The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is an excellent choice for a beginning student who is serious about learning to play the piano. The Clavinova comes equipped with a music book which includes fifty songs which are programmed in.
The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is designed for any pianist, beginner to advanced. This digital piano includes many features which beginning students may find helpful, but also features a full sized keyboard and a real grand piano feel which are desirable features for a more advanced student. There is a key-off feature which duplicates the sound of a piano when playing light and delicate passages.

It responds to a light touch with a soft and delicate sound, just like a real piano, whereas a more powerful sound is produced when the keys are struck harder.
This allows pianists to stream Radio Service for Piano and listen to a variety of different types of piano music on the piano itself.
It has excellent features which experienced players will enjoy as well as helpful teaching aids for beginners.
This way, students can play off of the written music while the lights indicate the correct notes.
There is also a resonance feature which means that the sound of other strings resonating when a single string is struck by a hammer on an acoustic piano is imitated in this digital piano, giving it a much more realistic sound.

These are used in combinations of three to five levels to provide an exponential amount of dynamic options.

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