see that some users have begun to discover Piano Tiles for themselves, including some who have already sent out challenges and seem confident that they can beat everyone else’s scores.
Personally, we could only get to 141 when the game already started to pick up speed to which we were having difficulty catching up. If your piano skills could use some brushing up on, this neat iPad app looks like it could come in handy.
RollingNote supports music artists and makes learning to play piano songs fun, meaningful and modern. Smash hit video games prove that you can have tons of fun simulating instruments…but why stop there?!

We do offer an instant warning though, as Piano Tiles is addictive which may not be good for your social life. We love the gameplay concept though – simple, easy to pick up and very difficult to put down once you start getting good. Be aware though that there are plenty of clones that are already circulating on the stores. You can play your heart out, anytime!It's great for anyone studying the piano or anyone wanting to start. RollingNote uses the same interactive video game experience to make it easy to learn to play songs. Access your scores anytime to monitor improvement + share with friends, family and teachers. RollingNote is focused on developing practical tools that give you a hands-on musical experience, which in turn helps artists keep creating the music you love.
Whether you're a dedicated app developer, or devoted app users like us, we hope you find what you're after.

Piano Apprentice is a lightweight, highly portable 25-key keyboard with built-in stereo speakers that deliver authentic piano sound and keys that respond to your touch.
The whole family can get involved, you can play with friends, or you can buckle down and get serious about learning to play.
Note: You can simply play for fun and disable grading by not connecting your iPad to your keyboard.
It's easy to follow along as acclaimed piano instructor Scott Houston, aka the Piano Guy, appears on the screen demonstrating how to play while the actual keys on Piano Apprentice light up, showing you where to place your hands. With 3D keys and the touch-screen ripple effect, it's the most tactile piano app out there.

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