Great lesson Steve, our piano had just been gathering dust for years, well actually no it is always well dusted but it had become a pretty expensive stand for TV, xbox, ps3 and DVD’s. After ‘hand on’ experience the same piece should be presented as original with the help of CD, You Tube, iTunes and other listening devices. Movements, dancing, ‘conducting’, loosing attention during the listening to original version is normal. The piece should be presented during the entire 4 – 4,5 weeks segment of curriculum on different occasions.
Every time before or after the piece is being played the name of it and name of composer should be announced.
For parents of young beginners: If the piece is stimulating and exciting we recommend listening to it 1-2 hours before nap or night sleep. Every piece of this list after initial introduction during 4-4.5 week segment should be played occasionally with new pieces of the curriculum. If you finish the entire game in less than 10 minutes, switch the icons of the game and play it with Alphabet names (press ’a’ on your computer keyboard for the switch). Songs: Godmother, Quail, Birch, In The Garden, A Song, Lyanchiku, On the Hill, Whose are you? With the help of Soft Mozart piano teacher (local or on line) choose the piano pieces for mastery and ‘Butterfly Ball’ recital (will take place from December 15 to January 15). Practice your piano pieces for the ‘Butterfly Ball’ recital (will take place from December 15 to January 15).
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Learning to recognise musical intervals (distances between two notes) by ear is imho and essential skill for progressing musicians in every style and every instrument.

In this app I give you two sound choices piano or guitar and two input options for your answers, a piano keyboard and a guitar fretboard. Hope you enjoy it, email me your suggestions for improvement and I'll try and get as many done as I can in future updates! If you have a question that is not answered below, please leave the question in the community forum (linked below), or contact Customer Services. So a big thanks for taking the trouble to put the lesson together I don’t play piano, so what a great way to make a fresh start.
We will provide you with the sample links here, in our curriculum for your convenience, but feel free to brows different interpretations of the same piece.
It is important to keep all the music in mind and be able to differentiate one piece from another. Gentle Piano: Find the piece in Favorite Classic 2 and learn how to play it with the score.
Learn to play #3 as it shown on the video and practice with the metronome all 1-3 exercises. Gentle Piano: Find the piece in 'Nutcracker' Album and learn how to play it with the score. CONDIVIDI Facebook Twitter tweet Musicology app - Esercizi di teoria musicale, ritmo, solfeggio ed ear training, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings Musicology e una nuovissima app per dispositivi Android pensata per esercitarsi su nozioni di teoria musicale, ritmo, solfeggio ed ear training.
Developing this skill will improve your whole musicality, help you to transcribe songs by ear and you understanding of the fingerboard. I think guitarists should be using both sounds and both interfaces, while most other instrumental players will stick to the piano input I suspect.
The app follows the same sequence of learning as the course so will compliment it perfectly.
Singing the Solfeggio notes of each piece will contribute to voice, ear and music memory training of students.

Just avoid background noise or ultimate destructions during the music appreciation process. Gentle Piano: Find the piece in Favorite Classic 3 and learn how to play it with the score. If you will be able to finish the entire game, change the name of the notes from Icons (door, rain, mirror) to the letters (A, B, C) *you should press the letter ‘a’ on your computer keyboard.
Many android users asked me to make an android version of my Time Trainer app, so I did, and so far it's only made back a quarter of what it cost to make :( Android apps just don't sell well enough at this point to make it worth it and I can't afford to lose thousands of pounds on developing apps for less than a thousand people to buy. Use the cards with the visual help (short ‘sticks) first and after that the cards with no ‘sticks’. When the Time Trainer Android has earned it's money back I'll send this one off for android development. L’esercizio, apparentemente semplice, viene reso molto piu complesso dalla posizione molto scomoda delle note presenti nel tastierino laterale. Sarebbe stata molto piu pratica una disposizione orizzontale delle note, in successione come nella tastiera del pianoforte. In un primo momento, infatti, si perde piu tempo a trovare le note nei quadrati che a leggerle. L’esercizio di solfeggio consiste nel cliccare a tempo, nel momento giusto, la nota musicale eseguita sul pentagramma.

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