Knight Upright piano for sale with a polished, mahogany case ?2500 : Traditional Knight piano.
If you are interested in this Knight piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
If you require buying advice, we recommend making an appointment before coming down to the showroom.

88 Full-Sized Lightly Weighted Piano Style Keys, 500 Voices, Portable Grand, Yamaha Education Suite, Performance Assistant, Easy Song Arranger, On-board Sequencer, Large LCD Display, Flash ROM, USB MIDI and USB to Device. There are no pictures available for this electric pianoHello, I have a mint condition CP 80 that was stored for over 30 years in its own case, and then enclosed in wooden shipping containers.
We were able to use it for a year in our home and have realized we don't have the room and it is better suited to a studio or the stage.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano".

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