I want to get a good keyboard to start with, but that is good enought to even use in a church worship band.
Don't want to replace, I just want one that is not too expesnive and that when I practiced enough, will still sound good when playing in a worship band. Your currency of R4000 translates to $566 US dollars ….with that in mind regarding a Casio brand then check out a Casio WK 500 . The following youtube video by Paul Noble will illustrate the capabilities of the latest Casio technology within your price range…… the series of the CasioAustralia01 videos dispel the myth that Casios are mere toys. Thanks, but the WK500 retails for R 7500 in South Africa (and if I buy from Amazon there is import tax to considder which will be a good few thousand rands.
I have a colleague at work that has the Yamaha PSR323 and he seems to think is a good one for entry level player. To clear the registration internal memory in the Casio then simply unplug the unit and remove the 6 D size batteries. Keep in mind the 61 key keyboards can transpose up or down 12 semitones (1 octave) if the need is to go outside of the default range of 2 ocatves below middle C and 3 octaves above middle C. Welcome to the Keyboard Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to musical keyboards. Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. The MK-933 is a feature packed keyboard with 61 touch sensitive keys and a huge range of 136 sounds as well as 128 accompanying rhythms.
Learning how to play the keyboard is best done using a portable keyboard before going on to the real piano.  These are way cheaper and are relatively easy to operate, and with the right portable keyboard, you an easily transition from this to using an authentic grand piano with relative ease. One of the best to use when just starting to learn playing the keyboard is the Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard.  This product has a lot of features that surely beginners will find useful. The Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard is another quality product from the world’s top producer of the best musical instruments.  It has the basic features needed from a portable keyboard and more that will surely make it easily the best one to start your music journey with. It has an ultra-wide stereo that produces a clear sound.  For a portable keyboard, the quality of the sound that comes out is above par.

Electricity is also saved with another feature on this product; it has an Auto Power Off mode that is programmed to turn off this keyboard after a certain period of time. The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) is available in this model, making it even easier to learn and improve on your keyboard skills.  All you have to do to start using the YES is to go online and register your unit on their official website and you can now start looking for songs to practice online. Yamaha designs the Yamaha PSR Series PSRE233 61-Key Portable Keyboard especially for beginners, but this does not mean that the professional level keyboard players will not see this of any use. With the number of styles, voice and digital effects that come with the whole package, you can make a lot of unique music that you can call truly yours.  Pair them up or mix them together, there is no limit to the kind of music you can produce with such a useful portable keyboard. Whether you are just a starting or expert level keyboard player, surely this will be of perfect use to you. Expert keyboard players will definitely appreciate the styles, voices and special effects in this keyboard.  This is surely the best travel companion for unplanned trips since it is quite light to carry around as compared to some premium keyboards that are just too heavy to bring during trips.
It has been receiving a lot of good reviews online proving that those who have already made their purchase are contented with what they got.
I got this keyboard so I could travel anywhere with a decent lightweight portable keyboard.
As a professional musician and synthesist, I bought this as a toy for my grandson and grand daughter.
The DGX630 has an 88-key weighted graded hammer action keyboard with authentic grand piano-like touch. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I think the keyboard used in our church worship band belongs to the church, so when I do become good enough to play, I'll use theirs. There is a chance that the E423 might be on special at a certain shop here in my hometown, so I might just go for that. Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. You'll be able to ask questions about your keyboard or chat with the community and help others.

This is something that makes a lot of users happy, and surely a lot more will find it the same.
Just about the only thing I found a little odd was that there was no power cord included, so you have to purchase one to go with it unless you want to use a lot of batteries.
Although they are 20 months and 9 months respectively, I wanted them to experience a real instrument and be able to play with it without the fear of doing something wrong or possibly breaking it.
Although not as good as a traditional piano, digital pianos are a great cost effective solution for my musical needs!
The 72, 76, and 88 keys are far more costly and if you never use the highest and lowest octaves of the keyboard then spending the additional money might be better put to use in a higher quality lesser key keyboard.
I love music and wanted something compact enough to store (if needed) but also had the sound of the larger more expensive keyboards. A lot of the 385 sounds and voices are nearly pointless sound effects, but there are around 75 that I will use, which is still a very good amount. First, I was blown away by the sophistication of the keyboard’s sounds and sequences. I would would prefer 76 keys, but 61 keys is a sacrifice worth making if the 76 key sounds worse than the new Hannah Montanna keyboard at Toys R Us!!! I remember when 20 years ago this type of instrument didn’t exist and if you could find the components it would have cost about $10,000. Ideal for the enthusiastic piano player or child learning the paino as it has the same number of keys as a normal piano, but also has the same exciting functionality as other keyboards. Bottom line – this is an incredible teaching tool for future musicians who will undoubtably play instruments that I only dreamed about. As far as more serious students are concerned, if this is your only source for a keyboard – buy it!

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