Some kids are naturals when it comes to ear training; whether this is genetics or the effects of their home environment… for some kids it just comes easy.
Instead of clap backs where your piano student mimics what they hear, instead clap two measures of rhythm and have your student then create two more measures (different than yours) at the same tempo in the same time signature. Instead of simply naming intervals, have your student sing the notes in-between the two given notes (for example, if you are playing the interval of a 5th with C as the root, your student would sing DEF.
Play a recoding of some rousing music (March, Rock, Reggae, African etc.) See if you and your student can create 4 different ways of clapping along with the music. Often if they see you singing in lessons regularly (and if its made out to be no big deal) then they will eventually let their guard down.

I love how they all focus on connecting ear training with music, which helps so much to keep students engaged. I can see myself modifying a couple of these just a little to use with my class piano students.
And the way you teach these skills can go so much farther than just clap backs and interval recognition.
Make it increasingly difficult by playing just 3 notes, then just 2 (your student hums the remaining notes in the scale).
Using the melody line from your student’s current piece, alternate singing one note at a time switching between the two of you.

Your piano student gets to choose the next note by humming the note she feels would sound right. Up the challenge by moving to a full octave and then to minor scales using the same method.
Have your student draw what he hears using a continuous line (matching the rise and fall of the melody to the rise and fall of the line).

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