Excellent for gaming and typing, this Ducky Shine 1 mechanical keyboard features linear switches for a smooth, accurate typing experience. The CHASE P55 Portable Piano brings you a realistic playing feel on 88 Hammer Action Keys at a great price point.
The sturdy stage proof, yet light weight metal casing makes it reliable in any situation, wherever you need to take it. To add more realism to your sound you get integrated digital effects such as chorus and reverb.
The P55 also offers you a microphone input, which is a great addition if you also want to sing along to your piano playing. The P55 comes with a sustain pedal but also has the option to connect the optional 3 pedal unit extension LP65 together with the stand L65. Sing Along While You Are Playing the Piano - THE PIANO VOCAL EXPERIENCE - A Brand New Feature In This Chase Digital Piano. This Digital Piano Is Able To Reproduce 10 Different Voices, Starting With A Great Grand Piano Sound Recorded From A Real Concert Grand, String Instruments, And Organ. Split Keyboard Mode - You Can Split The Keyboard Into 2 Half And Assign Different Sounds To Them. Aux Input - Connect Your Mp3 Player, iPod or Laptop To The 3.5mm Input Socket and Play To Your Favourite Songs. Comfort Compact layout with flat, full-sized keys: Save space and streamline your work area without sacrificing comfort. The clue as to what makes this keyboard so special is in the last sentence – mechanical keyboard. Another advantage of mechanical keys is that the button press is registered more quickly – roughly halfway into the movement of the key, rather than on a standard keyboard where the key has to be fully pressed to register.
Like other Razer keyboards the key polling is done at 1000Hz (1 millisecond response time).
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Excellent for gaming and typing, this Azio Levetron mechanical keyboard features linear switches for a smooth, accurate typing experience. Black Cherry MX switches Pad Printed ABS KeycapsMacro Keys are useful but only if they're easily accessible. Featuring Yamaha's highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect keyboard as well as realistic piano and instrumental voices, the P-140 offers both the authentic feel of an acoustic piano and the advanced features of today's digitals. It features the same award winning Graded Hammer Action (GHA) Keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity known from the CDP-250 and CDP-350 series. The 10 different sounds of the Chase P-55 are directly accessible through the voice voice selection panel. That lets you emulate even the biggest concert hall and that at home.The Chase P55 features 2 stereo headphone outputs which let you play the piano silently without anyone else hearing you. It features a built in 2 track recorder, which allows you for example to record the music for the right hand first and then play something on top with the left hand. The piano has a dedicated volume control for the microphone to make sure you get the mix just right. You can play the piano and sing along to it and record it straight away onto a regular USB Pen drive as a MP3 file.
This gives you very realistic piano feel with Sustain Pedal, Sostenuto Pedal and Soft Pedal. Separate Volume Controls For The Microphone Allow You To Adjust The Sound Of Your Voice How You Need It. For Example Play Bass Guitar On The Left Hand Side And A Piano Melody On The Right Hand Side. They’ve just announced their latest product, the Razer Black Widow mechanical keyboard.
Most keyboards, and just about all gaming keyboards, use a rubber dome that sits underneath each key, under which is a plastic membrane. The movement also requires less force from your finger, so the typing experience is easier on your hands.

But the Razer BlackWidow is the first mechanical keyboard specifically aimed at the gaming market. There are five additional gaming keys, that can be reprogrammed on-the-fly using two special buttons to start and stop recording. There are also multimedia keys as well as a gaming mode switch to disable the Windows keys. The Cherry mechanical switch extends lifespan in 50 million keystrokes in addition, this keyboard is designed to be water resistant, featuring special seals and drainage gutters.
10 high quality sampled high definition stereo sounds provide you all you need to sound great, on stage, at home or in the studio. The New Chase Advanced Sampling Technology [CAST] Reproduces The Natural Sound As Realistic As Never Before. To take it one step further, you get MP3 recorder which allows to record your songs onto a USB pen drive. When a key is pressed the rubber dome pushes onto the membrane, closes a circuit and triggers a signal to tell the computer which key was pressed. The switch gives a very definite action and an audible click when you press the key, so you know exactly when the key is triggered (like clicking a mouse button). There are also up to ten keyboard profiles available, so you can configure the keyboard for your favourite games. You get a good selection of high quality sounds including two grand piano sounds, two electric pianos, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Chorus, Jazz Organ and Church Organ, all at your fingertips. Once you have recorded your song, plug in a standard USB pen drive and record your song in MP3 format.
You can then send it straight away to all your friends and family to show them your new song.

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